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Lito's Mexican Restaurant
514 E. Haley St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-1559

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Mon-Thu 6:30am-4pm, Fri 6:30am-5pm, Sat 6:30am-4pm, Sun 6:30am-2pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast & Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

try 4 yourself
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Chips and salsa are included if you eat there, but costs extra if your order is to go. Chips can be taste stale at times. Mild red & a slightly hot green salsa, also a spicy red if you ask for it (my favorite). Chicken taquitos covered in homemade guacamole and a side of rice are my go to item. Also 2 eggs,homefries, beans, rice, & tortillas are another good choice.

Can't wait to go back...
Reviewer: Hank & Terri from Northwest Arkansas
My husband had the opportunity to work in Santa Barbara a few years ago, and being avid watchers of Triple D, we saw the episode featuring Lito's and knew we wanted to try it, so while in Santa Barbara we did exactly that. Loved the food, a lot of food for the money, and great service. Looking forward to taking our son there on our vacation the summer of 2015. SO READY!!!!

The salsa is the only thing I'd come back for (sad face)...
Reviewer: Valerie from Long Beach, CA
First time guests to Lito's was on Saturday, February 23rd! Salsa was amazing! I was surprised how small the restaurant was and even more surprised that our ood was served on a paper plate and we had to use plastic utensils? I heard so many great things about this restaurant but was very disappointed. My pozole was just ok; Enriques in Long Beach is by far the BEST! Probably won't be coming back here again. Service was great - I loved the little old man who brought us our chips - maybe that was Lito? Not sure why this was on the Food Network channel as a place to go?

not worth the drive
Reviewer: Ivonne Medina from Santa Ana, CA
To be honest I was there for a acouple days for work related bussiness .I stopped by and tasted the carnitas and a friend had pozole and it was not all that.I came from Orange County -Santa Ana, Ca and I honestly don't say it because I'm from Santa Ana Ca but by far the best carnitas are from Santa Ana Ca. "Carnitas Zaragoza" they are located on Main st. &McFadden if anyone is around the area u have gotta stop by.

just like moms
Reviewer: ruben vaca from Santa Barbara, CA
the food is out of this world.i loved the was my fierst time me and my family ate here thanks

Not Good. Big disapointment.
Reviewer: Oc food guy from Santa Barbara, CA
I drove out from orange county to try this place because it was advertised in guy eckers food network show. It was actually one of the biggest disappointment that I have came across in regards to Mexican food. The restaurant is small the service was great but the taste to that food did not have any Mexican flavor at all. To be honest with you it is not what I expected I was really going from orange county to Santa Barbara to actually try this place and then I was coming home but I ended up staying in Santa Barbara to make up for that long drive for that worthless drive. I should have just stayed in orange county and eight in Santa Anna.

can't wait to try it
Reviewer: sheila Helton from santa clarita
I have never been to your restaurant but I saw your resturant on Dive Diners and drive ins...I am goin on vacation and i will be coming through your area and I do plan on stoppin in for you wonderful looking food!! can't wait!

Hidden Gem of Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Alex from Anaheim, CA
Best food, best service, and the owner is marvelous. Treats every customer like a member of his family. Best way to end a weekend vacation before heading back to Anaheim, CA.

Carnitas Torta is the way to go.
Reviewer: Quinn from Santa Barbara, CA
Loved this place. The Carnitas torta was awesome. It was huge, definately will share next time. The service was great. My husband kept asking for a hotter salsa, the guy came back with grilled habeneros. Every one was coughing in the kitchen, but my husband loved it.

Litos mexican food
Reviewer: Mark and Lisa from watsonville
The food was good but the service is awesome we will definitely come back!

Can't get enough!
Reviewer: Kevin Trevena from Chisholm, MN
I lived in Goleta from 1985 to 1990 and frequented Lito's often. I love the food so much, I recently had a friend from Santa Barbara fly to Hibbing Minnesota and he brought me two burritos. Delicious!! Say hi to my sons half brother Donovan Tacadena for me. His uncle is the owner.

Saw it on triple D
Reviewer: Brian S. from Santa Clarita, CA
First saw Litos on triple D. Some friends and I had been talking about trying it for awhile. Well, today the girlfriend and I took the kids to the Santa Barbara zoo and decided to give it a try. Sorry boys. Anyways the family and I show up at 4:30 on a Wednesday to a sign that read closed. Disappointed to be turned away the kind lady came running out to invite us in to eat. We started to chat giving her the rundown on how we ended up at Litos. I have to tell you the service was phenomenal letting us take pictures, even one of the copper pot shown on triple D. Feeding my family and I, a total of 4 for out the door for less than $40.00, including chips, salsa, and some other items made this another pleasant surprise. All in all, we all enjoyed our meals and the overall expierience. We will be coming back Litos. Don't stop doing what your doing.

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