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Omni Catering

Spice Avenue
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2013-09

1027 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-6004

Reviews by the General Public

SB best Indian, 9/13/2013
Reviewer: Marlis from Santa Barbara, CA
I thought it was the best in SB and the owners were awesome. Best of luck to them.

Great food Great service, 3/9/2013
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
Excellent food and service Had the spice avenue special which was just out of this world Remi our server very professional and and courteous Mental case in previous review

worst indian food ever, 3/3/2013
Reviewer: goodwill from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is a prime example of why location and marketing means NOTHING if your food is garbage. I do not mean this vindictively but good riddance, I tried the three incarnations of this restaurant with hopes of finally good indian in/near santa barbara. Every time it tasted like that inedible canned indian food we try in hope, inedible slop thats bad even by cheap catering standards. In santa barbara with incredible cheap Indian places, specially the downtown, this place had no business existing except for tourists. It is very sad as good Indian is nonexistent in this neck of the downtown, atleast we have a pretty good thai place. If you think this place was good, you must be one of those two pack a day people who thinks we have good mexican

Good Server, 8/18/2012
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten at this restaurant somewhat regularly and enjoy the buffet lunch and prefer it to the dinner here. The chai is of high quality and the naan is always good. The atmosphere is very pleasant. However, the main purpose of this review is to mention that there is one server here (his name is Ben) that gives stellar service and also seems to keep the rest of the operation and employees running smoothly. I've noticed this a few times and thought it was finally worth mentioning. He does 3 times the work of your average waiter and, as a customer, I just wanted to recognize his efforts.

Could have been in India , 3/26/2012
Reviewer: Louise from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow ! I spent a month in India last November and arrived back in Santa Barbara just after a fantastic holiday of eating Indian food . So in the new year I started to check out all the Indian restaurants in Santa Barbara who do good Indian food , after being disappointed three time at other restaurants it took me to my last restaurant spice avenue ........fantastic traditional Indian food , vegetable samosas , vegetable pakoras , popudums and pickles followed by butter chicken , lamb rogan josh and spicy paneer all which I would highly recommend full of flavour and fresh taste . The service was the best . Great food thank you .

Pretty Good Food, Dinner Buffet available, 7/27/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not sure if there are other Dinner Buffets available in town but this has one. Pretty good and you don't have to wait for your food. I would probably rank this place third behind Flavor of India and All India Cafe. The wait staff were not perfect but good enough for me. Same owners as Naan Stop in IV. This place much better than Naan stop as a wider selection of food here though Naan stop works for eat and go in IV.

what service! NO ENGLISH!, 7/17/2011
Reviewer: charlotte klein from goleta
So today I took my kids to Spice, we like the the buffet,it's a good value if you are an adult but for a kid, not so much. Kids just don't eat that much and they would not allow them to share! So that was a bit of a rip! The Chicken Tikka needs more heat but everything was very good. My biggest gripe is that the front of the house DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH but they pretend to and I waited 20 minutes for a glass of Chardonnay, I kept reminding the several waiters buzzing by me and they nodded, yet nothing! So I go into the back into the kitchen (where the lovely Indian owner, yes dressed in a sari and all, was busy folding napkins whilst the front of the house was LOST in translation!) Why wasn't she at the hostess station greeting, seating and overseeing her floor staff? People were walking in and then out because they were ignored. I finally got my drink after asking 3 different waiters and 20 minutes and then I got a chai!!!??? Do I have to go into the FR@#$%* kitchen myself and pour myself a glass of wine and pay $7.00 for it and tip?? They better get their act together if they plan to make it Goleta, we don't have tourists and we work hard for our $$$!

Avoid this place like the plague, 7/5/2011
Reviewer: Dan from Norwalk, CA
The food and service sucks! Avoid this place like the plague. The food tastes horrible and the portions are tiny. The hostess is extremely rude and we waited for an hour for our food. The Chicken Biryani was cold and tasteless. Never again to this horrible place. Avoid it.

Best Indian food in SB! Wonderful service!, 6/6/2011
Reviewer: caroleen from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been going here regularly (atleast 2-3 times a month) for a few years and love it. A few months back we decided to be fair and give the other Indian buffets in town a try and after some pretty good meals we are more confidant than ever that this is the best place for Indian food. The negative reviews about the service are very surprising to me - I've never had anything but lovely and attentive service by all who work there.

