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The exact wineries that make up this list vary depending on whose brochure or website you visit. These wineries are rather close together and make for a wonderful weekend project.  Picturesque Solvang is on the midst of them all, providing a wonderful place to stay and shop (of course, shopping in Solvang is a whole different weekend, but that's another web page!). 

If you do plan on visiting all the wineries of the Santa Ynez trail, make sure you also swing through the Plam/Mission Meadow Winery that has its tasting room in Solvang.  They are in the process of building their vineyard, but they have begun producing wines already.

The vineyards in this group are quite varied, but many produce wonderful Cabernet Sauvignons, which they usually taste.  Most have tasting fees and offer the logo glass as a souvenir.

One tip - if you do plan on visiting many of the wineries, the tasting room guides offered me a bit of advice.  Swirl the wine, smell the wine, taste the wine, then dump it out.  It's not considered bad etiquette and you will be able to visit more wineries in a given day.

On Alamo Pintado

On Refugio Road

On Ballard Canyon Road

On or near Roblar

On 246

In Los Olivos