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525 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-9572

Reviews by the General Public

Fun Place to Party
Reviewer: Damian S from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a college student who goes to UCSB, having lived here for almost 4 years, it would be safe to say that I have been to every night club/ Bar worth going to in Downtown. I would always scoff or laugh while passing by Sharkeez, yet recently one night my friends and I stopped by on a Thursday Night. Holy Cow!!! This place was awesome!! Sexy girls dancing on the bar tops, a nice gentleman out front approached my group, said he was the promotions manager and gave my girl some recommendations on what drink she would enjoy containing tequila. Cool guy really nice and knowledgeable, probably why this place is doing a lot better. Would def go back for Thursday night!!

bad service
Reviewer: nadine borrayo from Santa Barbara, CA
Service was poor. I had suggeated my family of 8to order breakfast, for one you guys have great deals and great atmosphere. I have been here before and hav never had an issue. We all had ordered from the breakfast menue. One of us had simply ordered banana nut pancakes. It took not only an hr+ to wait but we had all eaten and still this irder was not out. I had talked to 5staff members and still nothing was being done. I had then realized that they had sent someone out to thr store to get bananas. This is horrible customer service and your resturant should be fully stocked with all ingrediants to fulfill your customers beeds to succeed. I am not only a regular but have suggested this place to others and due to this, no longer will.

A great experience
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I just happen to be walking by, hungery, we stepped in,The service was good, our meal was great and the price was perfect. we will be back and will recomend this place.

Really Changed
Reviewer: dirka-dirka from Santa Barbara, CA
I first moved to SB in 2002 and this place was great: good food, fun, sociable bartenders and great atmosphere. Over the last few years it has deteriorated into a dank, dark stain on State Street with attitude riddled servers and bad eats. I'll look for you in the closed section of the restaurant guide.

We counted 5 DRUNK employees behind the bar.
Reviewer: Chad from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been in the food service industry for over 20 years and I currently tend bar on State St. Last Monday night a fellow bartender and a server entered Sharkeez around 1am. Attempting to get a drink, all 3 of us observed all 5 employees behind the bar consuming alcohol and appeared drunk. I asked a gentleman behind the bar what he was doing back there. His reply was that he worked there. To which I asked if I could get a drink. His reply was, "No, Im not working". To which I asked again, "What are you doing behind the bar then"? Really? I am appalled management/ownership has no idea this is going on. Hundreds perhaps thousands of dollars are being lost in theft and poor service.

crystal from santa barbara
Reviewer: crystal coops from Santa Barbara, CA
I always go to happy hour. Its awsome! The food wasn't too good. It tasted like microwaved tacos..eww! The people that greet you at the door do their jobs well. As for the bartenders, some are very good and can mix drinks perfectly. Others lack social skills and need help. The atmostphere is perfect for games!

Love it!
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Love going here whether its to watch football games or to drink on the weekends! Good mexican food, friendly servers, cheap drinks.

Food No, But Drinks Sure
Reviewer: Clemente from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is never good. I go to watch football games because of the atmosphere and the beer is fairly cheap, but the food is always messy and taste microwaved. Also it usually takes 5 minutes to get a brew

Reviewer: Mark Wade from Santa Barbara, CA
These idiots passed out cards that say $1.50 per drink from 9PM - Close. All Well drinks,coctails and draft beers. These liars would not honor this. They told us it was not for tonight. The card has no date.

weaksause drinks
Reviewer: Klark from SB
Was there for fiesta thinking they would serve it up with there grande margies, but no luck defenitly got short changed. A real bartender shouldn't have to use shot glasses to measure out there drinks... For real drinks go see Bo over at Joe's!

Weak drinks
Reviewer: JT from Santa Barbara, CA
Last time we went to Sharkeez we got an angry bartender and the weakest drinks we've had in awhile, basically mixers with a tiny splash of liquor. I don't know how they measure that out, but its not working.

Bad service
Reviewer: Kristen from CA
Amen to the person who said that the bartenders aren't the greatest. After standing at the bar for at least 5 minutes and trying (and failing) multiple times to get the bartender's attention, he finally graced me with my undersized and over-iced drink. I asked for the drink and paid, and the entire time, he literally didn't say one word. The drink was slammed on the counter and actually sloshed over a little bit. Dude, if you're having that bad of a day, just stay home. And yeah, the chips are good, but none of the other food is, especially the buffalo wings served on a bed of limp lettuce. Eww...

Sharkeez writes: I'm sorry you had a bad experience. We always have a manager in the restaurant, please ask for him/her so we can take care of any issues that may arise (poor customer service or limp lettuce). Please email me when you have time ( I'd like to find out who the bartender was, when you were in here, and offer you a free dinner for helping us correct the actions of our employees that are having a bad day. Thanks Sharkeez

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