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Mayo's Carniceria & Tacos
2704 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 569-1591

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 7am-7pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Above & Beyond
Reviewer: Pamela from Santa Barbara, CA
How far would you go to make sure that people of Santa Barbara, where you have your restaurant business, were taken care of? I found out! Thanks Mayo's Carniceria & Taco's

Reviewer: Jose from Santa Barbara, CA
Jose well I can't say the same thing what everyone here saying for my onw experience I went to buy some frech meat while I was waiting I bought some tacos and I got them after 15 minutes and they were cold, the meat was Ice cold. I told the Taquero if he can make me new tacos, he took my plate and he put the same meat on the grill and gave me new tortillas. But unfortunatly the grill was not ON but I got the meat cold again. The next day I got sick bad I have to go to the hospital and they told me that I got food poisoning. That's my own opinion I don't want to talk bad about this place but its just my opion for this place. Ask me if I would like to go to this place again. NOPE

Take Out Carnitas
Reviewer: Lindsay from Santa Barbara, CA
Excellent authentic carnitas. Take home 2 lbs carnitas, 1 pack Diana's Mini Corn Tortillas, 1 white onion, 1 bunch cilantro and a medium container of their salsa verde. Microwave tortillas till soft. Easy, a religious experience!

Excellent Carnitas!
Reviewer: H from Santa Barbara, CA
I ate here last night, the Carnitas Tacos are really excellent and a lot of meat for $2.50. Fast service and good vibes. I'll be back.

big tacos
Reviewer: Mai from Lawrence, KS
I tried this place because it was near my hotel, and im glad i took the chance. Their carinitas taco are huge for the price you pay, they are also very good. My only regret is i didnt get to try other items on the menu. Definitely give this small place a try.

Reviewer: lulu from Santa Barbara, CA
mayos is a very very reliable resturant and the food there is Great so is the service wen ever i go in and sombody walks out they have a BIG smile in there face. mayos is the best tacos and service is the whole world i always bring my friend and family there and they give it 2 thumbs up the people thats say it isnt good jst dont have anything else to do in life soo read this review and go with it the ownwe there is very trustworthy and loyal i bet if u go there u will leave with a HUGE smile on your face belive mr it GReat

Very good authentic Mexican food!!!
Reviewer: Griselda from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has the best Mexican food in the area...everything is so tasty! I love their rice and beans, and their taquitos are yummy and crunchy! I have tried almost everything in the menu and I have not been disapointed! The prices are great! And the customer service is fantastic!

Ok food and service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Ok food, similar to El Sitio type food. Very inexpensive, store next door that you pay at for the food. If going more for high quality try somewhere else.

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Adriana from Santa Barbara, CA
taqueria de mayos is the best place ever to get mexican food.there workers are very genoures to you.mayo is the most kindest person i ever meet.his food is very good!i think mayos carniseria is the best place to get mexican food.i support you to go there and your taste buds will feel great.he keeps his resturant clean.YOU HAVE TO GO THERE!!!!!

Reviewer: oscar from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is terrible...I went in and seen brown tiny bugs that crawl can't say what they are cause it won't let me.use ur imagenation..that's bad..I told an employee and he didn't speak english or understood me..bad place to dine in.

Realmente Caro
Reviewer: Carlos from Santa Barbara, CA
Es un buen lugar para comer o hacer algunas compras, solo que es tambien uno donde encuentra uno las cosas mucho mas caras. Buen servicio y muy amables.

Reviewer: Maria from Los Angeles, CA
I heard great things about this place, but was disappointed. I came in with really high hopes, but left unsatisfied. The only good thing about this place was the prices. They're pretty decent. Now for the cons:they had few menu options, and forgettable food. I mean the food was edible, but not enjoyable. It was just ok. I ordered a chile verde burrito. It was pretty dry and the meat was salty. I expected the burrito to have chile verde sauce, but it just had chunks of green chili. The kind that isnt spicy. To sum it all up, the food is JUST ok. I probably wont come back.

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