Very poor greeting by hostess, 3/25/2011
Reviewer: Judson Kinch from Santa Barbara, CA
We were excited to try another Indian restaurant after having recently visited southern India recently. In India we were always greeted and made to feel welcome at a restaurant by the first person after the door. The hostess at the door did no such thing and just said go on in. We stood there in the middle of the restaurant until a waiter came out several minutes later and got us menus. We are fond of muligitaney soup which was on the website menu. It was not on restaurant menu. I had to go to the kitchen to verify this. We got up and left the restaurant do to their indifference and lack of care. I do not recommend this restaurant .

Bad.service, will never eat there again., 1/11/2011
Reviewer: Thomas from Santa Barbara, CA
I was there a couple of days ago with 3 friends. We went in, talked to the host, and got a table in the outside area that is closer to the street. After we got the table I headed to the restroom to wash my hands. An Indian lady that was eating in the inside area stopped me and said do you need something? I told her I was going to the restroom. She told me I could not use it because it was for customers only. I walked back to the table, waited for my friend to come out of the restroom and we all left. We are never going back to that place again. I'll be sure to tell all my friends and relatives not to eat theta either. My constructive criticism: treat everybody equally.

Very small portions and very little meat!, 12/23/2010
Reviewer: Gary & Christy Jacob from Santa Barbara, CA
We were hosting some friends from out of town the other night and decided to order take out from Spice Avenue. What a big mistake! Portions were less than half of what you would normally get if you were seated for dinner. When we got home we openned the HALF PINT containers only to find three pieces of meat in the Vindaloo and very little chicken in the Chicken Curry! Our visitors were very polite about the situation. Needless to say we were all disappointed!

The food was perfect!, 11/27/2010
Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow! The food was delicious! Perfect. Pass my compliments to the chef, the service was great, except one minor comment but otherwise it was perfect!!! We will come again. I recommend this to all people.

Reviewer: ANGEL from Santa Barbara, CA

Pure Bliss!!!, 7/10/2010
Reviewer: Loren from Santa Barbara, CA
easily my favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara. friendly staff and AMAZING food! the malai kofta is the best thing I've ever eaten. The lunch buffet is superb as well. You will not be disappointed!

Bad Customer Service, 12/28/2009
Reviewer: Raj from Santa Barbara, CA
The place has a worst hostess I ever met in any restaurants. I am surprised to see such a bad attitude with a hostess. We waited for 5 to 10 then saw a hostess come out yelling. We were just shocked and left the place without ordering.

Excelent, 12/25/2009
Reviewer: Nik from Santa Barbara, CA
I said I wanted something with Lamb and veggies. What I got was Lamb Curry filled with veggies. Amazing. The veggies were nice and crisp. Green Bell Pepper, Mushroom, Asparagus Tips, Tomatoes, Onions, Cauliflower, Broccoli and I for get what else. The Pinot was good and not too bitter or strong very sweet. All in All an amazing Christmas dinner for me.

Nikolai Lambert from Santa Barbara, CA, 11/5/2009
Reviewer: Rajman Pater from santa barbara, ca
Dear Nikolai, anyone who's familiar with Indian food or India in general would know that cows aren't sacred all over the country. I highly doubt you're too familiar with Indian culture given your ohso ethnic name. The food is good, nobody is force feeding you the beef.

Reviewer: Allen from San Francisco
I am a food & travel writer and came upon this lovely Indian eatery quite by accident. The food served there is in the Punjab tradition and is well-prepared, the service is quite good and I have found on 3 separate visits there the owners to always be attentive and friendly to their diners. Spice Avnue comes the cloest I have found to any Indian restaurant south of SFO that meets the UK standard...lots of flavour & freshness, served up on a level rarely seen in the US.

I positively adore the place. , 10/10/2009
Reviewer: matt shanaberger from Santa Barbara, CA
Sunny and Navdeep are the most wonderful, friendly people. They love to see their diners enjoying their food and are proud to serve it. I see that some have commented negatively and must say that in my years and many, many visits have always seen them as some of the most joyous people ive the pleasure of knowing. The food is always prepared beautifully and has never been anything less than richly flavored and authentic. Now, if you do spend a lot of time in London you must know that it is not going to be the same, but they are as good as it gets in SB. They will gladly modify foods to your taste, and the menu is quite comprehensive. Strongly recommend.

