Ventura > Activities
Beaches - Ventura is blessed with miles - literally miles - of sandy beaches, some of which has life guard presence and some of which does not.   Many of the beaches boast some of the best surfing in the world.   
Biking - Whether you enjoy a leisurely coastal trip or a high intensity canyon run, Ventura offers miles of trails that can get you where you want to go.
Camping - Not only can you camp, but you can camp along the beach in two state parks and one private campground.  Whether you are RV or tent camping, you will find the site that is perfect for you.
Day Trips - Within an hour or two of Ventura, you can find a wide variety of entertainment and sites to see.  From Disneyland to Hearst Castle, from Aquarium of the Pacific to the Santa Barbara Zoo, there are plenty of activities for any taste.
Farmer's Market - We live in the heart of some of the world's best farmland - it's only fair we get to enjoy the benefits.  Ventura features three farmer's markets that provide the best the region has to offer.
Golf - There is a range of courses from 9-hole to 18-hole.The complete guide to Golfing in Ventura, including a photo montage of each course,  prices, directions and more.
Parks - A large part of the community feel for Ventura comes from its many neighborhood parks and recreational centers.  This guide provides photos of the parks, lists of amenities and directions. 
Shopping - You name and you can find it here.  Ventura offers a broad range of shopping venues ranging from the newly renovated mall to the historic downtown.  Ventura is also very well known for its many antique shops, book stores and charming boutiques.
Surfing - Some of the best in the world and very, very popular. Most towns have one beach where surfing is okay.  We're lucky enough to have two where the surfing is great and two where the surfing is pretty good.
Whale Watching  - Each year humpback, gray whales and blue whales migrate underneath our very noses.  It is well worth the trip to see these majestic marine mammals travel back and forth between their winter and summer homes.