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Silvergreens - Isla Vista
900 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 961-1700

Reviews by the General Public

Catering and Restaurant - both excellent service
Reviewer: Ashley from Goleta, CA
The catering from Silvergreens is one of the best in town. I order lunches from them all the time for our business meetings, and the employees always rave and give me pats on the back for knowing the good eats in town. Little do they know that I mainly order from Silvergreens for my own selfish reasons - because it's so easy to set up an order by e-mail, and I don't have to worry that they'll be late. I've managed restaurants and catering companies for several years, and Silvergreens simply does catering right. As for the restaurant experience,I have been eating there for years now, and I do think it has become a little expensive for what you get. The seared ahi salad is a favorite of mine, and I think it could benefit from an extra slice of ahi. The salads always seem a little light on the protein serving. Great service!

SIlvergreeens Review
Reviewer: Hannah from Santa Barbara, CA
Being an Isla VIsta resident, Silvergreens is a center part of my neighborhood. It attempts to be as environmentally friendly as possible, which i love, and the food looks and tastes delicious. The atmosphere is great, even providing free wifi for busy college students and lots of space in the crowded Isla Vista. The service is optimal, always friendly and eager to please. The only problem I have come across is the the prices, being a college kid i can't always afford food here but luckily they provide coupons and special deals throughout the day. Whenever my parents visit this is the first place we go to get a bite to eat.

Reviewer: Annie from Santa Barbara, CA
Silveregreens is one of those things in iv that ends up a staple. It's got a bit of everything and it's generally fresh and made when you order. However, I don't eat here because i love it, but more out of convenience. I used to really like it but lately it feels lukewarm and soggy. Veggies dont have that fresh crunch. The tomato basil soup is good and the blt sandwich is good most of the time. I'm not tempted by the fixed salads a lot of sweet ones and I like simpler flavors. The wait time is way too long though. A soup and sandwich sometimes takes 15 min when it's slow, its just not worth it. Also the prices keep going up but the portions don't change and the quality feels like it's dropped.

Great Food, Even better Service!!
Reviewer: Stacy Freidman from Santa Barbara, CA
Silvergreens is amazing!! The TBA on Honey Wheat is perfect. Their fries are salted just right, and not too soft. Just recently went for breakfast, my burrito was excellent and fresh, I had some substitutions and the employees were understanding and helpful. Even when I get delivery from SG, the drivers are so nice and seem to get my food to me very quickly. Love this restaurant!!

Silvergreens for breakfast
Reviewer: Alyssa from Santa Barbara, CA
I love silvergreens and I got a coupon for a free breakfast burrito when I bought a waffle so I went in today and got them. The waffles were good but not great by any means, same with the burrito. The food was good but if I didn't have a coupon I would not buy it. For that price might as well go to Cajun Kitchen for a giant burrito and sit down service. Also I was going to make the same comment about gloves as below and saw the managements response. In response to that I would have to say that is all great if the employees actually washed their hands but as I sat and waited for my to go order I didn't see a single person wash there hands. Most importantly not the person on register who I saw touch money then touch food, then money, then make my breakfast. Not very clean or appetizing thank you very much.

The Food is good.
Reviewer: Aaron G from Santa Barbara, CA
Hey,the food here is good.:)

An easily problem to fix!
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
Silvergreens is delicious! I just wish management would provide plastic gloves for the employees preparing the food, especially with the flu going around!

Silvergreens - Isla Vista writes: We appreciate the review. It was advised by the County of Santa Barbara's Health Inspector that it is actually MORE sanitary to not wear gloves and wash your hands regularly. When people wear gloves they have the perception that they are clean but in reality are not likely to throw them away and wash hands regularly. By using bear hands one is more conscious that they need to wash their hands frequently and this is the more sanitary method. We used to use gloves and switched after we learned this.
Not the same
Reviewer: Don from Santa Barbara, CA
It's been a year since I've been to Silvergreens, and previously I greatly enjoyed the quality and choices. The quantity and quality seems to have diminished now. I had the Green Apple Salad and Turkey Bacon Avo salad. The sandwich was better than the salad. Service was great as usual.

What happened to the menu?
Reviewer: Garrett from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to always frequent the IV Silvergeens due to their better food menu choices and the items were cheaper than downtown location. It's menu has now changed towards the SB Downtown Silvergreens with the classics like Chicken Harvest Salad and BBQ steak sandwiches being nixed from the menu. A very helpful girl at the counter made the Harvest one for me; however, the Half n Half did cost nearly $2 more than only a month or two ago. The new menu choices are great, but to take away some of the best options is terrible. I've been eating there for 7 years and have never been disappointed until now. Terrific staff for being very understanding tho.

Reviewer: amanda harville from Santa Barbara, CA
i've only been there once, but it was great!! you should really check it out!

Reviewer: Aaron from San Diego, CA
I came to Silvergreens on a recommendation by a local - and I was happy I did! The food was full of flavor and it was a good deal for the size salad and sandwhich I had - I find it hard to get good quality food where I live and not spend a ton! Silvergreens needs to come down south - until then I will definitely be back.

Good food good service, but needs some tweaks
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good stuff. Price a little high. I did not think until I ate it that the salad's crispy strips would turn to soggy strips if I did not eat it fast. I guess fast food of all people have them beat by providing dressing in portable bags. I suggest that if the order is to go that they automatically put the dressing in a to go container to avoid this. I noticed that my food preparer was not wearing plastic gloves(that you would also find at fast food places) so unsure who takes the money and who makes the food. It also looked like the salad bar could have some covering over it when not used. So overall good food but maybe some changes on the to go package and gloves.

Silvergreens - Isla Vista writes: Thanks for your comments. You can always request the dressing on the side to avoid any ingredient getting soggy. The food makers do not wear gloves because it is actually more sanitary to wash your hands regularly then wearing gloves where hand washing is typically minimal or neglected all-together. We made this switch after learning about this from the SB County Health Inspector. The salad bar is always maintained at proper temperatures and the reason there is no cover is because everything is prepped fresh throughout the day and never sits out for a long duration.

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