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Santa Barbara Waterfront Shuttle
(805) 896-6900

Running from noon until sunset every half hour, the Waterfront Shuttle cycles continuously between two hugely popular local destinations - the Santa Barbara Harbor and Stearns Wharf.

Movie - Take a ride on the shuttle!

Santa Barbara Waterfront Shuttle puts you in touch with everything the Harbor and Wharf has to offer. Junior Captains: Under the watchful eye of Capt. Fred, children are encouraged to steer the boat and sound the "Lil Toot" steam whistle. Your child at the wheel of "Lil Toot" is a great photo opportunity!


Maritime Museum
Learn about nature, history, tide pools and more with interactive exhibits. There's always something great going on at the museum. Good fun for the whole family!

Ty Warner Sea Center
fun, engaging, interactive marine education facility located on Stearns Wharf. Owned and operated by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, the Ty Warner Sea Center fulfills the mission of the Museum to inspire a passion for the natural world.

Great Restaurants

From Santa Barbara's finest seafood restaurants to fish and chips, cocktails, burgers and fries, ten restaurants offer great food and drink to satisfy appetites of all ages and budgets.

Boat Rides & Charters
Enjoy a sail or powerboat cruise along the American Riviera. Whether you're interested in whale watching or a weekend adventure to the Channel Islands, the Waterfront Shuttle can help you find your dream boat.

Flag Walk
Walk out on the Santa Barbara Breakwater for a view of the coastline you won't forget. Experience the Harbor in all its splendor and admire the beautiful yachts nearby.