In a location far, far away (and classified), great wines are being unearthed. Secret blends and out of this world varietals have come together to create an intriguing portfolio from some suspicious resident alien winemakers. Seize the opportunity to hide this wine and do not tell anyone about it - unless you really want to. Come to Area 5.1 and explore and be a part of the adventure. Join them as they boldly go where no winery has gone before!

Area 51-inspired tasting bar is a hot spot of fun, funky activity, with a friendly social crowd eager for close encounters of the wine kind. Brothers and co-owners Martin and Mike Brown thought up the idea, with Martin's birthday falling on 5/1. Mike leads a team of five winemakers, sourcing fruit from five AVAs around Santa Barbara County. The "Area 51" and "UFO" motif is a fun and different approach from other tasting rooms on the South Coast. Wines have names like "Close Encounter" and "White Light" while the tasting room staff are referred to as the "Flight squadron." Conspiracy-theory-inspired art covers the walls including a collage featuring President John F. Kennedy in a spacesuit.

If aliens decided to visit earth would they like our planet's wines? Area 5.1 thinks they would. This Funk Zone tasting room is dedicated to dependable wines at solid price points. Patterned after Area 51 in Nevada, the retro interior design includes 1950s chairs and a Cold War theme. The wines are typically blends like Grenache Lourerio/Blanc/Roussanne and Cab/Malbec/Syrah.