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Rose Cafe - Haley St
424 E. Haley St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-3773

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Tue-Thu 8am-9pm, Fri 8am-9:30pm, Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 8am-2pm, Closed Mon
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

The best Mexican food dowtown
Reviewer: Ernest from Santa Barbara, CA
The best Mexican food downtown. I especially enjoy the beef brisket machaca slowly cooked down to delicious perfection.My hats off to chef Fred. Sounds like the review earlier who had nothing good to say was either the former so called waitress and needs to move on . What a negative person . About the food delicious and nutritious. Love all the staff at the Rose Café. And May God bless your beloved Mom and Grandmother Agnes Guevara for bringing such a wonderful part of her culture to share with all who wish to take a step back into time , to enjoy the spirit of her homemade cooking and her traditional recipes that live on through chef Fred , Marcelena , Abdulio ,and George Guevara The Worldwide Unkown Foody...

Old School Cool
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
A step back in time. Good chips & salsa. Chile releno, chicken tostada, red chicken enchiladas are really good. Fresh coffee and really nice apprictive people.

Old School Cool
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Really good chips,salsa,& coffee. The best chile releno's, chicken tostadas, rice, & beans. Friendy appreciative people!

use to have good service they lost the best waitress
Reviewer: erin compay from Santa Barbara, CA
rose cafe has lost there touch first the owners are gone .the manager anna an her brother george are the future owners of rose cafe. they have no clue how too run a restraunt ! they have a cheif whos good if you like el torrito food ! he's fast just dont ask sheif fred a question unless you have all day to hear his Bs" theres never a dull moment there you have live intertainment from the very rude manager anna yeap shes just like her wait staff rude an slow .she is always saying rude things to het crew an worst of all her customers ! what kills me an my is there was a lady bye the name of lisa she was the reason my family an i would go , she was always fast friendy .the my family will miss her. good luck! guevara family hope you guys dont loose every thing like casa blanca o la tolteca . the moms food was alot better. food is ok wish you luck. the other rose is just as bad the manager ralph is like his aunt rude to fake for me no one is friendly there especialy chela the waitress an the waiter rick is all right! THe only one whos friendly avid an a cook they call pepe! manuel who is fhe owner of rose 2 . keep the restraunt open dont leaving yourm mom

Haley's Rose
Reviewer: sally from Santa Barbara, CA
I wonder if Mama 'Nita still runs it, if not that would be why they are slowing down. I have no fear since I have learned to slow roast my own via Robert Rodriguez's Once apon a time in Mexico. Check out the bonus features on the dvd. I haven't had a rejection yet in the 5 years since I learned this recipe.

Old School Mexican food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
This place has been around since 1944(besides Joe's(1928), Arnoldi's(1937) & El Paseo(1922) probably the fourth oldest place in SB?). The atmosphere is probably the same too. The waittress & cook remind me if your tias were serving you. Waitress was a little stern though. Don't know if they've gone Soup Nazi from the last review but some of their food is good enough for them to be. The salsa could be argued the best in town. The taco was great, burrito was not(not one of the monster burritos other places serve up, just small tortilla & boiled chicken and that's it). Worth a try if only to experience some SB Mex history and the salsa.

What The...
Reviewer: Elliott Morrison from Santa Barbara, CA
Is it just me? I took a shower and everything before I came. My partner and I have been enjoying Rose Cafe for quite some time now but it seems that lately we've been turned away at the door every time we try to eat there. Was it something I said? On New Year's Eve we chose going to Rose Cafe over a swanky pre-fixe restaurant meal and were turned away because they were "only taking to-go orders" yet they had people eating at tables and the counter. Next time we went for dinner at 8:30 since the website says they are open until 9, I guess they decided to close early because we were denied entry. Earlier this evening we went in at 8:00 and were told that the credit card machine wasn't working, I had a slight panic and then my partner told me she had cash, so no problem right? Well conveniently enough the grill had been turned off so too late for us! I don't get it, we've brought family here, come here many times and recommended the restaurant to other people. Tonight was the last straw, I really enjoyed their food and tolerated their mediocre service but now we're done. Rose Cafe needs to stop acting like they are the only good Mexican Food in town. We headed off to La Super Rica instead where we are always greeted with a smile and they never tell us "the grill is off" while all of the Open signs are still turned on.

Delicious Little Find.
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
I too was tired of waiting an hour in the La Super Rica line during tourist season so my fiancee and I decided to head over to Rose Cafe after somebody had mentioned it to me. We've been back a couple of times since. They have great salsa, tacos, quesadillas and the people who work there are so sweet. Next time we have visitors in town this is where we will take them.

yummy chili colorado and salsa
Reviewer: Dan Huntley from San Diego, CA
On our visits to Santa Barbara we usually stop in at La Superica but wanted to try something different. Growing up among world class Tucson AZ mexican eateries we are very picky. But, we found a very pleasant surprise: The Rose Cafe on Haley -- an old fashioned family run place, that I remember being common 50 years ago. The home style menu, the salsa with fresh chopped garden herbs on top, and the fantastic Chili Colorado burritos can't be beat. A chicken taco was also very good. Go there early before they run out of the daily specials: Chicken Ranchero and home made soups.

Good stuff!!
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I'll admit, this wasn't our first choice but I'm glad we went. We've been here many times, but not for a while and we were pleasantly surprised. The "other" place (Los Agaves) was so packed and noisy we turned back and decided on Rose Cafe. There were a few other tables occupied and a couple of folks at the bar. It was so nice not to have to be crunched in with a crowd of noisy diners. Very good food and they were more than happy to substitute items at a VERY nominal charge. Fifty cents for meat in your enchilada versus up to $3.00 at other places. The server was very polite and came by several times to ensure that all was well. Nothing fancy here...just good food and excellent service. I'll be back here more often to enjoy the sublime and unique setting that is Rose Cafe on Haley.

Not impressed this time around
Reviewer: Samantha from Santa Barbara, CA
I placed a fairly large order for pick up the other day. I normally go to the Rose Cafe on the Mesa, which never disappoints. Two of my items were missing and when I asked for them, I was given smaller portions than what I ordered. I ordered 2 bags of chips and was given one small bag with chips that were stale. I ordered 2 large orders of guacamole and was given 2 very small containers. I don't think this is normal for this restaurant but I don't think I'll visit the Haley Rose again any time soon.

A Downtown Rose Cafe Devotee!
Reviewer: John Thyne from Santa Barbara, CA
I loved the Independent's article about the fans of Rose Cafe downtown versus Rose Cafe at the Mesa. I am unabashedly a Downtown Rose Cafe devotee. Try as I might, I cannot help but to order the Cheese Enchiladas with rice + beans every time! These are undoubtedly the best enchiladas I've ever had in a restaurant! Hoping to experience more of the menu, I typically add an a la carte item and have been most impressed by the beef and chicken tacos and the chile colorado burito (meat in a tortilla, not a big overstuffed concoction). Rice + beans are authentic and a must on every visit! Great service and unbeatable salsa!

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