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Santa Barbara Waterfront Shuttle - Running from noon until sunset every half hour, the Waterfront Shuttle cycles continuously between two hugely popular local destinations - the Santa Barbara Harbor and Stearns Wharf. Santa Barbara Waterfront Shuttle puts you in touch with everything the Harbor and Wharf has to offer. Junior Captains: Under the watchful eye of Capt. Fred, children are encouraged to steer the boat and sound the "Lil Toot" steam whistle. Your child at the wheel of "Lil Toot" is a great photo opportunity!

The Waterfront ranges from Leadbetter Beach, past the Harbor, West Beach, Stearns Wharf, Chase Palm Park, the Zoological Gardens and to East Beach.  Along this stretch of incredible coastline you will find restaurants, shops, artists, and a bike trail.  The waterfront is an important meeting place for locals during the Forth of July and First Night celebrations.

Stearns Wharf is the center of all this activity.  The structure is over 130 years old and has been the home of much of Santa Barbara's early history when immigrants and supplies had to come primarily from the sea. A popular attraction is the Ty Warner Sea Center - a fun, engaging, interactive marine education facility located on Stearns Wharf. Owned and operated by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, the Ty Warner Sea Center fulfills the mission of the Museum to inspire a passion for the natural world.

The Harbor

The Harbor began almost a hundred years ago when a wealthy Santa Barbara resident wanted to keep his yacht closer to home - or so the story goes.  He created the breakwater and harbor that keeps the considerable fishing and pleasure boat population of Santa Barbara safe and moored. The Harbor and Stearns Wharf are connected by the Waterfront Shuttle "Lil Toot".

Today, the Harbor features the Maritime Museum and one of Santa Barbara's landmark restaurants, Brophy Bros.  The breakwater is paved and you can take a stroll out to the end.

Chase Palm Park

You will find a wonderful park to the east of the Wharf, Chase Palm Park, that features the weekly Arts & Crafts Show.  Each Sunday local artisans gather to share their latest wares.

Chase Palm Park is also a mecca for the younger crowd as they try their skill at Skater's Point, Santa Barbara's gift to skateboarders and inline skaters.

Directions:  Take the 101 to Cabrillo or Garden.  Turn away from the mountains.  Cabrillo Blvd. Will bring you to the East Beach edge of the Waterfront.  Garden will bring you closer to the Wharf.  The parking is along the south side of Cabrillo, in the lot near East Beach, on one of the side streets off State Street, in the parking lot near the harbor and in the lot near Leadbetter Beach.  If there is a major event going on, park in one of the main city lots up State Street and take the Waterfront Shuttle.