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Palace Grill
8 E. Cota St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-5000

Palace Grill writes:
  The Palace Grill is a contemporary American Grill, celebrating the Cuisine and Culture of New Orleans. Featuring USDA Prime-Aged Beef and the freshest Seafood, with a large selection of delicious Pastas, and Specialties like our Crawfish-Stuffed Blackened Filet Mignon, Soft-shell Crab, Jambalaya, and Louisiana Bread Pudding Soufflé with Whisky Cream Sauce. The Palace has a unique “Team Service” system whereby the entire dinning room staff waits on all tables as a team. We have won the Santa Barbara Independent Readers’ Poll Award for “Best Restaurant Service” every year since inception in 1988. We are also known for our colorful and entertaining atmosphere, including our unique group sing-along. Our guests come for the Food and Service, but leave having celebrated Life! “Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler”

  • Private Room: Restaurant is divided into two sections. You can do a buy-out of one side of the restaurant.

Reviews by the General Public

Good food, but pricey!
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA

New Orleans on the West Coast
Reviewer: Mike Grasso from Moorpark, CA
We have been patrons of the Palace for the last six years. In those years we have easily eaten at the Palace 25 times. Every experience has been top drawer, the staff, even when a bit harried was still polite and responsive. The food, well now that's the real reason to drive there, in a word C'est Manifique. Having been to New Orleans and Paris, the food here easily stands with either City. The fish is fresh, the spices are used to compliment note overpower. The extensive menu is excellent, something new to try and savor. Gumbo and Bread Pudding, who wants anything else? If you find yourself in Santa Barbara and are overpowered by the amount of Restaurants, at the very least try this one. As a parting comment, we have spent the last four Valentine's Days at the Palace, and will spend the rest there! Mike & Anne Grasso

Bring tums
Reviewer: Serge Moss from Los Angeles, CA
This place is a testament to mass hysteria. Poor food quality. The crawfish/crab cake was devoid of all crab and crawfish--and it was covered with glue-like white sauce. When the server took most of it away, not a word as to what was wrong. They use the "team" approach here. This means that a server we hadn't seen before came to our table three times with entrees other tables had ordered. Server had no clue. Talk about cluster-f#ck. Oysters Palace was pure yuck. Gumbo was okay. Spend your money at a place where they craft dishes with skill and care using excellent ingredients. And "blackened" is simply burnt. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

great time!
Reviewer: Amy Brunell from Santa Monica, CA
We went to the Palace Grill tonight for dinner. The outside didn't look like much, but boy are we glad we went in! The service and food were first rate. My 13 year old loved the Red Fish-an occasional specialty. The soft shell crabs were also great. The restaurant is very loud, but so much fun. We were given words to "wonderful world" and we all sang and were instructed to toast one another at various points. All the staff comes round and toasts along with the guests. We'll come back!

Amazing Experience
Reviewer: Eulalio from Santa Barbara, CA
Took a first date here a couple of days ago. Of course having never heard of this place made me a bit nervous as to what our experience may be. As soon as we walked in we were greeted warmly by the host and seated at a table. We were very well taken care of, not to the point of being overbearing but just right. The appetizers were brought out and she took the time to explain each one and its flavors and she wasn't lying as me and my date explored each and every one. I ordered the fusilli with roasted sweet italian sausage and I was speechless. It was a perfect combination of flavors in every possible way. My date ordered the capellini capri with shrimp and was equally impressed. Our water glasses were never empty and when we were finished our table was promptly picked up and we were able to enjoy the atmosphere with their wine selection. It was a good experience overall and I will certainly not hesitate to return. Just make sure to not make the same mistake I made and leave room for dessert.

Venerable Local Establishment Continues to Shine
Reviewer: Steven Krivit from Santa Barbara, CA
The Palace is an upbeat eatery serving a wide variety of interesting Louisiana inspired dishes. It is always a treat to go there. My most recent visit on January 12, was no different. My dinner companion and I each selected the blackened salmon; it is one of my favorite meals in town. The fish tasted oh-so fresh and the spices were just right. My one critique would be that the muffins seem to have lost something over the years; smaller, room temperature. For dessert, we did enjoy the bread pudding; it's always worth saving a little room. Lastly, what also made the visit special was that the manager, Mr. Errol Williams, stopped by our table to chat and make us feel welcomed. These folks know how to run a restaurant. No surprise that the Palace Grill has endured on the SB restaurant scene. I'll be back.

