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Sushi Go-Go
119 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-6568

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Cassandra from Santa Barbara, CA
Combo 37 is good. Great food to call in and pick up to hang out on the boat for happy hour in the Harbor. Love SB summer nights.

Best sushi I've ever had.
Reviewer: J.M. from Goleta, CA
I just ate ate Sushi Go-Go after reading some reviews here, and I had to run back to write my own. I got probably the best tasting California Roll and Eel Nigiri (fresh-water, Unagi) I think I've ever had. Great cut of eel, which tasted amazing. The California Roll had perfect proportions and everything tasted fresh. Friendly staff, the service was fast, and the price was hard to beat (10 pieces of California Roll, Eel Nigiri, and a Pepsi for just under $13). Small hole-in-the-wall restaurant (which are usually the best, in my experience) right next to the harbor (great view). I can't recommend this place enough.

Favorite Lunch Stop
Reviewer: Em from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here with a few friends as an experiment for lunch between classes and tried the spicy tuna roll. The service was fast and the food was fantastic. Definitely my favorite sushi place!

Friendly staff, great service, great food, great location!!
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Located in the heart of the harbor, Sushi Go-Go is a tiny but super tasty spot to stop for Sushi. Very friendly quick service. Their prices are great and so is their food.

Best Sushi
Reviewer: Michael-The Food Dude from Santa Barbara, CA
This hole-in-the-wall sushi spot at the harbor has surprisingly great sushi. The jalapeno bomb and the GoGo roll are outstanding. Check it out, you won't regret it! The Prices are ideal and you can sit by the harbor and watch the boats.

Good sushi!
Reviewer: Michelle E. from Santa Barbara, CA
Sushi was really good but service, not so much. One of the men working rolled his eyes at me when i asked for a certain roll that they had apparently ran out of. Other than that, i haven't had any other bad experiences. I don't care about their service too much because i can't resist their sushi!! firecracker roll is my favorite!

Only Sushi I Eat
Reviewer: moenica min-lange from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a really picky eater when it comes to sushi. Sushi Go Go is the best sushi. Bar none. the view is amazing on a clear day. Although the place is small, once you get outside, it's all the better. I love the regulars who come in trying to convince you to try something new and exciting. The best things that Sushi Go Go has to offer, is service with a smile and good food. Who doesn't like sitting out on the docks enjoying fresh food? Every time I am out is Santa Barbara, I always go to Sushi Go Go, hungry for more(:

PHENOMENAL all around
Reviewer: Sharon from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried this place yesterday. Hands down - my new favorite sushi joint in Santa Barbara, although Ichiban is a close second. I ordered 2 rolls. The prices were great, the presentation was amazing, and the taste was even better. The rolls really do come out looking exactly like the picture. Service was fantastic as well. I was actually late to meet a friend here, whose cell phone had died, so I called the restaurant. The woman I spoke to kindly tracked my friend down and told her that I was on my way. Very helpful! And let's face other sushi restaurant in town can boast of that kind of view! All around great!

I love Sushi Go Go!
Reviewer: Sherry from Santa Barbara, CA
I live and work in the harbor and eat here several times a week. In fact I am eating one of their specials right now while I am typing this review! They make almost all their own sauces and the teriyaki is the BEST!! Great food, nice people, incredible can you ask for anything more???!!!

Reviewer: Armando Guerrero from Santa Barbara, CA
This Japanese restaurant is probably one of the best in Santa Barbara. The price, portions, and location are all excellent. I highly recommend this place.!!!! ^_^

when i go out for sushi...
Reviewer: prue from Santa Barbara, CA
...i like generous portions. that said, i have been repeatedly disappointed with the meager and expensive rolls that pass for sushi in this town...enter sushi go-go!!! so yummy. the food actually comes out looking like the pictures on the menu! i used to live up north and would eat at yanagi's at least once a week, i was a little bit addicted and mourned the loss of my heart attack roll...well sushi go-go makes the exact same thing, it's called the jalapeno bomb and it's completely amazingly devourable! go and order one NOW! your tummy will thank you :-) and p.s. the harbour setting is a pretty sweet place to sit and wile the afternoon away enjoying some sake and seafood...

Ok food, nice people
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Was expecting more from the good reviews. Its not as high quality as other Japanese places in town I've been to. Food just Ok for me and did not wow me. Only outside seating but its a nice view of boats and mountains. Nice people.

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