About 3 hours from Los Angeles, famed Los Olivos is a quaint little town of just over a thousand people. There are dozens of tasting rooms all in walkable distance from each other and the one of the newest is Waylan Wine Company. This is a great little tasting room and they have quite a few very good wines to choose from. They could use a bit more seating but this is pretty minor in the big picture.

Waylan Wine Co was first created in 2015 between two brothers, Brad and Greg Saarloos, a very familiar family name in the area. The business plan was first scribbled on the back of a Sky Mall catalog 30,000 feet in the air. The name Waylan comes from a combination of their middle names, WAYne (brad) + aLAN (greg). The name is quite simple; it is a collaboration between the two, each pursuing their dreams and passions which in turn creates a bottle of wine that they can share with each and every one of you.

The wines, which are softer and lighter than the neighbors, are a beautiful expression of what the Saarloos brothers like to drink and what vineyards they were able to buy from.