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Due Lune Cucina

966 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 685-4444

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-3am, Sat-Sun 9am-4am
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Okay burrito, bad service
Reviewer: Lynn from Santa Barbara, CA
They make a good California burrito, but I was in there around 10:00pm, only one other group was there eating and I felt like I was a nuisance. I ordered two burritos to take home and I could tell the guy was upset after I asked, I got a dirty look. I interpreted this as he's had a long crappy day, so I smiled a tipped to try to lighten the guy's day I've been there before, and the cashier asked me what I was doing with a bad attitude like he thought I was stupid for making him break change for a tip or just didn't know how to count. Needless to say, service was not good that night, overpriced burrito for what I got, but if it's the only place available for your group just try to get in and get out. Also they skimped my friend on ingredients, usually they ask what you want when it's buffet style like this, and completely skipped over the rice and beans, which you can't see because they're covered by steel lids. We weren't too happy but the burrito was okay and I didn't get sick, so there ya have it. To improve: Guys, I know working in IV isn't the prime place, but you have a lot of hungry college students up late, at least smile or something. Breaking change might be annoying but tipping isn't mandatory just say thank you. And be thorough with the burrito building experience!

would love to try but....
Reviewer: Shawn from Goleta, Ca
Just tried calling them to place an order was hung up on twice. Tried a 3rd time and it just rang and rang. At least answer and put me on hold.

chicken made me want to...
Reviewer: Tom from Santa Barbara, CA
waited like 10 min. for a guy to show up and make a burrito even though a worker saw me and the restaurant was empty except for one other person in line after me. When he finally helped us he was rude and skimpy with the portions (which ended up better actually since the food was so inedible) - seriously this place was disgusting - im not a very picky eater and i love eating- but i threw away this burrito after 2 bites

If only I didn't wake up wanting so much water
Reviewer: Masashi Alex Nakamura from Goleta, CA
Girlfriend and I ordered from this place and both woke up during the night wanting a LOT of water that ended up tasting pretty bad because of the food the night before. It wasn't just one thing, we both got different orders. It must have been too salty. The vanilla shake was far too watered down. On the plus side the service was good and the food tasted OK at first.

Mediocre burrito TERRIBLE SERVICE
Reviewer: Sandra Sales from Santa Barbara, CA
Rosaritos is your typical, greasy, overpriced Americanized Mexican food- the chicken is always too dry, the steak always too chewy. However, as far as fast take-out, you won't go terribly wrong here. However, if you want to a delivery ordered from Rosaritos, expect EVERYTHING to go wrong. Though the orders will come 20 min. later from the 40 min. expected waiting time, completely mixed up and even downright wrong (since when were chicken burritos steak nachos?) , the real tragedy of the establishment will be the handling of the customers. If you want to send back an order, expect to allot 2 hours of time for this endeavor. You will probably spend 45 min. to one hour waiting in forgiving ignorance for the delivery man to pick up the food that they incorrectly prepared (seriously since WHEN were CHICKEN NACHOS STEAK BURRITOS) after you've called the restaurant twice, each time receiving assurance that the delivery man was 2 houses down and due to the front door any time now. About one hour after receiving your food (still lying untouched on the table) but still no reimbursement, you will call back to Rosaritos and they will put you on the phone with the very angry manager who will A) lie again about the delivery man being on the way B) deny the that the last 3 conversations with them ever happened after calling them out on their bluff C) demean you for thinking that they were ever going to actually deliver us the services they promised D) REFUSE to give you back money unless you walk the "two feet it takes to get to Rosaritos" from your house- because our time is less important than the delivery man's - a clever ploy to jip you out of your money when even the manager cannot deny his wrongdoings E) put up yet ANOTHER very audible and public fight in the restaurant after refusing ONCE AGAIN to give you back the money they have been promising you for the last 2 hours, including the last phone call which was not 10 min. ago. DO NOT order from Rosaritos unless you are willing to waste a few dollars tipping the deliver guy and 2 hours of your life dealing with the demented and dysfunctional beaurocracy of a bad Mexican burrito joint.

Horrible and gross!
Reviewer: Tammy from Santa Barbara, CA
I have to sum up my experience at Rosarito with two words: gross and horrible. The service was beyond horrible and the food was worse. Even though their food is set up like Subway in such a way that you can see the "freshness" of things it is anything but fresh. I ordered my California burrito twice from this place and each time I was disappointed not only with the food, but with the service as well. Rosarito and Dejavu are owned by the same person and I have to say both places have the WORST food service I have ever experienced. Even if their food was bad and the service was good I could understand in this case both are the worst. I will never ever waste my time at this place ever again, I'll be going to Super Cucas thank you very much!

Reviewer: Herbert from Santa Barbara, CA
My order: $9.56 for a Large Steak Burrito w/ Guac. This place is setup kinda like a Subway. You order what you want, and an employee builds your burrito for you as you move toward the cash register. Service was a little bad. There were 2 people working: one up front and in the kitchen. I waited a good 2 minutes before the person from the kitchen came and took my order. None of the ingredients were prepared fresh or heated in any way: everything came off of a steam table. It was a sub-par cold steak burrito. Still edible, but not as enjoyable. They did include tortilla chips which was nice. I'd recommend the restaurant to make their ingredients fresher if they want more customers.

Best Breakfast Burrito in Town
Reviewer: Lemme from Santa Barbara, CA
I have never tried their regular menu, but the breakfast burrito is the best in Santa Barbara! The service is friendly and quick enough.

Good food, Ok service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I also got the vibe of not welcoming someone who comes in. You get the same treatment at any of the other mexican places in IV too so nothing new there. I think the food is slightly lower than Freebirds in quality. So overall good, the softdrinks seemed like they needed the soda replaced though.

how is this place in business
Reviewer: Chase from Santa Barbara, CA
so i have only eat here once, due to the fact the service sucks! i have walked in the place a few time before ever eating because of long waits and horrible service. i have never been greeted when walking in, even when no one is eating in there. once i came in an the one guy working way one the phone. talking to some friend, never was i greeted i waited five minutes with a friend ready to order. the guy was still on the phone so we left( we looked at our cell phones to check how long). but eventually, after many tries, i was able to order food, not very good. the cali bur. was not good, and i have had a few. best and cheapest is super cucas, which is a gem even if it looks like a dump. cantina which is next to this place is much better and a lil pricey and slow but atleast you can order. with so many mexican places why would i ever go here again

Bomb Delivery
Reviewer: Jason from Isla Vista
They get your sh** there QUICK!

Reviewer: Josh from Isla Vista, CA
Service is understandably slow, as they usually only have one guy workin back there (0h, and never get deliver), but the food is way bueno...salsa/hot sauce there is muy tasty too. I dont care what anyone says, Rosarito's breakfast burritos are definitely the best burritos in IV...anybody who says otherwise is a straight dum dum.

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