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Trattoria Mollie
1250 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 565-9381

Reviews by the General Public

Love it for dinner & lunch as well!, 6/13/2018
Reviewer: Brent from Montecito, CA
I visit Mollies in Montecito frequently for dinner and have recently discovered it as a great place for a business lunch. Always fine food and great service, with a local, friendly vibe. Love Mollie's homemade lasagna on the weekends! I am looking forward to their new Santa Barbara, State Street location opening this month.

Terrible service, poor food., 3/1/2018
Reviewer: Loretta from Ventura, Ca
I met a friend for lunch at Trattoria Mollie, looking forward to an enjoyable meal. Our server was unbelievably rude, and inattentive. We were shocked, as the restaurant only had two other tables full. The bread was dry, with little to no taste, and my “Pollo Salad” was literally just lettuce and dry chopped chicken. We tried being nice to our server, to no avail, and when we asked for mochas after lunch, he acted as though we’d asked for his kidney. Sadly, we won’t be back.

Over salted veal
Reviewer: nats from Santa Barbara, CA
Non-crusty tasteless bread. Minestrone soup tasted like potato soup. Veal scalopine was so over salted and tasteless that could not be eaten.

First visit, hope it won't be our last.
Reviewer: J. Lomaga from Shoreham, New York
Visiting our friends and decided to take a drive to Santa Barbara,decided it was way to busy to eat there. Being from NY (not the city) we opted for something much quieter such as Mollie's in Montecito, the next town over. We were very early and Mollie's wasn't even open yet for dinner. Not knowing Mollie personally she greeted us at the door and arranged a table for us regardless of no reservation. It only got better from there as far as the food which was LOVED by all in our party. Service,was good but began to lag a bit when the crowds arrived,regardless the food was excellent, the company exceptional and our evening was complete. Should we ever be back Mollie's is on the top of the list. Thank you to all who made this possible. Next time although it's a PIZZA for an appetizer for me !

Stay away
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
Mollie has gotten rather full of herself in recent years. Probably due to Oprah's influence. We have dined there many times in the past 15 years. Had a reservation for 630 New Years Eve 2014. Verified at 4 PM. Arrived promptly. Were completely ignored by staff. The restaurant was full. When I finally flagged down someone to ask to be seated we were told without apology that there were no tables available. Meanwhile "friends of Mollie" who arrived without reservations were being seated. No one made any attempt to correct the situation. We will no longer dine at Mollie's. The food is not that great. And this was probably the worst restaurant customer experience I've ever had.

Never Again
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
I have dined at Mollies twice over the last fifteen years or so. The first time I took my Dad for his birthday and we were completely ignored. Terrible service. This time (last Sunday) I went with two friends and Mollie was too busy directing her staff to fawn over "special" tables with multiple rounds of amuse bouche that we were again forgotten. By the time our pizza came out (which takes all of 3 minutes to bake in a hot wood fired oven), our other dishes had been on the table for 10 minutes and were getting cold. They blamed it on the fact that we had specifically asked that it be cooked very crispy. The fact was that they forgot to make it. Please do not lie to us. Once meal was finished our waiter could not be bothered to offer us dessert and coffee. We called out to him as he sped by. We finally told the busy boy to get us the bill. I know that Mollie won't care about this review. I called her the first time I had a horrible experience (Yes, it was bad enough that I called her)and she had essentially nothing to say. It's too bad that she is still able to survive with such poor manners simply due to her rubbing shoulders with Oprah.

mollies is fantastic
Reviewer: virginia markel from Santa Barbara, CA
my husband and i eat lunch at mollies at least once a week. the food is delicious. some of our favorites are chicken with a lemon/caper sauce, fettucine bolognese, frutti di mare, shrimp rissoto, gnocci marinara or bolognese--the latter being an off menu item, chicken cacciatore, pizza so thin it floats, affogato al cafe (gelatto with espresso poured over it) for dessert. the wait staff (monica, memo, michele, and ali) and very friendly, knowledgeable, and accomodating. mollie is also very friendly and very accessible to diners. she is almost always working the kitchen--very hands on. not just a pretty face! btw she has a new cookbook, primi piatti, on first course dishes. it is a beautiful and easy to follow guide on sumptuous italian cooking.

Burned too many times
Reviewer: Candy from Santa Barbara, CA
I keep hearing decent things from various sources about Mollies. But after several disappointing visits I'm through. The last experience sealed the deal. I arrived with a party of four on a Saturday afternoon at about 1:45. There were several tables filled outside on the patio and only one table filled inside. After standing at the hostess station for easily five minutes I went back outside to enquire about getting a table. I was told to go back in. Again the four of us stood in the practically empty dining room completely ignored. Finally the waiter from outside re-entered and we practically tackled him to talk to us. He asked us what did we want. Lunch we answered. He glanced around the virtually empty room and actually asked "Do you have a reservation?" Thinking he was joking, we replied, that no but we would appreciate it if he could find a table for us. He walked away for several minutes and we continued to stand some more. Finally he returned and asked if we wanted lunch because they stopped serving at two! We told him we'd been there since 1:45 and were ignored. He told us to sit anywhere and left. He never returned. At 2:20 we stood up and went across the street to Tre Luna and enjoyed a lovely lunch.

Great food, great ambience, and gracious owner
Reviewer: Bob and Julie Sullivan from La Jolla, CA
We have dined here frequently over the past 5 years and always enjoyed it! Mollie is a very talented and gregarious host and chef! She personally greets her customers as if they were family. The food is homemade and delicious, and we found the prices reasonable.

The worst food ever!
Reviewer: Diane from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been in the industry for 25 years and this has to be the most over-priced, and worst food I've ever eaten! I'd be ashamed to lay the check and have my customer pay for what was provided to us. The pasta was a very small portion with a few seafood items on top, the sea bass was thin and slimy with a sauce so salted it was inedible, and the easiest thing of all to prepare - vegetables were absolute mush! No salad, no alcohol, no dessert and for the three of us it came to $140.00!

Reviewer: Susan Dick from Glens Falls, New York
We went to Trattoria Mollie in 1999 based on an interview given by Jeff Bridges recommending Mollie's as one of his favorite restaurants in Montecito. We're from upstate New York and whenever we're visiting the west coast, we do our best to return to Mollie's because we absolutely loved it. We met Mollie and she was very hospitable and simply a delight. The pasta bolognese is one of my favorite entrees. Oh, almost forgot to mention that Mr. Bridges was dining a few tables away from ours the first time we had dinner there. I also recommend cocktails at the Biltmore before dining at Trattoria Mollie.

Very bad service
Reviewer: Nitin Kataria from Santa Barbara, CA
Of all the restaurants that we have been to, this is the worst on our list. We had a reservation and when we showed up, the staff very conveniently ignored us. Then we were seated by one of the kitchen staff who was very unfriendly. There were no host or hostesses! Having been ignored at our table with no server showing up for 10 minutes, we decided to leave. Given the upscale area that this restaurant is in, it surprises me that they survive with such a bad attitude and a very snobbish staff. Makes me wonder if the welcoming experience is so bad, then how terrible the food will be.

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