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Cal Taco
7320 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 685-7122

Reviews by the General Public

New owners; same great Cal Taco
Reviewer: Rex of SB from Santa Barbara, CA
Today was the first time I'd been to Cal Taco since the change of ownership was announced by The Restaurant Guy a couple of weeks ago. Usually when a restaurant changes hands, there are some differences. Happily, this is not the case with Cal Taco. The man behind the counter was friendly and the food was as good as it ever was. Had I not known there were new owners I'd have thought that nothing had changed. Welcome, new Cal Taco owners! Thanks for not fooling around with the menu.

My NEW habit!
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Had lunch at C.T. Today and I must say that it was excellent! We had the crunchy beef tacos and char burgers oh and don't forget the onion rings!!! The really nice owner is always present and the place is immaculately clean and organized....bonus.....terrific housemade salsas! WAY better than the Habit, although similar business model.

Reviewer: T. Francis from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to work next door at Cheers Liquor and ate here everyday. Never failed me. Great service and great food. Burgers are awesome.

I'll Try Again
Reviewer: Alice from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Cal Taco for the first time today. I got a charburger with cheese and bacon. It was ready about 1 min later, which made me think it may not be fresh...the burger was a little dry. The rest of the ingredients were good, and my friends food looked delicious. I'll give it another try, maybe it was just a bad day.

Friendly Service and Good Food
Reviewer: Ixchelle from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried Cal Taco for the first time the other day and quickly realized what all the fuss was about. Tucked in to a corner of a tiny shopping center next to Dioji I didn't expect much. However when I walked in the girl at the counter quickly greeted me with a big smile. The place was clean and well lit, all reassuring signs. I ordered a charburger with avocado and bacon and a side of the fried zucchini. The food came out quickly just as I had ordered. The burger was moist and tasty, the lettuce crunchy, the bacon crispy, the avocado just perfectly ripe, and the bun perfectly soft and substantial at the same time. The zucchini was nicely fried, not too dark and not too much or too little breading. The prices are good, the food is tasty, and the service is pleasant. I have now become a follower.

Best Kept Secret in Goleta
Reviewer: Fred from Goleta, CA
We frequent Cal Taco several times a week. The food is outstanding - all fresh ingrediants - and if you haven't tried a Char Burger yet - you are missing out! The secret ingrediant is really Chris - the owner. This guy works like 100 hours a week - he's always there, making sure the service is fast - the food is prepared to his standards - and the customers are made to feel welcome. There is always a line - because the place is so popular, but wait in that line for a few minutes and you'll hear Chris repeatedly greeting customers by name and asking them about their family or work...the guy clearly gets it. We feed a family of 4 for around $20 bucks...and the food is excellent! You just can't beat it...

5 stars from the Harbor House Inn Concierge
Reviewer: Allison from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Cal Taco a few weeks ago with my boyfriend after hearing so much about it. I am always looking for new special hideouts to send my guests and as a concierge I can be tough to impress. The owner was so very nice. He really made the whole experience that much better. He even came over when he saw we were done eating, cleared our plates and chatted a bit. Keep in mind that it was busy and he really didn't have time to talk, but still went out of his way to make sure everyone was attended to personally by him. To make it perfect, the food was cooked to perfection! I have never raved about a burger/taco place-but this one truely should be seen for the gem it is!

Reviewer: Doug from Santa Barbara, CA
Just moved here, and nobody I have spoken to has eaten here but me... but I had a double charburger with bacon and it was awesome. The fries are good, the bacon was crisp and thick, and the burger was tasty. A definite must.

This place is great
Reviewer: Jeff from Goleta, CA
I went here once by accident a couple of years ago and have been a regular ever since. I love their chicken tacos and mexican food! The salsa is the best in SB IMHO. Chris the manager is a prince of a guy. I love this place and will continue to come here regularly.

This place should be in the burger category
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Been coming here since I was a kid - GO CHARGERS! Really great place for a burger. Can't say I've ever tried their other food, but the burger is one of the best in town. Same concept as the Habit. The grill here has been seasoned for a long time and it comes through in the meat. Good stuff!

just ok
Reviewer: Stacey from Santa Barbara, CA
The burgers were ok but the tacos are sooo gringo its not even funny. I guess if thats the kind of tacos you like then its ok, but do NOT go here for authentic tacos! The meat seemed pretty bland to me. The prices are good but the food is just mediocre.

Best Hamburger and Taco combo in town
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place. They have some of the best hamburgers and tacos around. Tacos are stuffed to the top with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and meat. Steak tacos always taste great. I visit here as often as I can. The owner, is great too. He always remembers you when you come in.

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