Zinke Wines makes unapologetic, site-specific wines that represent the land they come from. But at the end of the day, wine is best shared over a good meal with those you love. Zinke Wines just want you to have as much fun enjoying their wines as they do making them. When it comes to wine, Zinke Wines is more interested in the source than simply the end of the line. Their passion for wine stems from the vine itself, the earth it comes from, and the fruit it produces.

"I'm lucky to be able to work with the Grand Crus of California's Central Coast, all within a stone's throw of my home in Santa Ynez," says founder Michael Zinke. "I pick at optimal ripeness and hand sort the fruit. I don't muddy up the fruit with additives or colorings. Small lot, whole cluster fermentation, co-ferments, and finding the proper balance of oak and time are part of the formula."

While influenced by tradition, Zinke Wines is paving their own path in the vineyard and the cellar in pursuit of the unattainable - perfection. With fruit sourced from the grand crus of the central coast, their wine practically makes itself. Optimal ripeness, hand sorted fruit, small lot fermentations, stem inclusion, co-ferments, and the proper formula of oak and time embody Zinke Wines' winemaking philosophy. Although influenced by those before them, their wines never imitate, and always inspire. Zinke Wines harmonize with all genres of food, but the ideal pairing is with friends, family, music, and laughter.