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Rusty's Pizza - Downtown
232 W. Carrillo St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-1111

Reviews by the General Public

It was pretty OK overall
Reviewer: Blaine Ruby from Phoenix, AZ
Since i was part of a large tour group I didn't actually experience the service but if they were putting up with all of us they must be OK. The pizza was different everytime as some tables had puffy pizza and some tables had thin crust. It was pretty good pizza, but I mean what do you expect from them, to be completely perfect like a more popular company pizza place? The soda at the one I was at was a little messed up, but that happens at every restaurant at least once. The building they used was beautiful and had very good decorations.

Did not like this one as much as the other ones
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
This Rustys just did not do it for me, I guess because it seemed Dark in there compared to other ones and the food was just Ok compared to other ones. The neighborhood(transients) and parking were not great also. They do have an enormous upstairs for parties but its all dark and quiet up there. The salad bar was not in good shape like the other ones. I believe the drinks are not all you can drink like some of the other ones also.

Simply Perfect
Reviewer: ernie from santa barbara
I've ate at Dominos, toppers, Little Caesars, Pizza Mizza on accident, and about 50 others whom I don't wish to speek of and I have to say that there is no way any other pizza place can has or will ever come close to a slice of perfection from rustys. I am sorry but there is no words for this Masterpiece. Rusty's please keep doing what you are doing anyone who doesn't like your pizza problably hit their head when they were little and have confused their normal taste senses.

Not my favorite, but a good dine-in.
Reviewer: Courtney from Santa Barbara, CA
The pizza takes awhile and it is hard to find somewhere to sit, but the deep dish is pretty good. Have been there multiple times, although I'd much rather go to CPK.

Why do people like Rusty's???
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I just moved to Santa Barbara from the San Diego area and decided to try Rusty's since they're everywhere up here... sooooo disappointed. I've enjoyed a Digiorno or Little Ceasar's pizza much more than Rusty's. The staff wasn't friendly, the salad bar was a joke, and you can only go up once, so lame, and there are no free drink refills (pretty cheap of them if you ask me!) Santa Barbara is in desperate need of a good pizza place if Rusty's is "the bomb."

El Diablo gone Angel
Reviewer: Lucia from Santa Barbara, Ca.
I recently ordered an El Diablo because of its intense flavor and enjoyed its bold flavor last time. I hadn't ordered from this establishment lately and was disappointed at the skimpiness of the ingredients and that the chorizo was almost like the flavor of the pork sausage and the jalapenos were scarce. Infact, all the veggies were scarce. I don't mind paying extra for good food but Rusty's has been know for great pizza and I hope this comment will be taken into account for the sake of pizza.

Best Pizza in Texas...
Reviewer: Patrick O'Hair from Cypress, TX
My wife and I stopped in during our honeymoon..simi hungover from the night before we staggered down the way and stumbled into the dirty floor completely California establishment. Much to my dismay I was pleasently surprised by the taste of the classic cheese slice...however, I was completely insulted when asked to provide a quarter for a re-fill of my Pepsi..see in texas it is alway in a gallon jug and free refills pour like the wine of your precious hillsides..anyway good Pizza, California service! Thanks.

Rusty's is tha bomb!
Reviewer: David from Isla Vista UCSB
I love Rusty's, it's always good and consistent no matter which location I go to. I work from 10 to 4 today,and rushed to work late, I only have a 10 minute break and I was hungry, so I called in a lunch special, and it was ready in 10 minutes, I picked it up and got to eat good food! Can't beat that, Thanks Rusty's!


its not so bad
Reviewer: Manny Perez from Santa barbara, ca
Lots of bad reviews about this place. I've also lived here since i was 1, and yes sometimes it taste weird, but doesn't all food becoming a little wierd after you've had it so much? I have it once a month, maybe once every two months. Its still great and i like it better than dominos and the real chains like pizza hut and the others. Service will always vary..but overall. Its good pizza.

Rusty's to you "Show me the money"
Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
I grew up in Santa Barbara and Rusty's has been a monthly or twice monthly event for more than 15 years. As I have grown older I have begun to notice more and more that Rusty's is the McDonald's of pizza. The pie is nothing special, just average. The kicker is the price. Not only is Rusty's one of the more expensive places in town for food, but they charge you extra for Parmisaun Cheese and Red Pepper packets on delivery orders. Rusty's has lost its hometown soul in its bid to become a large pizza chain where profit is king.

Excellent Pizza
Reviewer: Dino DiBiase from San Diego, Ca.
This was my first visit to Rusty's Pizza. #1 Fast service #2 Crust was cooked perfect and tasted great! #3 Plenty of sauce & cheese. I plan on returning to Rusty's on my next visit to SB. Highly recommended!

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