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Due Lune Cucina

Via Maestra 42
3343 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 569-6522

  • Category: Deli, Italian
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 8:30am-9pm, Sun 11am-5pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
  • Reservations: No
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Reviews by the General Public

Where has the waitstaff gone?, 9/20/2018
Reviewer: Annie B from Goleta
This is one of our favorite places to eat: The food is good, the ambiance is cozy and the service is usually brilliant. Tonight (September 20 2018) we took an out-of-town visitor there for a special dinner. OK, so the a/c was on the fritz (we should've eaten outside or gone elsewhere) but that wasn't the staff's fault. The food was still good but our waiter was pretty much AWOL for most of our visit and had to be summoned via other staff when we wanted anything. We flagged down a waitress for the wine to start us off, then other waiters for more water and another glass of wine. Our waiter didn't check on anything at any time - and it wasn't as if the restaurant was that busy. We ended up quite exasperated because this was our relative's only evening in town and we left without bothering to order dessert..... Will avoid this young man's tables in future...

poor presentation and quality of food.
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
We have dined here often although not for a few months and mainly for lunch. One fish dish was quite good but the special 'ossibuco' was very poor. The sauce was very thick and overwhelmed the overly fatty meat. It was served on a too small flat plate and sauce oozing over the edges. As a lover of ossobuco, I found this dish was almost inedible. I was compensated with complimentary desert but...,.... It was the most expensive dish on menu that evening. Has there brrn a change of ownership? Usual Italian owner not present. Two people on next table shared same concerns regarding depreciated quality.

Assolutamente fenomenale in California
Reviewer: rick from Buellton, CA
Have eaten here several times and have always enjoyed it immensely - surely it is a bit pricy, but is worth it - the food is great, the service a bit slow but only because of the crowded place - we love it and recommend it highly if you like real Italian cuisine, even though the cooks seem all to be Mexicans, nonetheless they are evidently well trained in the field.....grazie Renato

Friends and Family Luncheon - a Very Special Occaison
Reviewer: LeeAnn from Mission Viejo, CA
For our grandson's graduation from the local university we wanted to host a celebratory luncheon for about 15 people. With Renato's help and suggestions we came up with a menu within our budget and perfect for our disparate group which included four generations of family and the twenty somethings, and several vegetarians. We accommodated the vegetarians and the older folks (a ninety second birthday on the same day, also!) were comfortable and feted, along with the Grad and the Dads- Father's Day. The food was fresh, delicious and beautifully presented. Each course (and we had many!) was brought to the table with a little flourish and greeted with many oohs and aahs. The service at Via Maestra is just the right touch of helpful and fun. Our meals were served family style, so there was much tasting and sharing going on. Beautiful freh green and cheeses, big fat ripe raspberries in the special little cannolis for dessert and wonderful sauces throughhout. At the end, Renato hugged and thanked each one of us as if we were old and dear friends, and I swear to you, by this time, we were!!! This us the best restaurant experience my family and I have ever shared. It was a beautiful day, and we will always remember Via Maestra 42 very fondly.

Love this place, takes me right to Italy
Reviewer: Catherine from Santa Barbara, CA
I was in Via Maestra today and was reminded how much I like this friendly Italian neighborhood restaurant tucked among the little midcentury shops on upper State near Loreto Plaza. It is the site of the old ornate Swensen's Ice Cream parlor which somehow very much suits the Italian style. I was first introduced to the restaurant when they catered a party I attended. I was very impressed and asked the name of the caterer. This was followed by some very deicious lunches and midafternoon snacks in the cafe. I then used them to cater a party of my own and was again so impressed with the quality of the food, the kindness and excellence of the service, the European feel which so suited my event. The food is excellent, the vegetables never overcooked, and I love the service. I feel like it is another hidden jewel in Santa Barbara. And today's dinner got raves from my family, especially the green bean salad and white bean with seafood salad. Yum.

