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Your Choice Thai Restaurant
3404 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 569-3730

  • Category: Thai
  • Hours: Mon 5pm-9pm, Tue-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm
  • Chef: Kathy Dao & Sukanya Sukavivatanachai
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, but usually not needed
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Reviews by the General Public

Great Place
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara, CA
One of the best Thai places in SB. They have great lunch specials. You can't go wrong with the panang curry, Pad Thai, drunken noodles or chicken satay with peanut sauce are some of my favorites. Everything here is great. They also have specialty ice cream now that are so good. Try it you'll thank me later!

Rude service and terrible food
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
We ordered a Panang and Mussaman curry, and when the curries arrived they were cooked wrong and tasted terrible. When we complained about the poor taste, the manager refused to refund any of the meal and eventually said she would replace them with different meals. When we ordered these new meals to go, she simply put the old meals in the container. Another customer in the restaurant complained about his food being wrong and the manager yelled at him. There are much better alternatives in town, avoid this place!

Still our favorite
Reviewer: Sbo from Santa Barbara, CA
Once again we were very satisfied with our meal. We go here often and are always greeted as old friends. Service is very friendly and prompt. The coconut soup with shrimp is great. The param chicken (peanut sauce) delicious. Yellow curry with shrimp yummy and the steamed fish ( filets not a whole fish) was also a hit at our table. They have brown rice as a side.

We liked the food but.
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
We liked ALL the dishes we ordered and would go back. I think they need to get rid of the dirty awful tattered Ficus trees by the restrooms and tidy up a bit. That entry room looks like a poor grandma's parlor.

Reviewer: Amy from Santa Barbara, CA
I dined here with my friend last weekend and we were extremely disappointed. The host seated us into this booth with tattered, dirty upholstery. The dishes, while clean looking, were well worn and faded. We ordered an appetizer and two entrees. The Pad Thai did not have a good flavor, the chicken tasted old, and the two shrimp were overcooked. It also seemed that it wasn't made fresh but was reheated from leftovers. The other dish had tofu, veggies, and cashews. The dish was very salty and the flavor wasn't impressive. In addition, each dish was $10-12 which isn't cheap considering the quality of the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. While we were paying, the server noticed that we had barely touched the Pad Thai and we mentioned that we didn't like it. They did not offer to take it off the bill. Considering all of this, I'm astounded to see that this restaurant has such high ratings and that this place can survive in SB with all of the other great options. This restaurant needs to make a number of improvements before we'll ever consider dining here again.

Always a pleasure
Reviewer: Ellen from Santa Barbara, CA
We go here about once a week, or at least we try to. It's expensive but we love the food and if I could give ten stars for service, I would. The staff is so pleasant and always willing to come have a chat with 'the regulars'. We almost always get the yellow curry, pad thai, and the eggplant dish with ground chicken. It's my favorite!! THe jasmine tea is totally addictive...

Best Thai for past 15 years
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
Your Choice has much better food and service than the "other" place that wins the ballot stuffing awards. While some other restaurants have been cutting corners, the quality of ingredients here is consistently good and even my Asian friends like it best. For the past 15 years, whenever I try another Thai place in town, I am disappointed. Also, when I ask to modify an order, they offer a solution instead of saying- "no, can't du eet." The traffic on State Street is a negative. The person at the bottom end of these ratings probably prefers McDonald's.

I'm a regular! I <3 this place!
Reviewer: Claire from Santa Barbara, CA
Whenever I feel sick, or even just hungover... I come here and get this soup Tom Yum Kai its spicy lemongrass chicken soup that works wonders and makes you feel AWESOME! Everything else on the menu is delicious but I absolutly always get this soup! THe service is friendly and fast, for take out or dining in. I a BIG fan of this restaurant and would recommend it anyone who wants good THAI FOOD!

The Best Thai in SB
Reviewer: Stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
Definitely our favorite Thai Restaurant in SB.. Dishes are imaginative, different and DELICIOUS. Great friendly service.

6 1/2 on a scale of 1-10
Reviewer: Irishkevbo from Irvine, CA
I got the Coconut chicken soup which was actaully very good. Great portion too. I've had this many places and it is usually too rich but this was tart also with some kick. The Thai shrimp salad was weak! The salad had wilted greens and limp mint. The upside was the shrimp were plentiful. Typical Thai, some dishes shine, some suck.

Below Average
Reviewer: Gunther from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered the red curry with tofu for $9.95 (for dinner). They have the gall to charge an additional $1.50 for steamed rice. The total for just this entree with an order of steamed rice, tax and 15% gratuity is $14.36. The curry sauce was flat, the paucity of lime juice, coconut milk, coriander, and fresh cilantro/basil were apparent. There were a few narrow slices of bell pepper and a heaping of sliced bamboos shoots; the plate was very "lite" on vegetables. The food I had was mediocre, and the meal was overpriced. I prefer the service and the food at Bangkok palace, to name another Thai restaurant in the area.

Ok food/service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The pad thai was not as good as Pattaya or Meun Fan. I prefer bean sprouts and peanuts in a pad thai and you need fresher ingredients and more meat. But it was Ok just not great esp for the price. Inside is nice though you can get a greenhouse effect on a hot day in the front(though good for cold days). Plenty of places to sit there. Maybe Pad thai is not their specialty but I would not vote this place too highly for Thai food. Fairly nice servers. I have not tried Your Place to compare yet but I would agree on the better neighborhood comments.

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