Just reserved, not rude and great indian food. Recommended!, 6/24/2009
Reviewer: Anthony from Santa Barbara, CA
The hostess was not rude to us at all, she was very sweet. The cultural difference here is she is indian, and her husband who started the restaurant, is from england. That UK culture is much more reserved. They don't throw their arms around you when you arrive but they were suitably friendly and the service and food were both excellent. Americans can misread this reserve as unfriendliness, but we need to be tolerant of the ways of others. I would certainly go there again, and not listen to the other reviews which made me think the hostess would be some kind of evil dragon. The indian food in england is much better than the indian food in america, and this place is no exception. The food had excellent flavors and was carefully prepared.

Passable Indian Food Served with POOR Attitude, 6/15/2009
Reviewer: amurtaza from Santa Barbara, CA
I love good food, love to eat out and come from a restaurant background. This restaurant has passable indian food and atmosphere is clean. The downside is the Hostess. She has chronic bad attitude (cold & rude). She makes you feel very unwelcome. It's almost as if you are asking for free food. It spoils the whole experience and frankly speaking you don't want to stick around. I dare not take any special guests there. In my humble opinion, she might consider finding something to do which makes her happier in life.

Decent Dinner Buffet, Good service, 4/14/2009
Reviewer: Nicole from Goleta
I went here for their dinner buffet about 2-3 weeks ago. Not a bad selection and everything was very tasty! Service was great!

Great Indian food and great service, 4/13/2009
Reviewer: Julie from Mtn View, CA
The food was excellent esp. the Chicken Tikka Masala. The service was excellent - it was a Tue night and pretty quiet but they were prompt without hovering. The proprietress was very warm and welcoming. We took 3 teenagers, 2 reluctantly, and they all loved the meal. Finally, it was a great value.

Not Real Indian Food, 3/13/2009
Reviewer: Nikolai Lambert from Santa Barbara, CA
I just looked at the menu online and this is not real Indian food. I saw something with Ground Beef. Now anyone familiar with Indian food and culture know that Cows are seen as sacred therefore they are not to be slaughtered or eaten. Not a single other Indian place in town has Beef.

Best Indian Food in SB, 12/9/2008
Reviewer: Sunny from Palm Springs, CA
Food - delicious. Best Tikka Masala in town. Most Indian food places downtown have atmosphere similar to a 1970's Dennys, but this actually had flare. When we were there, the service was poor but the owner, who was very apologetic, explained that 3 servers called in sick. Alls forgiven.

Good Lunch Buffet, 11/1/2008
Reviewer: Amber from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I went here for the first time today - it was good. They had a nice buffet spread for 8.95 per person - the food was not too spicy - but flavorful. Service was decent. I'd go there again.

Best Indian Food in SB, 9/17/2008
Reviewer: Heather from Santa Barbara, CA
What can I say, I love the food and the service. I think many who have voiced discontent are not familiar with authentic indian food. Meals at Spice Avenue are every bit as good as home cooked meals by my Dadima. My husband has eaten many of the vegetarian dishes and I prefer meat dishes, and both of us are consistently satisfied and happy with our food. We love the wait staff and owners. Contrary to other reviews we have never had difficulty getting extra naan or other food in a timely manner. Perhaps it is more difficult to be served very quickly during busy buffet hours, which is to be expected. However, during our many visits for dinner we have never had anything but prompt and attentive service.

SO SO, 6/17/2008
Reviewer: Tom from Santa Barbara
I agree a little with my downstairs. :) Their service isn't that good. But I would say it's still ok. But fairly after eating at the other local Indian restaurant, I would say their food is competable.

Food okay, 5/11/2008
Reviewer: Saurav Ganguly from Santa Barbara, CA
I am indian, and I really like indian food (big surprise :)). I have been to this place a few times, the food is fine, but I can understand the blandness .... . But there is really no explanation for the service, I can tolerate all people, but the woman spoils the mood everytime, she is ill-mannered, does not know how to talk to people and really makes you feel like not wanting to eat in this place. It seems like she is doing you a favor by serving you the food, and then it all goes away when she wants money for it too :)

No Tofu, Not very spicy, 2/10/2008
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara
This restaurant has a good selection of indian food and curries. I was disappointed to find that they had no tofu, had we not already been seated I would have chosen to go elsewhere. Since they had lamb vindaloo I hoped they could do a meatless version but they said they could not. Also, I told them I wanted my food to be very spicy, and it came with almost NO spice at all and was very bland. Next time I will go elsewhere for my indian craving.

