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Kona Ice of Santa Barbara - The Kona truck is a fun and easy addition to any event or fundraiser! We offer a delicious and nutritious treat, with speedy serving capabilities (400+/hr). It's allergen free, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, with no high-fructose syrups, so just about anybody can eat it!

Then the "Flavorwave" is a self-serve system on the exterior of the truck that allows everyone to add the flavor to the ice themselves. It's the main reason for our efficiency when serving a rush, but also adds a fun and creative aspect that is most people's favorite part of the experience!


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$9/mo or $99/year

Billing: Visit the billing information page. Our billing system is entirely automated and we accept PayPal, credit cards, or bank draft. Pay monthly or receive a discount by paying annually. Sorry, we don't offer payments via postal mail. No minimum contract required.
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