Glad we went back
Reviewer: Ixchelle from Santa Barbara, CA
After an unhappy experience (see review below) I received a letter from Errol (the manager) offering a sincere apology and an invitation to give The Palace a second chance to make things right. We took them up on their offer and are very glad we did. First Fernando our server was fantastic. Exactly what I expect from a place voted "Best Service". He was friendly without being intrusive, attentive without being overbearing, and genuinely seemed happy to be there. Our water glasses never sat empty, our plates were taken as soon as they were cast aside, and our food was as delicious as I had always remembered it. We tried the Oysters Palace and they were seriously one of the best things I've ever eaten. Tender oysters baked in the shell with just the right amount of crawfish, mushrooms, and ohhhh that jalapeno beurre blanc sauce...drool. It's refreshing to see that management took our complaint as an opportunity and we couldn't have imagined a better night with a more pleasant staff.

B-day Lunch was AMAZING!!!!!
Reviewer: LIZ from Santa Barbara, CA
Came here for my boyfriends birthday lunch. It was great! everyone was very friendly and let us pick which table we wanted. they also came and filled our water cup about 5 times without asknig (i was a little thristy). the food was AMAZING! we had the flash fried articokes (DROOL)i had the blacken catfish (TO DIE FOR)boyfriend had the crawfish po-boy(did not stop talking about it) and the chocolate suffle (O MY GOD). all in all i has an amazing time with great service and amazing food. will be back ALOT!

Terrible Service
Reviewer: Ixchelle from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I had a terrible experience while dining at The Palace for lunch Saturday. First let me say we have been loyal customers for several years, we even had our rehearsal dinner there last summer. Normally the experience is great, with a lively atmosphere, good food, and friendly staff. So I was shocked when we came in for lunch Saturday and found that everyone seemed to be in a bad mood and weren't afraid to show it. First our waitress never smiled and seemed like she was annoyed to even be there. We had to tell her we were ready to order, because she never asked. She dropped the appetizers at our table without so much as even looking at us, not to mention the missing appetizer plates which we then had to track her down for. When our entree came she again dropped the plate without so much as a glance let alone any query as to our needs. The chicken was dry and the carrots were very undercooked, almost raw. We didn't mention it since the last thing I wanted to do was drag on the experience. It was a hot weekend and my husband sat waiting for water refills three times. When I asked her for water, while she was cleaning another table, she said yes but kept staring at the table. It was clear she had no interest in helping us. When I asked Chase (another server) for our server's name he ignored my request and asked what happened. I explained she was rude and we were unhappy then he suddenly walked away without so much as an apology! Unfortunately we will not be returning and will stick to restaurants that offer consistently great food and service.

To Gala
Reviewer: Marna from Santa Barbara, CA
You're upset because the tables were cleaned with the same cloth ... what do you think other restaurants do? Get a new cloth for each table? Wipe the table & chairs with a different cloth? Get a life! The Palace has the most amazing food & I'm glad they keep their tables clean!

Never ever will step into that place again!
Reviewer: Gala from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered SAUTÉED CHICKEN MARSALA - chicken breast was undercooked and tough to even cut it , fettuccine was way undercooked stacking to teeth. While waiting for my food I watched how a young waiter prepared a table for the next couple. He got a piece of cloth from the pocket in his pants - wiped the table, wiped the chairs (WITH THE SAME CLOTH !!! ) then pulled silverware from somewhere and arranged it on the table holding the same dirty cloth at the same time and then ... he moved to the next table using THE SAME CLOTH!! Would it be better if he didn’t do any cleaning – that would keep table cleaner than wiping it with a dirty cloth? They work as a team so the same person who deals with money would serve food in her little breaks... Does she clean her hands every 10 minutes jumping from here to there? NO !!! I was shocked and speechless - bad thing I already ordered the food and decided to try it anyway. I just hope they wash their hands as they say in their "YES" room. I will never bring my family there!

Good Food,Steep Prices
Reviewer: Aaron Gosnell from Santa Barbara, CA
Pros:Good service,Good food. Cons:Very expensive,small portions.

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