Best Indian Food In SB, 12/2/2007
Reviewer: Jeff Klepper from goleta, Ca
Spice Ave. is one of the best places I have tried in SB having lived here now for 4 years. The Tikka Masala, Tikka Sagg, Lamb Curry, and Garlic Nann are a must for casual Indian food diners. Of course you can get more adventurous but I love this place and would not go anywhere else. There is something about it that makes it a unforgettable meal every time and it is in every dish. You will see when you eat there. It cannot be explained.

Just ok, 8/28/2007
Reviewer: DS from Oxnard, CA
I love Indian food and have my favorite dishes. I ordered one here at Spice Ave., lamb biryani, and was pretty disappointed. First they acted like I wouldn't know what "spicy" really meant and wanted to tone down my order, I said "no" and they STILL brought me "mild" instead of hot. Also, the biryani was very "tomato-y" which is all wrong, there's no tomato in biryani. It was kind of bland too. The service is just ok; the hostess isn't very friendly and we were generally ignored while we were there. It looked to me like customers of Indian descent were not ignored though, but I could be imagining things. Overall, was disappointed after hearing all the hype. I'll try another place in town next time I want Indian.

LOVE!!!, 7/18/2007
Reviewer: gina from SB, CA
SO YUMMY! My boyfriend and i tired it for the first time and ENJOYED IT! We ordered the Paneer Kulcha (Bread with Indian cheese), Tandoori Chicken, and the lamb curry! SUPER GOOD! we will be back! :)

good food, bad service, 7/15/2007
Reviewer: SJ from santa barbara, ca
the food is great .. very good spice levels. the guys (owners) are very friendly. however, the lady there is very grumpy and does not seem too happy to have customers! For the good part, try their paneer dishes - they typically replace the paneer with tofu for their buffet spreads!

I. Love. Spice. Avenue., 6/22/2007
Reviewer: Candice from Santa Barbara, CA
my friends and I eat Spice Avenue lunch buffet at least twice a month because it's amazing. oh man. so good. I love the vegetarian options, there's always some kind of delicious daal or chickpea entree, along with saag tofu that tastes like it was crafted from god's golden hand- and I say this, although I largely am not a fan of dairy. if you go, put it on the garlic naan, for me. I also love little fried vegetable crispy things with mango chutney... I must say, this place is BOMB. especially when they have aloo gobi, wich is the cauliflower and potatoes in yellow spices. the flavors! the spice! also, my extremely NON-vegetarian friend eats chicken tikka masala like he'll never get to eat it again... he eats like 3 plates of the stuff in a sitting. we often feel ill afterwards (gross, I know) because it's so irresistably good. ALSO I went there once for dinner and they have the best navratan korma there. PERIOD. I was literally freaking out it was so good. you know you can't resist the SPPIIIIIIIIIIICE!! PS- service is good too, they are nice people, but the food, the FOOD

Bad service by hostess, 6/2/2007
Reviewer: Sonal Shah from San Jose CA
Were we expected to share one naan between two adults!! Because one literally has to beg to the lady of the shop to get you a second Naan which she put on our table as if you are in some charity food distribution center in India. At least she could have a welcoming smile, but no luck there either :(.

World's Best Shrimp Biryani, 5/6/2007
Reviewer: kumar from Goleta, CA
I order here often and one of my favorite is their Biryani's, especially the Shrimp Biryani, mouth watering taste and cooked to perfection. -Kumar

Good food excellent service But, 5/4/2007
Reviewer: Raj from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is good, as native south Indian I would prefer it to be more spicy but good enough, the service is best I have seen in an Indian restaurant. But, I have to say this place is expensive if you are not going for the lunch buffet.

Service PLEEEEEEEEEASE???, 4/20/2007
Reviewer: Monica from Santa Barbara
I must have asked for naan about 10 times...I'm not sure how else to eat Indian food without it...they acted like they were doing me some type of favor by FINALLY bringing me like 2 scraps of naan. REALLY bad service.... but the food is GOOD.

