For decades, the Jackson family has sustainably farmed and passionately tended Cambria's remarkable Santa Maria estate. Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson's daughters, Katie Jackson and Julia Jackson, grew up among these vines. Drawn to the grit and beauty of winemaking, Katie and Julia continue the family business. Together with Barbara Banke's keen knowledge of the industry and incredible business sense, Katie's passion for sustainability and the land, and Julia's creative backbone and dedication to empowering communities, the women of Cambria shape who they are today.

The men and women of Cambria have over 200 years of experience cultivating this land and crafting Cambria's inspiring wines. With her spirit and passions, Cambria winemaker Jill Russell has been collaborating with the team, learning the nuances of the land and honing her ability as a vine whisperer to showcase wines from the Cambria Estate that speak to the Santa Maria Valley terroir. Matt Mahoney, Vineyard Manager and Patrick Huguenard, Vineyard Director are natives of this valley where they farmed the soil on family ranches from a young age. Now, along with the rest of the Cambria family, they oversee the care of the precious benchland and tend to the rows of grapes stretching across the plateau, warmed by the lingering afternoon sun.

Diversity is essential to the complexity of their wines. Vineyard Managers Matt Mahoney a nd Pat Hugenard will be quick to tell you that wine is made in the vineyard, and the Cambria team is foremost a team of farmers, hands in the dirt. The grapes grown here are bursting with vibrant acidity and ripe fruit flavors. Winemaker Jill Russell showcases their character through her unique winemaking style, letting the grapes tell Cambria's story - the bench elevating the vines above the valley floor, the crushed seashells in the alluvial soils, the fog that creeps in off the ocean at night.

In 1995 Cambria began collaborating with renowned winemakers from the region to create individual interpretations of Pinot Noir from Julia's Vineyard while illustrating the influences and contributions of terroir and winemaking technique. Each winemaker selects their unique palate - an individual block of their Julia's Vineyard - which they harvest to craft their own wines. The results are educational, delicious and unmistakably Julia's, conveying the spirit of creative endeavor innate to the wine artisans of Santa Barbara County.