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Via Vai Trattoria & Pizzeria
1483 East Valley Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 565-9393

Reviews by the General Public

It Pains Me To Say This, But...
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara
One of our favorite neighborhood dining spots has really lost their previous attention to detail. I always order the pizza fruiti di mare with tomato sauce, and this has never phased the kitchen. But this time, what tasted like out of the jar sauce was haphazardly poured in the finished pizza, adding to the already soggy dough. I used to love the cracker like crust, but I guess this doesn't matter anymore. Perhaps I distracted the waiter when I asked why there was no music (he said the speakers were broken, but almost when we were leaving, the dishwasher figured out that the power on the stereo needed to be turned on) but he also forgot to offer parmesan cheese or chili peppers, and little sweet candies at the end of the meal. He did offer to have the pizza remade, but I have wasting food and declined; and they did offer a free desert, so that was nice. But overall, I got the distinct feeling that they take their regular customers for granted, a dangerous thing to do in a town with so many dining options.

Great Pizza- but the hostess...
Reviewer: Aaron from Santa Barbara, CA
Man, what a nice looking spot to eat..The hostess, though pretty and obviously from Italy, ruined my experience with this place, after numerous unpleasant interactions with this short tempered rude face of the business. sorry, have to say it like it is.

first visit
Reviewer: Al from Ventura CA
Had lunch there today for the first time. Glasses of wine were not too good and overpriced.. My wife had the seabass type stew which she said was good but certainly not the price. I had the special lasagna bolognese which was the thinnest lasagna I ever saw. Couldn't find meat and ricotta and mozzarella very scarce and certainly not the price. The pizza was ok but not worth the price. Would not return. $85 for lunch with tip.

via vai's pizza rocks!
Reviewer: montecito resident from Santa Barbara, CA
We love via vai's pizza! It tastes just like it does in any trattoria in Italy. It is refreshing to see "real pizza" among all those horrid delivery places and Giovanni's! However the service is very inconsistent! We have had many lovely meals and also some very disappointing ones. The solution to the service issue is: call in for pizza and take it away.

What the hell?
Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered to go 2 chicken parmigianas to go on linguine, well no sauce on the pasta? When I called they said I need to specify sauce. The linguine was just boiled with no sauce! What the hell? This place has gone to hell, I will never go back, no matter how convienent! I own Nonna of Italy in LA, check our reviews. If I ran Nonna the way they run via vie, I would be out of business!

A perfect end to a day trip to SB
Reviewer: Eli from Santa Barbara, CA
Can't wait to visit over memorial day. The specials are always good, the pizzas are light and airy. The deserts are simple, agreat way to end a meal.

My favorite
Reviewer: Cynthia from Santa Barbara, CA
I love their fish stew. I thought their service was perfect. I go there all the time. I live 2 minutes from the restaurant, and take my friends there all the time. I give the restaurant high marks. Cynthia

What happened to this place!?
Reviewer: Peter Van Bregmann from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been coming here for years and the food and service is usually quite good. I decided to come for my birthday and what a disaster. It started with my reservation I called informing them of a birthday and the person that answered the phone said to let your waiter know when you arrive. What? Like I want to mention my own birthday? The Resturant was slow it was a Monday and we had to ask for everything like the bread, oil, vinegar etc. Had to ask for refills extra plates, forks, napkins etc. Food was so so and cold. One entrée had no garlic whatsoever, cmon this is supposed to be Italian? Food was super bland as were the attitude of the entire wait staff. They hold there heads up like they are something special. It was my birthday and I could have gone anywhere I wanted too and I choose this place to spend it with my friends and family. This place only gets one time to ever do this to me. I will never go there again. My tip definitely reflected the experience.

Excellent food, attentive service
Reviewer: Don Bell from Montecito, CA
Our experience is limited mostly to lunch. The pastas and salads have been excellent. The pasta with clams is the best we've ever had, with sweet succulent clams perfectly done. The pizzas are what you'd expect in Italy, not loaded with junk but each with a specific taste point. We eat there often enough that one waiter in particular is very attentive, and treats my 98 year old mother as the special person she is. The waiters don't hover, but service has always been readily available when wanted.

You should have gone to Domino's as we have tough times now
Reviewer: bill smiley from Goleta, CA
After reading quite a bunch of negative reviews I thought I should speak up. Balancing great food and service in these tough times is very difficult. People complaining about waiting at their table for service should have left and gone to Dominos' or McD's; there the service is great! Others that have more patience would have found the drink order satisfying and not complained especially online. If there are specific complaints about the restaurants food, like rat hairs or other gibberish they should be addressed to the attentive staff at the time. I found this place great again. Will, Go Back

Poor service,
Reviewer: Christine from Phoenix, Arizona
Went to Via Via with children for dinner with reservation. When we arrived was told there would be another 30-45 minute wait; children were hungry as were 5 adults. When we finally were given a table we sat for 40 minutes with no food, no appetizers as incompetent waiters ran around like they were not sure what to do. Cannot believe it took over one hour for a pizza!! I had been told that this was one of the premiere restaurants in Montecito...very disappointing meal. Will not return.

What Has happened at Via Vai?
Reviewer: Margaret from Goleta
What has happened at Via Vai? A favorite for many years. Last time there, waiter is chewing his fingernails, before serving a table. Not a good ambience and food was lacking in the excellence of many previous visits.

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