Best Indian experience in Santa Barbara, 12/31/2006
Reviewer: Balaji Rajasekharan from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has the best Indian food in town and certainly the best service. I realized that it might not be any special ingredient in the food, but that they really paid attention to how it tasted rather than just makes something and plonk it down on your table. Authentic? No doubt! The people are classy and are very polite to the guests. I liked their meat dishes when I used to eat there 1.5 years ago. Since then, I have turned vegetarian and cannot comment on the quality of non-veg food (I note that some people on this board have something to say about that, owners please take note!). Overall, I prefer ordering from the menu to eating from the buffet, although I'm not able to place my finger on why exactly that is. If you aren't Indian, you would love it just for the food. If you are, I suggest you pay attention to how they treat you in relation to non-Indians (equally respectfully) and compare that with what happens at the Taj/Flavor of India, for instance.

Oh Well, 12/27/2006
Reviewer: Lisa from Santa Barbara, CA
The first time we dined here it was wonderful, very creative. Since them I have tried the lunch buffet several times and been disappointed. Last week I took a friend here for dinner and was embarrassed at how bad our meals were. The lamb korma was pasty and "goaty", without any interesting spices or flavor. My friend's chicken tikka masala was just uninteresting. The saag paneer looked like Stauffer's cramed spinach and didn't taste much different.

Reviewer: Dave from San Luis Obispo, CA
My wife and I frequently travel to Santa Barbara and every time we do we eat at Spice Ave. The atmosphere is great, the food is fantastic, and the friendly staff are excellent. The only problem with Spice Ave. is that they aren't in our home town of San Luis Obispo. If you want excellent indian food eat at this wonderful establishment and you wont be let down.

good food bad service, 10/3/2006
Reviewer: michi ho from santa barbara
I sugested this restaurent because I like it. Today, I took a friend for lunch buffet(Her first time,) food was good. but, when we asked for 2nd run Nah, waited for 10 minutes, asked for four times.... ............NEVER get it. When I complaint to the host, Her answer was they were busy... I already got my share.unless I want to pay more.... What is it? Never once in Indian "buffet" you have to pay more for Nah.... Not to mention her attituded was rude, none professional.....It sure was a disppointment experience. will not recommand this restaurant at all to anybody.

Quality Indian food, 9/25/2006
Reviewer: Teri Bennett from Los Angeles, CA
I have been to a lot of Indian Buffets but this was really good quality food. I have never been asked if I wanted garlic naan or regular...most buffets just give you regular, I thought that was a nice touch. This is some of the best Indian food I have had. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was nice. This was the first time I have been here, since I live in Los Angeles but I will go there the next time I am in town.

Going Down Hill, 8/23/2006
Reviewer: Krista from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to really love this place. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was sort of upbeat and fun, and the prices were great for the amount of food you'd get. But over the past three years or so, it's gone really downhill. Went by today (mid-August) for lunch and left feeling bloated, and felt that $23 for two buffets, a soda, and tip was a bit expensive for lunch.

mediocre and overpriced indian food, 8/4/2006
Reviewer: Robert Armstrong from Goleta, CA
50 bucks here (incl. tip) gets you 2 lassis 2 entrees and 2 naan. the lassi was too thick and too sweet. not enough mango. the entrees were well cooked, but the sauce barely had any flavor. on the plus side, the naan was crisp and buttery. service was prompt and polite.

Good overall experience, 7/7/2006
Reviewer: Ajeshwar from Goleta
Its probably the best indian food place in santa barbara. having lived in india for eighteen years and trying all sorts of north indian food, I can say that their food is probably the closest you will find in the central coast in terms of authenticity and taste. excellent service and the lunch buffet deal is excellent. try their chai, after youre done gorging yourself.

Excellent Food and Friendly Service, 7/3/2006
Reviewer: Kenny Tenny from Loma Linda, CA
My wife and I are Indian food fanatics and travel often. We have been to indian resturants from San Diego to Sacramento. Of these Spice Ave has the best food and their customer service is excellent (Taj Mahal in Bakersfield, California is a close second). Their food has a well-balanced flavor and their entree's are not covered with grease. The only issue that we have is with the Mango Lassi, the "mango" flavor is too light for our taste and needs to be improved upon; this is a minor detail and does not affect the overall Spice Ave experience. We have traveled many times from our home in Loma Linda, Ca. to Santa Barbara just to eat at Spice Ave. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND SPICE AVE.

