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Cesar's Place Fish & Chips
712 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 884-0964

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Sylvia from Santa Barbara, CA
We came here about a year ago, and the menudo was delicious. Today, that was not the case. We both ordered a bowl of menudo. I ordered the beef Pata with mine. It didn't have any meat on it. It looked as though it had already been eaten off of. I tried a piece of tripe, and it tasted spoiled. I asked the waitress if they made it fresh, and she said yes. They comped me for my bowl. My girlfriend had two pieces of tripe that were still whole, rather than bite sized. We should have left when we saw the piece of lettuce in the salsa. Totally disappointed.

Reviewer: Karen Ferragamo from Santa Barbara, CA
Worst Mexican food ever. I came here because I was told they had awesome mechiladas. Wrong. Worst mechilada I've very had. You want a good mechilada go to to palapa or del pueblo at least they're original where as this place just uses canned clamato. As for the food, it was bland and the cerviche was nothing to write home about. I give them no stars but the service was good and servers were nice at least.

Cesar's Placw
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Cesar's Place Atmosphere: Small cafe style Mexican restaurant. Spacious space plenty of seating indoors with framed pieces of painted artwork. Oh, one interesting montage is a framed piece of seashells and wine corks. Service: You seat yourself, waitress comes by quickly to take your order and the food is delivered quickly.The waitresses are quick and friendly. Food/drink: Every time and I do mean EVERY TIME, we order the shrimp cocktail. Sam loves Shimp cocktails and has been on a quest to find the best in town (If that sounds like you, look no further) The sauce or cocktail sauce is tasty: slightly sweet and a perfect base to the tons of shrimp, chopped onions and avocado. We've also ordered the large tostada with steak, which was good. On a hot day enjoyed the Horchata (oat drink) with ice. Summary: While we have not tried many items on the menu, we know that Cesar's is the place to go when we have a craving for a Shrimp Cocktail.

Love this Place
Reviewer: kel from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is the bomb had some bomb ass mojara yummyy... the owner will be missed may he rest in peace cesar!:(

Authentic Mexican Food
Reviewer: Jean from Santa Barbara, CA
I have gone here a dozen of times and I have to say the food served here is very tasty. I am used to authentic Mexican food growing up in a household with only the best cook, my Grandma. The chile rellenos are my favorite and the horchata is made from scratch. The salsa, especially the tomatillo (green one) is delicious. The servers are always friendly. It does take a little longer to get your food but it is completely worth it. If you are not used to REAL Mexican food, then by all means go to the other restaurant down the street. This is the reason I a writing this review, La Super Rica did not have that authentic flavor I was looking for and the chile rellenos were definitely not as good.

Cured my hangover
Reviewer: Jenn from Santa Barbara, CA
I had recently been craving menudo, and one Sunday morning I woke up with a bad hangover from a fun Saturday night...rumor is that menudo will always cure it right up. I have always been hesitant about eating menudo anywhere else, except homemade in my abuelita's kitchen. However, she didn't make any that weekend and I started thinking about places I could go close to home. My boyfriend and I decided on Cesar's and it was one of the best menudo experiences I had ever had(except for Abuela's kitchen of course). The menudo was so clean and the chile had just the right amout of spice. The service was EXCELLENT and they brought me all the fixings I needed. My boyfriend had the chilequiles and the they had so much flavor and we cooked perfectly with a sunnyside up egg on top. I am most definitely going back for menudo and maybe to try even more of their food on the menu. They had a great selection. It's also very clean! It's a must try!

Loved It...
Reviewer: Rose Vazquez from Santa Barbara, CA
The Vuelve a la Vida cocktail was amazing! It was flavorful and packed with seafood and also topped with a generous amount of avocado. It was the best Iíve ever had in SB. The service was friendly and attentive.

Catfish Soup - YUM
Reviewer: Huyen from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm sorry to Sally for not enjoying the catfish soup. Cesar's is definitely not the place to go if you are looking for a pretty bowl of seafood soup with fish chopped up and shrimp peeled. The catfish soup at Cesar's is 100% authentic and there is no other served like it in SB. The soup comes in huge portion with huge chunks of catfish and yes, sometimes a tail. Cooking the fish whole ehances the flavor and makes the broth delicious. It also comes with big chunks of carrots, and cabbage. Hot, fresh tortillas on the side is the way to go. Don't forget the lime! They also do albondigas on Fridays. I've never had a problem with service, and love the crowd of families. Gives the place a familiar, comfortable vibe. Everyone there works hard and the dishes are a great deal for what you get. Big portions, lots of options for the fish dishes in regards to preperation. They have goblets of seafood cocktails served with different combinations of seafood. One of the best Mexican/Seafood restaurants on Santa Barbara in general. That and Lily's Taqueria...mmmmmmm!

I won't go back
Reviewer: sally from Santa Barbara, CA
All I wanted was some soup on a rainy day./ Went to Blue Agave, no soup. Stopped by here. ONly soup was fish one. Okay. ordered. TOOK forever. I family with screaming kids running around made the wait even more painful i finally had to take it to go. asked for flour tortillas. got home was so hungry, opened container a big fish tail hanging out, disgusting to look at. drank broth, okay nothing to write home about. they gave me corn tortillas instead of flour. It was a whopping 13.95 with a horchata. I won't go back. Anybody know where to get mexican soup on Milpas????

enchiladas are the best
Reviewer: max from Santa Barbara, CA
cesars place is the best. whoever said that the enchiladas taste bad are wrong beacause they dont know what good food is. thats what i think of people like that

burnt and raw
Reviewer: edward from Santa Barbara, CA
First time . Thin layers of fish was burnt to a crisp - the chips were raw. The Mexican food is probably good , the place was packed - but I should know better , not Mexican food at Mexican restaurants. I never write reviews, but I hope this will get them to look at their fish ad chips

Pretty Good Food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Pretty Good Food here, tasty, only negative for me was a bone fragment in my chicken burrito. People are nice here and the seating is one of the better ones on Milpas. They have various fish options available. They do take credit.

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