The Santa Barbara Wine Collective highlights the unique terroir of Santa Barbara County by showcasing their favorite, family owned wineries that produce wine within their six official AVA's. The Collective's selections are those that not only tell a story, in some cases a multi-generational one, but also hail from winemakers that are committed to the highest quality standards of winemaking. Each of these wineries produce a limited quantity of wine, which allows them to remain focused on every detail and aspect of their operation, from bud break to bottling.

Santa Barbara Wine Collective is a shared tasting room for Santa Barbara County's finest wine producers. It is both a neighborhood hangout and an uncommon experience for visitors who are interested in tasting a wide range of local wines produced here in Santa Barbara County. Contemporary and industrial design provides an atractive and open space suitable for an intimate dinner party or a large cocktail reception.

The Santa Barbara Wine Collective's mission is to create a memorable wine tasting experience fotheir guests with outstanding service by people who are warm, knowledgeable, confident, and committed. Even more important than what their guests see and drink is how they feel while they are at the Collective. Great design and exceptional wine does not guarantee success. To succeed here, the Santa Barbara Wine Collectivemust all embody hospitality. The success of their tasting room depends on the ability to deliver on that promise and they must provide warmth, integrity and sincerity to all that they do.