Stale and bland food, 6/7/2006
Reviewer: Daniel Stewart from Santa Barbara
I came here for lunch and wanted to try their buffet. From their website, I thought the buffet was going to bigger. It only has a salad, some meat and vegetarian entrees, and one dessert. The tandoori chicken was dry and bland and the rice was cold. The other dishes didn't look to appetizing either and same goes for their tastes. I've had Indian food many many times, but I would say this place is probably at the bottom of my list. The service was good though, but I cannot say the same for the food. Eat here at your own risk!!

good, 5/21/2006
Reviewer: katie from santa barbara
i dine here very often, about once every 2 weeks for the last year. i usually love the food, although it can be a little watery at times, but one time i got a piece of bad lamb at the lunch buffet. it turned me off to spice avenue for a couple of weeks, but i ventured back. since then i havent tried the lamb, but everything else seems fine. the naan is great, and i love their zucchini curry. all in all, good, but not great.

Great food and Great People, 5/17/2006
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Santa Barbara
Well this place doesnt need any more good reviews but I just love it! I love the atmosphere and the friendly service but most of all the food. I'd been there 5-6 times for lunch and really enjoyed it so I thought I'd try dinner and ordering off the menu for a change. I had the Chicken Pepper Masala and just loved it. Moderately spicy with great rich flavor and excellent quality big pieces of chicken. My girlfriend had the Daniya chicken and although she enjoyed it she was not as impressed as I was with mine. We ordered a side of tandoori roasted eggplant which was wonderful and slightly sweet, very different than we expected but very good. Garlic naan bread was great as usual and the service was friendly and prompt.

My Favorire Indian food (Dinner) in SB, 5/14/2006
Reviewer: Lew Marklin Mash from Santa Barbara
The atmosphere is awesome, with the wine on the table, you can pour yourself, and the buffet is nice and big, bright, clean and fresh. The atmosphere is great and you can people watch perfectly! The service is downhome friendly and quite phenomenal! Do it!

my favorite Indian in Santa Barbara, 5/9/2006
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara
I've never been to India, so I know nothing about authenticity, but this is the Indian food I remember from London. And for good reason, the owners are from originally East London (so any British ex-pats reading this, take note!). I like to come here when I'm dining with vegetarians, because the options are plentiful for them, and the staff are so accommodating and friendly towards special requests at dinner. The buffet option at lunch is also good if you want a lot of tasty food and don't want to dig deep to afford it. They also sell a small selection of British/Indian sundries. From my very first time eating there, they have always remembered me - likewise I take care to remember them.


Always Wonderful, 5/3/2006
Reviewer: Tyler from Santa Barbara
I've dined here at least four times in the past year or so and each time I walk away satisfied. I always enjoy the food and the service is wonderful and friendly (...and my water glass was always full). The atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable. I've been to other Indian cuisine restaurants (including London) and this one is my favorite so far. **And it's a great break from all the Italian restaurants if you're looking for something different and fun**

sanfrancisco food lover, 3/22/2006
Reviewer: Girlie Ferreira from San Francisco
We ate here twice on our recent weekend trip - outstanding food, outstanding service and friendly owners help make this place a huge success.

World's Best Curry, 1/22/2006
Reviewer: Kumar from Goleta
The hyderabadi chicken biryani along with tiger shrimp curry was very authentic and cooked perfect. Thanks a lot, to the people who make it.

yum!, 1/17/2006
Reviewer: Ali from SB, CA
I had a thoroughly enjoyable Indian food experience here. Very tasty - no complaints.