mamma mia!
Reviewer: Pier Giorgio from Torino, Italy
i'm just come back in Italy (Torino) after one month in CA. Only Via Maestra is still in my heart (and my mouth). I have found the first REAL italian restaurant in USA, with the (best) wine of my Region and courses like "ossobuco" as only my mam know how to do. If somebody will ask me a tip for a trip in USA, i'll recommend to go in Via Maestra... and bring my Thanks and my greeting to Renato!! Pier Giorgio da Torino

A very Italian restaurant
Reviewer: Valeria from Santa Barbara, CA
A very Italian restaurant, Via Maestra 42 looks like a little piece of Italy. I have been in other Italian restaurants before, but Via Maestra 42 is the only place were I ate the real "Spaghetti alla Carbonara", like those of my Italian grandmother. Wine is excellent too, a good selection of best Italian wines. Good service and nice people. I have been there for lunch and I would like to return for dinner A very Italian restaurant, I love this place!!!

Amazing and Authentic Italian!
Reviewer: Francesca from Santa Barbara, CA
Thanks to Renato at Via Maestra and his amazing staff, our wedding was more incredible than we could have ever imagined! After a tasting with the owner, Renato, we decided we wanted him to cater our wedding. He was so kind and warm, and we felt like he would take good care of us.  We were getting married at my dad's house, so we needed to rent tables, umbrellas, tableware, etc... Renato took care of all of that... This is a huge plus for me, as I really can't stand party planning or managing details! He and his staff arrived a few hours before our wedding and set up everything... They even placed our centerpieces on the tables and made it all look nice.  The food was beyond delicious! The servers walked around with appetizers before the ceremony began. There was a bartender to serve drinks as well. Once we were married, everyone sat down and Renato and his staff served the most incredible meal. This is what we ate: Appetizers: Sopressata Salame with Fresh Figs Marscapone, Gorgonzola and Walnuts Frittatine Zucchini Grilled Eggplant, Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomato Antipasto: Bundles of Burrata and Speck Tomato Bruschetta and Bread Italian Grilled Artichoke Halves Baby Rucola and Lemon Parmisan Dinner: Homemade Meat Lasagna Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage and Butter Salmone ai Ferri Dessert: A Gelato Bar! All the food was impeccable. The meat lasagna and ravioli got rave reviews from our guests. The gelato bar was a huge hit and a fun alternative to cake.  We are so pleased with what an amazing event our wedding turned out to be. It felt like a big dinner party in Italy. We would highly recommend Via Maestra 42 for any catering needs!

So good!
Reviewer: Becca Okaneko from Santa Barbara, CA
I finally decided to try Via Maestra today after years of hearing about how amazing it is. Everyone was right...the food and service were both fantastic! I ordered spinach ravioli in a cream sauce. My mom ordered veggie lasagna. Both were so delicious! I can't wait to go back and try something else :)

from a paesana regular
Reviewer: Claudia Sole from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm Italian (the real thing by birth and life) and I eat here as long as lunch friends give me a choice and I am known to twist a few arms to make it my destination. Renato is not just charming and on top of things but a valued community member as well for all the good works he champions and contributes to. Bravissimo!

unbelievably delish and like being in italy again
Reviewer: Sophia Wisdoma from Santa Barbara, CA
Reasonably priced top star Italian food just like it's made in Italy, some dishes perhaps even better! The sage butter pumpkin pasta is to die and go to heaven for! The lemon pastry and fresh whipped cream almost as good. Families have been going for years here and it's still their favorite restaurant in SB. It's hard to be disappointed by it! Bravo! Food is number one here. Service is very friendly, attentive and helpful. The atmosphere is comfy.

Excellent food and service for an Italian bistro
Reviewer: Frederick from Santa Barbara, CA
Surprisingly good food and fiendly service for an unpretentious, yet warm and friendly atmosphere bistro. It has few dishes but all are very good indeed, many not to be found elsewhere in town. I go there often and enjoy it every time. The grilled panini are outstandiong, the home-style Italian dishes and the wine selections way beyond expectations. My San Francisco visitors, supposedly connoisseuers, were stunned at the quality when eating at Via Maestra. It tells it all.

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