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Beachbreak Cafe
324 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-2889

Reviews by the General Public

Yummmmmy French Toast
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
We had the french toast which was excellent! We went on a busy Sunday and it seemed a little unorganized. There was not a hostess so most of the customers waiting for help seemed a little confused as to what was going on. The servers are friendly and have there hands full. I would go back to eat at this restaurant.

Beachbreak Rocks!
Reviewer: Michele from Santa Barbara, CA
Went back to Beachbreak Café because I love their food and vibe, but the platinum blonde waitress who was kind of rude turned me off a little. Turns out she is no longer there! I had the sweetest waitress, Jamie, who said that the other waitress no longer works there. Yeay! Everything was very pleasant and my food was so good (a large Cobb salad with tons of fresh ingredients and mouth watering garlic bread) I was in heaven. Great prices, great people, great food. Thank you!

Are you kidding?
Reviewer: Santiago from Santa Barbara, CA
The food at the Beachbreak Cafe is awesome. However the service is good if you don't get the blonde girl. I would have to agree with some of the other reviews about her. She needs to retire. If you are the owner of this restaurant let me tell you that she is bringing your establishment down. This place has so much potential and is being ruined by one person. Besides that the bus boy was awesome and the pancakes are always my favorite. I come here often and I am sick of something so small ruining such an awesome local restaurant!

Awesome food, horrible attitude from server.
Reviewer: Rebecca from San Diego, CA
Visited on the recommendation of a friend, will go back because the food was terrific, however if we have the same server, it'd be pretty easy to just walk out. Had the Chilaquiles, my husband had French Toast and if we could have, we would have ate more. Our server was a tall, bleached blonde with a major chip on her shoulder. She was indifferent, no personality, inpatient and really looked like she'd rather be somewhere else. Someone like that shouldn't be in the service industry. It's a shame that her attitude soured our experience.

Hits the spot
Reviewer: Gabriel from Santa Barbara, CA
Now this place is one mutha phucka that I AIN'T burning down, it was bomb! I had the Monte Cristo, which wasn't the largest breakfast sandwich I've seen, but it was wonderful and mosdef pleased my taste buds to the max. I don't see why people complain about the coffee, it was delicious! The beautiful brunette and the rest of the staff that attended my successful breakfast endeavor this morning were very polite and know how to treat customers with courtesy. Anyone that complains about this place is most likely a stuck-up, high-maintenance braggart that society should avoid. I will definitely be coming back again.

LOCAL Cuisine!
Reviewer: Dawn from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant is true "Santa Barbara Funky" with a stupendously delicious menu built on local faire. Add to that some seriously great hospitality and service. My favorite meal is breakfast and I eat mostly vegetarian dishes with an egg now and again. Their veggies are top notch! They use local produce and prepare it to perfection. I am in their neighborhood quite often and cannot pass by the restaurant without stopping in for a bite. Literally . . . my mouth starts watering at the sight of the place! Do check it out and you will see that they obliterate the competition!

Love it!
Reviewer: Cassie from Santa Barbara, CA
First, in response to the previous comment; the tall blonde waitress is not rude at all. She's got spunk and attitude and is a complete delight to anyone who is not a completely stuck up snob. I love this place, it's one of my favorite to go to breakfast to. Joe is awesome, also. I've gotten to know him through waitressing at a local Italian restaurant he frequents. Also, i work at a local radio station and we were broadcastin live next door outside of what was then World of Magic and Joe brought over some menus and ha a waitress take our order and bring us food for free. Breakfast is always delicious, I love the Hawaiian french toast. And the coffee is just perfect. You can't go wrong here. The waitress with the blue eyes...Kendra I want to call her? so sweet and accommodating, as well as the host staff always is.

Tall Blonde Waitress
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to Beachbreak for the first time this afternoon with my boyfriend. The busboy took our drink orders and the tall blonde waitress took our order after we waited for quite a while. She never returned to check on us and never refilled our drinks. We were one of only three tables and the waitress was the loudest person in the restaurant. When she came to collect our plates, she rudely called us both "quitters" for not finishing our food and dropped the bill. I am a waitress myself and found the service to be incredibly unpleasant, rude and careless. The busboy was the best part of our experience and I regret having not handed him the tip directly, as he did the most work.

Bad food, good service
Reviewer: rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
I went because a co-worker had been raving about the place. I got my favorite breakfast dish; corned beef hash. I think I took about two bites and I lost my appetite. The waitress was very friendly and attentive. On the good side, my roommate said the muffin he had there was one of the best muffin's he ever tasted. With that in mind and reading some of the other reviews, I think I should give it another shot, but just avoid the corned beef hash!

Don't get the muffins
Reviewer: Peter Devin from Santa Barbara, CA
Breakfast at 10am on a Sunday. The place was really busy. Outdoor seating is nice. Decor is dated. BUT, the muffin they served was so hard inside that it could have been used as a baseball!

Bad cornbeef hash
Reviewer: Hash Man from Santa Barbara, CA
what are you doing, I went this past weekend and got what i always get the Cornbeef hash for years. So when it came i said what is this the hash was all gray and hidden on the bottom of the plate, so i had to dig for this very small portion. It was not hash at all or just was rotten. The nice waitress came over and she said it is hash but we have been getting it from a new vendor. This new vendor most be giving them rotten cornbeef cause it was gray and sour. Will go back but not for the hash.

Awesome Salmon Tacos!
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Thank you for a great lunch experience today! I sat outside on the patio, nice breeze, good view, and it was very pleasant. I had the Salmon Fish Tacos and they were EXCELLENT! Deeelicious! Thanks!

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