A- Restaurant, 12/26/2005
Reviewer: vegeterian from santa barbara, ca
The service was very good. I try to go at least once a week.. they dont have too many options for vegeterians but still the flavour is good. since its owned by a family business atmosphere is very friendly. If you want to have some authentic food.. this is the place to go

Elegant Atmosphere, Excellent Food, 12/3/2005
Reviewer: Aimee from Goleta, CA
I've only been to Spice Avenue twice, once for dinner and once for the lunch buffet, and thoroughly enjoyed myself both times. Usually I can't stand Indian buffets (the food being left out for hours + mild food to please a big crowd = bad), but this one was good and affordable. I did like the dinner better, though. I ordered the Chicken Korma, and the spice mix was superb... I also liked the dates and raisins that were added to the dish. All in all, it was about $40 for 2 main dishes, a glass of wine, a glass of beer, naan, and rice. Not bad, considering there's a dearth of good Indian restaurants in town. The waitstaff was friendly and accomodating, and the atmosphere was charming.

great tandori chicken salad!!, 11/12/2005
Reviewer: self-proclaimed foodie from santa barbara, ca
I ate here a few months ago and I loved it. I reccomend the weekday-buffet because it is slightly cheaper than the one on the weekend! The staff was very friendly and attentive. I usually eat at Taj's lunch buffet, but I enjoyed the divirsity and freshness of this one a lot better!!


By far the best Indian restaurant in Santa Barbara, 9/9/2005
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten here several times, and have never been disappointed. Both the food and service have always been top notch. I highly recommend!

Bland, 8/7/2005
Reviewer: Ursula from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has a sweet atmosphere, and I was encouraged when I could smell the spices cooking from around the corner. Unfortunatley, the flavor of these spices did not make their way into my vegetarian dishes. The aloo gobi and dahl were more watery than I've ever had, and tasted really bland. The tiny little samosas seemed somehow undercooked. I smothered everything with the more flavorful chutneys and my meal improved a little. Maybe the meat dishes are more tasty. The staff was cheerful, but if you're looking for vegetarian Indian food, there are much better places in town with good flavor & larger portions for a better price.

Fabulous food and papadums!, 7/13/2005
Reviewer: Laarni from Sydney, Australia
This was my first real adventure in the world of Indian cooking - the food was wonderful (the papadums were FABULOUS!), the service was excellent (I felt really welcome!) and the atmosphere was nice and relaxing. I'll definitely eat here again when I return to Santa Barbara.

decent food, way overpriced, 6/26/2005
Reviewer: vicky from Santa Barbara, CA
the service was great, super friendly, and the food was decent. however the portions were very small and VERY expensive for that little amount of food.

best indian food in SB, 6/16/2005
Reviewer: janet from Santa Barbara, Ca
I loved this place! I went for the first time a few weeks ago. I was a bit apprehensive because my last experience at an Indian restaurant in SB was awful-bad service,bad food-this place was soooo different! I went back a couple days later and the server immediately recognized me which felt great. Each time I go back-which is often-they are always so nice to me! The food is to die for! Highly reccomended!

Delicious!, 1/7/2005
Reviewer: Sam from SB
This is by far my favorite Indian restraunt, and the buffet on Wdnesday nights is an amazing deal that can´t be missed, and especially for those not familiar with Indian food, wanting to try different things. Just love it!

the best, 12/17/2004
Reviewer: jigna from uk
Loved spice ave. went to sb for the summer and made me and my friends more than welcome, food was great, just like eating at home. Best Indian ive had.

Flavorful and wonderful, 12/13/2004
Reviewer: Nicki from Los Angeles, CA USA
We eat Indian food often and this was one of the nicest places we´ve been to. This was the first time we´d been here. Service was wonderful. There was a nice-looking Sunday lunch buffet, but that looked like too much food for us for lunch, so we opted to order off the menu. The vegetable pakora were bite-sized morsels of golden fried deliciousness; the okra was wonderfully sweet from the tomato and caramelized onions. Decor is very nice; comfortable and colorful.

Awesome FOOD, 12/6/2004

Great food, great chef - and great service. I am totally impressed by the quality of food and service provided. By far - the best INDIAN restaurant in town(county).

Like eating in London, 11/1/2004
Reviewer: robert Miller from usa
After living in the UK for 15 years i longed for some really good food. I I am happy to say the food was like we were back in London but paying US prices. Great food, nice owners and feels good

Good service, ok food., 9/20/2004

The vegetarian dishes are not as good as the meat dishes. On the positive side though, the taste department has improved since it opened. The ambience is good and the service is great. Definetly better than other Indian places in town.

GOOD FOOD!, 7/11/2004
Reviewer: Chris Vance from USA
The food is very good. The chicken is killer....

JUST OK!!!, 7/1/2004
Reviewer: Reshma from India
The food is just ok!! they need to improve upon the taste... The place as such is great

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