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Saigon Noodle House
6831 Hollister Ave
Phone: (805) 968-5116

Reviews by the General Public

Slooooow service
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara, CA
Good lord does this place have horrible service. I hadn't been for a long while due to waiting forever my first visit. Tried again last week around 2:30, restaurant had exactly 3 tables occupied. Waited for approximately 10 minutes and received no menu, no acknowledgement that I was there, so I left. I was still hungry of course so made my way to noodle city where I sat, ordered and received my pho in 10 minutes! Noodle city wins hands down

Hot Soup
Reviewer: Glenn from Santa Barbara, CA
When I get the pho to go you get the chicken stock soup, when you get back to your place you put all the ingredients in and let it cook/come to temperature together(noodles chicken etc), then sip to see if its ready. At least that is how I do it, in other words, wait until it cools? If its warm when you leave it will be cold when you put the ingredients in... Good stuff for me.

Soup is beyond scorching !!
Reviewer: Cindy from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered soup to go. It was beyond scorching hot and burnt the heck out of me. I tried to reach the restaurant to discuss repeatedly. Siagon Noodle refused to ever return any call or letter to even discuss. Warning- soup can be too hot and could burn you badly!!

Food is delicious; service is atrocious
Reviewer: Cris from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been here a number of times, both eating in and to-go. Every time I eat-in, it takes at least 75-90 minutes to go out of there. Servers often miss tables completely and have messed up my order several times. However, when the food does come it is quite delicious so the slow service is the price you pay.

Great Pho!
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Get the Small Chicken Pho here, its great! Thai Iced Tea is good here too. For $10 for both its a great deal for delicious and healthy food. The waittresses are nice here too.

Best Pho and Service in Town!
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
I went in to Saigon today around 3:00p because my co-workers have been raving about it for weeks and I work within walking distance. I am so glad I did!!! I was prompty greeted by a bubbly sweet female server who immediately threw out some suggestions and was incredibly helpful and patient while I made my decision. She offered me water while I waited and the restaurant was very clean and the employees are clearly happy! The food came out hot and fresh and tasted absolutely amazing. There is no better deal for the price. They have absolutely earned my repeat business! I am uncertain about the "past management" but... there was not one thing I could complain about.

Best Pho in Santa Barbara!!
Reviewer: Rian I. from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been eating here for a while now and I believe its the best PHO in all of Santa Barbara/Goleta. I remember the mgr the person below is talking about, he's long gone, the owner (who is very friendly) is now there on a daily basis! All of the staff is great, always keeping your table clear and your drinks are never empty. Large portions of food, flavor is always consistent. Seafood in the dishes is very fresh. This place is always pretty packed when I go. I'm now finding myself here on a weekly basis!! I love it!! A must try!! Also try the diced steak plate #32, soooo good!!!!

Post Nutritional Value
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
Like many reviews, I like the soup, but they need to post the nutritional information. I think the salt content may be excessive...approaching 1,500 mg/serving for the large bowl, which would exceed the recommended daily allowance. But with no data available, its hard to say. Soup can be flavored without salting it to death. I'll push for a posting or a pamphlet or something. Maybe County Health can make them have it available.

Really Good Place To Eat
Reviewer: Alana Block from Santa Barbara, CA
The best thing about this place is noodles (18), the pho witch is delicous, the spring rolls are yummy. The food is great there, good prices. The service is great, the waitress are really nice. I've been going there since i was 16 years old. The really improved with there dishes. I really recommend this place.

Good food, scary manager
Reviewer: Jennifer Wang from Santa Barbara, CA
I live a few blocks away and my roommate loves pho so we end up coming here for take-out often. The food is decent at 3.5 stars and reasonably priced. The noodles aren't fresh, but I don't think any pho place in SB has fresh noodles. I've found that the pho broth is consistently a little too heavy on the five-spice flavor, but other than that, is delicious. However, there has always been a service problem at this joint. The manager frequently and loudly berates the wait staff without seeming to care about the effect on customers. During my visit last week, I received spring rolls instead of the egg rolls I had ordered. This was no big deal to me since both are equally delicious, so I decided to inform the waitress but eat it anyway. Even though it was clear the waitress and I had cleared up the dispute, the manager came over and gave her a lecture AT MY TABLE, as if putting on a show for my benefit. Not only did this detract from my ability to eat in peace, it also made me upset that he was trying to make the waitress look bad. If only the manager could learn to treat his employees respectfully, the atmosphere at this restaurant would greatly improve.

THANK goodness for the soup
Reviewer: Frankie from Isla Vista, CA
the pho noodle soup is just what i need after an eventful night. i would go here often when i need it. i havent tried anything else but the pho is good. maybe the hot tea would help too.

Fake Pho
Reviewer: Clay from Santa Barbara, CA
I just moved to the area and wanted some Pho, unfortunatly this was the closest spot . I've been eating Pho for over 20 years weekly and this was by far the worst I've had. The broth was chicken broth out of a can with unedible meat. My wife ordered the charbroiled pork which wasn't grilled and probably not pork. service was just as bad with a young girl that forgot our appetizers and condiments with the Pho. After asking for them a third time we left . Need to close your doors or serve food that is at least edible for humans.

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