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Hibachi Steak House & Sushi Bar
500 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-6607

Reviews by the General Public

Fomerly Known As Something's Fishy
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Something's Fishy changed their name to Hibachi Steak House & Sushi Bar

Something's Fishy Japanese Steakhouse &
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Atmosphere: Well this spot has been in SB forevaa. Very large restaurant large square tables with a man throwing knifes in the air and slicing and dicing over a skiddle so hot it spontaneously bursts into flame (how anyone walks away with their eyebrows is a wonder!) We ate at the sushi bar, packed on a Tuesday night like birds on a wire. Service: We were quickly seated, and asked to be at the bar. We were not greeted by the men behind the sushi bar, even when we tried to make a simple chit-chat over the sushi (I praised the presentation), there was no return. While the chefs don't have to entertain, I do enjoy when they are present and attentive, which is not the case at this establishment. These guys are dishing out volume of sushi, so this is to be expected. Food/drink: The sushi was good. We ate an assortment of rolls that are discounted at a happy hour of sorts. Yellow tail, eel, crab.. it was all tasty. We had a seaweed salad which was mushy as if it had been soaking in the dressing too long. Summary: Something's Fishy is the Disneyland of sushi. And some locals and tourists alike will find this place entertaining. Would I go back? Probably not. I prefer the smaller, 'hole in the wall' types of sushi places and there are several to choose from in SB.

Ill be back
Reviewer: S from Santa Barbara, CA
The chefs get your order to you rather quickly which was very nice. The food overall was good, I just always wonder if beach cities truly do have fresher fish. I've had similar good tasting sushi 180 miles away from the coast. Anyway, that's a different thought to ponder, I enjoyed this place and i'll be back.

7 days Half price Sushi!
Reviewer: Mika from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this restaurant. Special rolls are so good! ( I love the Mexican Roll) and they said, they are going to do Half Price Sushi EVERY DAY!!! Wow! Unbeliebavable!! I'm a student, so it is very good for me.I can go every day!!! Especially,in this cold season, I sometimes order Hibachi instead of sushi, ( have a good warm time with my friend). I can enjoy both Hibachi and Sushi!

Answer for L below.
Reviewer: ; ) from Santa Barbara, CA
There are two sides to every story and unfortunately we always say what is most convenient for ourselves. The food did not take 1hr. and you were the ones making rude comments.

Rudeness at its finest
Reviewer: L from Santa Barbara, CA
We arrived around 2pm on a saturday afternoon , the place was absolutely empty we were the only customers in the restaurant so I thought we would get a very good service . Hardly I knew the food took about an hour to come to our table and when it finnaly came it was not the whole order they brought the meat but never brought the rice , customers who arrrived after us were getting their food and we were still waiting for the rest of our order to be deliver to our table , after waiting for a long time we decided to ask for a manager , a very unexperience lady called Jessica approached our table and heard from us that the food was taken too long and that not all the items order by us were there . for our surprise she became automatically defensive saying that the timing was totally normal since we had ask them to cook the food in the back (1hour ??come on !!) and without us asking for anything she went on to say that all she could do is comp 10 % of our bill . She never tried to fix the situation by checking our order or trying to get our food to our table she became automatically frustrated and upset that things werent right . Lets not even mention that we had hungry kids and elderly people in our party . It was a very unprofessional attitude by this so called manager . On a side note the place needs a revamp the floor was slippery and greasy the servers and cooks looked like they just got out of prison . No friendly faces at all . Iam absolutely shocked by the unkindness and rudeness showed by the manager and the crew . The place felt dark and dirty I think the decor has being the same ever since they open . The so called manager would not let us know who the owner or responsible party was so we could not reach them but Iam going to reach the onwer one way or the other this week cuz what they did to us was unhuman and not accceptable . I had never felt so embarred bringing guest with kids from out of town to eat in a restaurant that once used to be good and now looks like a college crack house filled with drug dealers cooking for you .

Love this place!!
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
The crunchy roll is the best roll they have, although it is $10 it is still worth it. Sun-Thur is half on sushi which comes out to about 3-4.50 a roll!! :) this is a great place to come get lunch with friends as I do in between classes at SBCC. The hibachi is really fun and you get a lot for your money, I usually get the salmon really good! Great local place, I go about 3 times a month

great place to eat!!
Reviewer: gabby from Santa Barbara, CA
favorite spot in town to eat. the food is always fresh. love to go there for birthdays also. the chefs are friendly and interact with the kids when i take them. they enjoy the fire show. been coming here for over ten years and will be coming here for years to come.

50% sushi during lunch
Reviewer: elle from Santa Barbara, CA
I haven't been to SF for some time, but we went for a work lunch. I didn't realize they had 50% sushi during lunch. Despite the low prices, the quality was great! Would return again and spread the word... :)

My favorite place.
Reviewer: Christian from Los Angeles, CA
I love the food, teppan and sushi. Not your traditional sushi place but it is great. Service is great to my experience, pretty waitreses. Fun place if you want to drink and eat before the hitting the clubs. I recommend it. This is for the guy who wrote the comment about the stolen i-phone: You are a retard dude.

My iPhone was stolen from our table
Reviewer: Garrett Kababik from Santa Barbara, CA
My iPhone was taken from my table while it was being bussed. I noticed immediately and contacted the management who suggested that my friends might have taken it. The customer service at this place is absolutely horrible and I would not recommend eating at a place that you can't trust, especially a place that serves raw fish!

Reviewer: Phillip from Santa Barbara, CA
Absolutely delicious! Just had dinner here for my birthday, and it was the amazing experience of my life! The food was orgasmic, and the service, impeccabile! Would highly recommend to ANYONE who enjoys Japanese style cuisine.

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