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The Foxen Trail is a bit more scattered than the Santa Ynez Trail but almost everything is on the same road.  The drive is absolutely gorgeous and true California.  You won't find a palm tree in sight but you will see a lot of cattle!

Although there are several ways to follow the trail, we started in Los Olivos.  You can start in Santa Maria - if you do, just go backwards!

Andrew Murray Tasting Room - 2901-A Grand Ave, Los Olivos (805) 686 9604  Winery - 6701 Foxen Canyon Road, Los Olivos (open 10-6)

From Andrew Murray, go down Grand Avenue towards 154. Turn left onto 154 and drive until you reach Zaca Station Road (not Foxen Canyon Road, which you will catch up to later).  Turn right.  If you reach the 101 you've gone about 1/4 mile too far.  The next four wineries are straight down this road. Note:  Each of the following four wineries have lovely picnic facilities.  

Firestone Vineyard  5000 Zaca Station Road, Los Olivos, 805-688-3940 (open 10-5)

Curtis Winery 5249 Foxen Canyon Road., 805-686-8999 (open 10-5)

Fess Parker Winery and Vineyard  6200 Foxen Canyon Road, Los Olivos, 805-688-1545 (open 10-5)

Zaca Mesa Winery, 6905 Foxen Canyon Road, Los Olivos, 805-688-9339

From here, it's a bit of a stretch to Alisos Canyon Road, which you will come upon quickly.  Turn left here to go to the next winery.

Bedford Thompson Winery and Vineyard, 9303 Alisos Canyon Road, Los Alamos 805-344-2107 (open 10-5)

Return to Foxen Canyon Road and turn left.  Follow the road several miles until you come upon Foxen (quickly - it's very rustic and easy to miss) There's an historical road marker along this stretch of road that is interesting, if not potentially dangerous, to read.

Foxen Winery, 7200 Foxen Canyon Road, Santa Maria, 805-937-4251 (open 12-4)

Continue on Foxen Canyon until the road comes upon a field and jogs sharply to the left. The entrance to Rancho Sisquoc is next.   Their driveway is long and narrow so be careful when driving down it.  Don't bring a bus or awkward vehicle down here - the road's not wide enough.

Rancho Sisquoc (with a fabulous picnic area) 6600 Foxen Canyon Road, Santa Maria, 805-934-4332  (open 10-4)

Byron Vineyard and Winery, 5230 Tepusquet Canyon Road, Santa Maria 805-937-7288 10-4 daily Nov- Mar; 10-5 daily April - October

Cambria Winery and Vineyard, 5475 Chardonnay Lane, Santa Maria 805-937-8091 (open 10-5 weekends and holidays)

When leaving you will need to return to Foxen Canyon Road and continue until you reach Dominion. We missed it entirely the first time so watch out.  Cotton Canyon is open later than the others so they will be expecting you!

Cottonwood Canyon Vineyard, 3940 Dominion Road, Santa Maria 805-937-9063. Open daily from 10 am - 5:30 pm (Oct - March) and 10 am - 6:00 pm (April - Sept)