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Woody's BBQ
5112 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 967-3775

  • Category: BBQ
  • Hours: Summer:Mon-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11am-10pm, Winter: all the same except Mon-Thu close at 9pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Wish I Had Read the Reviews! Stay Away!!
Reviewer: Sharon from Santa Barbara, CA
It's been over 20 years since we went to Woody's, but I bought a Groupon so we tried it on Friday evening. First they said they were out of chicken, then decided they had some after all. I had a BBQ half-chiicken and salad bar; my husband had chicken strips and fries. Both meals were pretty bad. His chicken strips were dry and gummy. The salad bar greens had brown edges and the BBQ chicken was covered in some burned pinkish sauce without flavor. The fries were the only good item. We have both had diarrhea since the middle of the night, and now my husband is vomiting too! The wait staff were all very nice, but I can't believe this place is still in business given the tasteless food. Again...recommend you don't go there!

Reviewer: stephanie from Santa Barbara, CA
We ordered oak grilled chicken. Unfortunately, it was extremely dry and over done. As though it sat for several hours after cooking. Do not order mac n cheese, it's bland, looks like Krafts. Ordered baked potato instead of fries, tasted like yesterday's bake. Hadn't been to Woody's for few years, tonite thought we'd give it a try. However, we probably won't be going back.

Needs Improvement
Reviewer: Martin from Goleta, CA
Needs improvement. A member of my party had their chicken all bloody and hardly cooked, the last time I was there, and on top of everything the employees refused to remake the chicken. For Health it's really concerning.

Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to woodys last night with my family to have the ribs and chicken advertised special. The cashier informed me that they had ran out of the special. I asked you mean to tell me you ran out of chicken and ribs? She replied yes. I noticed that there where a couple of out of town soccer teams being served the higher priced chicken and rib meals. They had stopped selling the lower priced advertised special so they could sell the higher priced meal. If yo can not Honor your advertised special you shouldn't advertise! Thats simply greed! Will not eat there again! Also last year an organazation I am of member of had a banquet at Woodys and we spent close to $3000.00 on the banquet. Dont expect us back Again!

still bad
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
I have tried the food here off and on becuase it is close to my house. The only safe meal where the food is actually edible is the big chuck burger. I tried again today 2-4-2012 for lunch and I ordered the pulled pork it was awful. Tasted like last weeks pulled pork that old. I am never going back after today regardless of how convenient it is. Everything I have tried that is supposed to be barbecued does not taste fresh. It taste like they cook their meat once a week for the whole week.

Couldn't figure out why it took so long
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
My girlfriend and I went there for lunch ONCE. Our order took forever and they where not that busy. we ran out of time and both of us had to get back to work. After watching the guy behind the counter finish with being rude to a customer, I told him that we could not wait any longer and would he please refund our money so we could leave. He repeatedly kept putting me off with " your order will up soon". After about 10 minuets of that, I gave up. When our food finely came we got it to go. The food was NOT worth the wait. We haven't been back sense, nor do we intend to.

good food good service stop on by and eat
Reviewer: Curtis Maybin from Mission Viejo CA
The menu was put together nicely and easy to figure out what your wanted. I prefer a BBQ joint to be a little less stylish and down home but cant knock them for that. I love a place that smells like my home when i use my kamado primo grill nothing like that scent. so stop on by and enjoy

They just don't seem to care
Reviewer: Ryan from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I dined here on 10/30/2010. I had the brisket sandwich and she had the pulled pork sandwich. As someone who loves BBQ in all its forms, I cannot overstate how disappointing this experience was. I really don't understand how this place continues to be voted Best BBQ in Santa Barbara. It was obvious (by taste and appearance) that most of the food was made many hours, if not days, beforehand and reheated before service. I know that some restaurants are able to do this while retaining flavor. Woody's does not manage to accomplish this feat. The meat itself did not have much taste to it and the sauce was mediocre at best. The buns were not toasted, not steamed, just straight out of the plastic and onto the plate. The fries that came as sides were cool to the touch and soggy. The atmosphere? Combine a TGI Friday's starter kit with years of neglect. I came away with the overall impression that the owners/staff do not care much how the food tastes or how the restaurant looks. Everything wrong with this place could be changed by someone who took some pride in their business.

Just Plain Nasty Food and Rude Service
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
I ate here recently, and I can't tell you how unpleasant it was. I went here on the recommendation of a friend and ordered the 1/2 rack of beef ribs. The sides were ok but not awful, but what was truly unpalatable was the ribs themselves. The ribs were clearly cooked quite badly. When I got them, they were half-burnt/half undone. Parts were so tough you couldn't even bite into them, and other parts were so uncooked as to be almost raw. When I went to complain, the girl behind the counter said, "that's just the way they come" and refused to return my money (since you pay in advance). I then asked for the manager, and she replied he wasn't there, so I just left. Let me say that I've had good bbq before, and this was unpleasant with extremely rude service. Just avoid it.

Reviewer: Rami from Santa Barbara, CA
I was expecting "the best bbq" and tried the lunch special bbq beef sandwich today... so disappointed. I was hungry (and in a hurry) so I took it on the go. I ate about half until I started to actually taste the bbq, very bland without the spicy, smokey, or flavorful taste Woody's claims it has. I would've given the sandwich by itself an average rating if it weren't for the terrible fries they gave me. I wish I saved my money and went to a fast food place instead - at least then I'd get fries that are not brown, wilty and lukewarm.

you call this REAL BBQ??
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Woody's in my eyes was great during my childhood but as your tastebuds get better with age you realize it's not the same as 15+ years ago. How is this overpriced, poor serviced, taste lacking place still in business? Santa Barbara needs a REAL BBQ joint. The Tri Tip was very dry, the ribs had very little meat, and the chicken was dry and tastless. When asking the employees for something fresher all I got was attitude like I didn't know what flavor was. I will give them credit on their BBQ sauce but like others have said it should compliment the food, not dip everything in it just to give it flavor. I hope Woody's will improve this and soon

Very Disappointed
Reviewer: Rick from Los Angeles, CA
I travel a lot and because BBQ is one of my favorites I often search out different BBQ restaurants. I just had a two meat combo at Woody's BBQ which I chose their St.Louis ribs and their sliced tri-tip. I was EXTREMELY disappointed with a few things such as their portions served which were 4 or 5 small ribs, 3 small slices of tri-tip, a baked potatoe and a small cup of beans for a whopping $20. I was also disappointed with the fact that it was obviously old reheated food. The ribs and tri-tip taste as if they had been microwaved... and the bbq sauce I'm assuming has a ketchup base. The service wasn't horrible as long as you're cool with straight faces and very few smiles. The atmosphere was actually nice, so maybe going there for a beer and just hanging out would be nice, but NOT THE FOOD!

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