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D'Angelo Bread
25 W. Gutierrez St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-5466

Reviews by the General Public

My favorite smoked salmon
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
I know D'Angelo's is a bakery and therefore known for it's bread, but for me it was all about their smoked salmon. It's smoky, salty, and delicious. Had their smoked salmon benedict on baguette and it was divine. Highish prices, $19 for a piece of bread, the smoked salmon, two eggs and hollandaise. I wish they'd add some house potatoes and a small fruit salad cup for the money. Croissant breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese is $14. But the croissant is buttery perfection. Again, could have used some side dishes. Service at a table is quick and friendly. As the morning got later there was a wait. We went on a Saturday early after visiting the farmer's market. Will go back to try their specialty of kalamata bread with artichoke hearts and poached eggs.

wonderful place
Reviewer: debbie from Santa Barbara, CA
Simply a Gem!!! Good , Strong Coffee and wonderful fresh Pastries that are actually made from scratch on the premise. They recently added a breakfast sausage to their menu which is absolutely wonderful. My new favorite though is the Salmon Croissant with locally smoked Salmon on their homemade Croissant... mmh delish

Please bring back the cheese twist!
Reviewer: michelle from Santa Barbara, CA
I liked to buy their cheese twist at their bakery and other places that carry their bread in town. It was the only savory pastry you offered that did not have meat in it. Adding a currant scone to your offerings would be delicious, too!

Hasn't been as good lately
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
The food last time was a little off, but we thought that just happens sometimes. But this last time, the waffle was so hard it was difficult to cut. Also, really take a look at it sometime if you order this...the MICRO little container that the syrup is served in isn't enough for even a 1/4 of the waffle. By far the skimpiest serving of syrup I have ever seen. Eggs were ordered Med, but came Very well done/hard. Toast was ok, but jam wasn't even as flavorful as Bonne Mar. We don't understand it...the other reviews are pretty positive, but this is just what we've seen. Used to be one of our favorite spots, so this is disappointing to us too. Same nice French Cafe feel and nice ambiance. Very nice service, even better than before. Perhaps if the owner might send a friend in to try...then report back....get their own opinion that way. Oh, however....the coffee Espresso drinks were excellent.

Breakfast of Champions Served Here!
Reviewer: Don Frasco from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the Rose Eggs! Every time I get a chance to stop by Santa Barbara I come by D'Angelo's and order the Rose eggs. Love it!

Super good food
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat here whenever I want a great latte and a meal that is pretty simple but such good quality. You can go simple and just have any bread toasted and it is just the best. Or if you like spicy food, like me, get the Huevoes Rancheros. Anything with their salsa in it just makes it even better but the flavors mixing in the huevoes....perfection! My son had the Tri tip omelette, we are both tri tip fans, and he thought the meat was marinated just right and liked the way the flavors mixed too. At times I will say the wait for the food can seem a little long but then you start eating and you are left happy and full.

delicious, quality, great staff whats better than that?
Reviewer: Molly from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is fantastic! The eggs rose and the tuna sandwich are my favorite with out a doubt. Also the mandarin danish and poppy seed twist, they are to die for! The service is great, the girls there are so friendly and always willing to answer all my questions about their breads. You have to try the rudolph steiner...soooo good!! I have been there quite a few times now and they never let me down! If you get there early its calm and relaxing, if you go later in the day its definitely hoppin but i love to people watch so its perfect for me! Plus I think its a good sign that a place is means they really have something to offer! Check em out, they are open all week long.

I discovered the poached egg and it was bombastic
Reviewer: Annette from Santa Barbara, CA
This really is a delicious breakfast place. The menu isn't overly fit with choices and it all complements what they aim to do - great bread. I haven't tried their sweeter options but the poached eggs, especially the Eggs Rose, are amazing. Service wise, I'd suggest a better system for eat in guests, you pretty much have to stand in the way of the staff to wait for a table or someone else will pounce on it before you. Also a $30 bill for two (breakfast) isn't my ideal but i guess it hasn't stopped me yet, I just don't eat here as often as I wish.

Don't have the time to go back
Reviewer: Lee from Santa Barbara, CA
I found this place one day taking my daughter to dance class and was blown away by the breakfast I had! Since then I tryed to go back expecting the same experience and was disapointed by the fact that the first time I tryed to call in an order (in a hurry while pulled over to the side of the road) I was put on hold then hung up on twice, when I finally talked to the girl she said my order will be ready in a half hour! (After I already had been on hold for 10min). Deciding to give a second chance I called in another order (this time calling earlier, hoping to be less busy) when I picked it up and got to work it was missing half my order. The food is pretty good, but being a bussiness owner myself I know how important costumer service is, and I don't have the time to waste getting my breakfast any more.

Best Breakfast In SB
Reviewer: Alexander from Santa Barbara, CA
The Eggs Rose is one of my favorite breakfast items I've ever had. Poached eggs on top of fresh baked Kalamata olive bread with an artichoke paste, delicious! The special omelet is also very good, I think it has mushrooms, spinach, onions, tomato, and fontina cheese. The baked goods are the best in town (easily and undeniably). The Tuscan Batta is a great choice for lunch time as well. The service can be slow because the place gets so busy sometimes, but as a regular I have always had prompt and diligent service here.

Somethings are worth waiting for...
Reviewer: Claire from Santa Barbara, CA
I have to admit this place gets kinda crowded and is very small for the crowd it draws... but the food is always delicious! And the bread is out of this world good! I went there last weekend... and sat outside around the corner from the front of the bakery. There is a chill factor involved we were sitting in wind tunnel and service was a bit slow...mainly because we were sitting in a spot where we were out of sight out of mind... but none the less I enjoyed my breakfast 2 poached eggs and toast & a side of potato, loved my coffee with serveral refills and enjoyed the experience. Remember to buy a loaf a bread for home ! My favorite is the rosemary lemon! Bring a coat if your planning on sitting outside!

Go -- and with a generous spirit
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
D'Angelo is my favorite place to share a leisurely breakfast with friends. Order some lattes, fresh juice, pastries, poached eggs (with tapenade, yum) real, thick sourdough toast, lovely jams, fruit, and fabulous french toast -- and order bread to take home (they'll slice it for you if you ask). Enjoy the sunshine, the coffee, the ocean breeze and the smell of fresh baked bread. Talk and laugh, let the kids run around a bit. Don't fret if the service is slow, or your server is a little bratty. D'Angelo puts the food first and if you're patient, you'll be rewarded with a lovely morning and a fantastic meal.

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