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Nugget - Summerland
2318 Lillie Ave, Summerland
Phone: (805) 969-6135

Reviews by the General Public

Best Burger and Fries in Town
Reviewer: William from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I go here all the time. Every thing on their menu is outstanding. Their Basic Hamburger is the best in town in my opinion, a second choice would be a double-double at In-N-Out Burger. Their Golden fries are just rught, thin and very lightly fried. Second and third place frys would be Tinkers and In-N-Out Burger. Note Im not talking about steak fries,home fries etc but FRENCH fries. Service is ?, but who cares with the best burger and frys in town.

Great friendly place
Reviewer: Kathleen Navarro from Fullerton, CA
This was a fun place. The service was great. The fries and hamburger were awesome. The BLoody Mary's were also great. I will defintely go back on my way to Santa Barbara.

The Nugget
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Atmosphere: Saloon style bar and eatery. Been here for years, it has ample seating and a plethora of animal heads on the wall. We came to see the USC game, after going to two bars in Carp we ventured here. Service: We sat ourselves and the waiter was quick to take our order of drinks and appetizers and delivered quickly. Food/drink: We ordered beer and cocktails. Then appetizers of burger and pulled pork sliders and onion rings and strawberry shortcake for dessert. It was all very tasty and affordable. Summary: The Nugget is an old Summerland classic and I'm glad it's there. Rustic and comfy, it delivers good food and drink for locals and the rare tourist alike.

Reviewer: Marian Moses from Reno NV
My boyfriend is a former resident of Carpinteria and frequented The Nugget when living in the area. He has been away for 15+ years but raved about their food when we visited from Reno this week. He convinced me to have dinner there on a night when I had my heart (and tastebuds) set on seafood, especially since I tend to be a burger snob, not caring for most restaurant burgers. What a fricken shock! Both my and my bf's burgers were the BEST I've ever had! In addition, my bf's regular and my sweet potatoe fries were as excellent as the service! I certainly hope to return.

Love this place
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I enjoy coming here all the time. I need to say that our waiter (Rudy) gave us EXCELLENT service!!!! Everything was delicious! Thank you!

Great Dinner
Reviewer: Tina from Carpinteria
We ate here last week and the service was awesome, especially our waitress, the atmosphere was great, the drinks were strong, and the food was delicious! Last time I went (a couple months ago) it was the same, so it's now one of my favorite places to grab a delicious meal and a couple of cocktails!

Great food and better yet a Excellant server
Reviewer: Gary L. Parker from Ventura, CA
My first recent visit encouraged by a friend who has been going there for years was without incident other than GOOD. I got the history from my friend. His family has been going there since before the adding the old Lucky section to the restaurant. Server was right there and very attentive at all times. We chatted with her and was always very professional. We had the famous “Crunch Burger” and it could not have been better. So when I hear someone complain about The Nugget….we must be from different worlds.

Best Sliders & Skins (Potato) in SB!
Reviewer: Kimberly from Santa Barbara, CA
LOVE the Sliders, O SO delicious!! Potato skins, I love you too! Classic Local Spot.

Reviewer: Athena from Santa Barbara, CA
This is our favorite spot. Especially for their "Bloody Ceasers" oh so good! Always great service.

Feels like Cheers
Reviewer: David Endacott from Carpinteria, CA
Chuck the cook ROCKS. Noelle the waitress RULES and Rick the bartender ROLLS! I always take special friends there or even go by myself. It's a great place to unwind and just kick back. The drinks are stiff, the food is yummy and the atmosphere is very casual. It may be a little spendy but hey, we don't live in Iowa. If you want to experience to quintessential "Santa Barbara" like us locals then go to the Nugget. Two thumbs up.

Poor execution
Reviewer: Kim Taylor from Carpinteria, CA
Was looking forward to a casual evening with good food and service. It started out with us ordering Sky Vodka straight up and getting a martini (excuse me, I didn't order a martini for I dislike vermouth). The waiter didn't bother to offer to take it back so we kept it. I then ordered the crispy burger which came on an English muffin and it would have been great if they had bothered to toast the English muffin so it was close to crispy. We also ordered a bottle of Pinot Nior and the waiter brought an open bottle of Merlot - who opens the bottle before showing you? Once again, wrong. We will not go back for nothing we ordered came correctly - it was like no one was listening or really cared.

Rustic Atmosphere. New Menu
Reviewer: Sara Gaylen from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here often for happy hour after work, but with the new updated menu offering more fresh and less fried foods, I've started staying for dinner. Some menu items I like more than others (personal taste) but I'm always pleasantly surprised by the down-home feeling of the place. I'll continue to visit. I like going there!

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