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Petrini's - Santa Barbara
14 W. Calle Laureles, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-8888

Reviews by the General Public

Not the same Petrini's
Reviewer: Richard from Los Angeles, CA
I used to bring my family here on vacation from L.A. and it was a highlight of our trip. Unfortunately, it is not the same restaurant anymore. While we were waiting for a table another couple was seated ahead of us, no one seemed to be in charge of this. One kind server brought us up to the bar so that we could be seated while another table came ready. My salad order with dressing "on the side" came in drenched with dressing. The pork chops on special were too salty and tough. Finally, we were overcharged nearly twice $55 vs $35. Fortunately, one of the managers corrected this. I'm sad to see a good place go downhill.

Great Hamburger with Cole Slaw and Pepperoncini
Reviewer: Thinker Bill from Santa Barbara-by-the-Sea
Very nice, quick and smiling young lady served a medium rare hamburger and helped create a first class opinion of the food. I thought it was delicious and very reasonable. An excellent lunch for the price these days. The atmosphere looked complete unchanged for decades. Overall, a well-run, long-run family operation. Compliments to the Petrinis. :-)

good times family style
Reviewer: Scott Schwartz from Santa Barbara, CA
Good pizza, fresh salads, simple tasty pasta dishes. My wife, kids and me have always enjoyed dining at Petrini's. As a family man I want a predictable experience with the offerings, atmosphere and prices. At Petrini's we always leave happy and satisfied. It's perfect for our group, ages 4 to 42.

Excellent service and great food
Reviewer: Leana from Santa Barbara, CA
Had a lovely Friday night out at Petrini's because both the food and service were great! We got the tri-tip spaghetti special and the chicken parmesan, and both were large helpings and delicious. Another positive about the food was that the meals weren't too oily which I find is typical for Italian food at restaurants, and both dishes were really flavorful. The service was very friendly and attentive. Even though the place was busy, our waitress made sure we never waited long for anything, she made us feel welcome, and she checked on us a couple of times. Overall, a really great evening!

Nice throwback kind of place
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
It was great walking in here to that wonderful smell of italian food. The owner was working today, he really is a nice guy. The food was very good with fresh ingredients and plenty of it. I don't think that the prices have gone up in ten years. We left fat and happy.

Outstanding service
Reviewer: Danelle from Santa Barbara, CA
I visited Petrini's for the first time last night. Our server was one of the most memorable servers I have had in quite a long time. She was extremely attentive and so friendly. She went above and beyond to provide outstanding service and I left feeling like we were friends. The food was good/ok, nothing outstanding but also exactly what I expected from a traditional Italian restaurant. The service is what put this place over the top and will encourage me to return. My date had the eggplant parm, and it was huge and delicious! Their marinara sauce is outstanding, but I missed the provolone cheese on my meatball sandwich. Thanks to the waitress for such outstanding service!

Lovely little Italian joint!
Reviewer: Jamie from Ventura, CA
This place was awesome! The fam and I were driving through on our way back down to Ventura when we stumbled upon this little gem of a restaurant. We weren't quite sure if we had the right place - the outside looks like nothing special, but once we were inside, we were transported back in time! The food was great and plentiful, the service was attentive but I especially loved the ambiance. We will definitely be back next time we're up that way.

serious? serious? hows this place still open....
Reviewer: jhon phillips from Santa Barbara, CA
now let me start off by saying im a santa barbara local and have worked in restaurants and eaten out since the age of 12 i love going out me and my cousin went out on guys nite out and decided to go to petrinis for the first time our waitress didnt know the difference in their wing flavors.... then she sat us down and left. Our wings cajun style were super salty and the pizza was mediocre the salad dressing was ok i dont understand why this place is still open. We constantly had to wave to get refills the sad part is they were slow that night i dont want a free meal i want to go to a restaurant where people are attentive and at least pretend they like working there i was appaled to know that its been in business for like 30 years the people that eat there oviously have never eaten rustys or even dominos as it is sad to say all in all pizza is ok but the service needs to improve and the wings cajun god go away make bbq or any other sauce...

Big props to the Bohnetts and the Petrini's team!
Reviewer: Jason from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been eating here for years. Great place to go with kids. But special props to the Bohnetts. I came in this week to pick up a chicken parmigiana sub for a friend who had just had a baby and was craving some real non-hospital food. When they heard that a new mom's first request was a Petrini's sub, they insisted it was on the house. Thanks Petrini's!

Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
My favorite part was the part where we futilely tried to get a server's attention for 20 minutes after being seated, then left and went to Chipotle. They weren't very busy. They saw us. They just didn't care. Even the owner, who was walking around and chatting with his friends, didn't give a crap. Nobody came to take our order, and nobody noticed when we left. Oh well, no money for them.

Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
After 5 years we were looking for a new place we havn't tried, had heard about Petrini's, driving by we stopped, finally. We love vintage, great spots, atmosphere hadn't changed in 30 years, ok. Quirky waitress, made it potentially better, checkered tablecloths, ok. My wife got the Chicken Parmesian, me an Italian Sausage/Bell Pepper sandwich. It comes, sauce is average, but chicken is tiny, flattened, with a SINGLE round not melted piece of cheese probably from Costco, provolone slice, not even large portion. Sandwich has a small sausage, sliced in half with one 2"x2" bell pepper on each half, with same sauce as on Chicken P. The beer is about 6 oz glass. All this for $40 bucks! Never again, if you are going to serve below average quality food, at least make it up with quantity, these owners are laughing all the way to the bank. Havn't changed a thing for 30 years. TAKE MY ADVISE STOP DONATING YOUR MONEY HERE THERE ARE MUCH TASTIER PLACES IN TOWN FOR LESS!

Southern Waitress
Reviewer: Diane and Phil Gulley from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here one weeknight this week and our waitress was incredibly polite. This waitress was from central casting. She said, the word you'all twice so maybe she was from the south. She was kind and caring. No, we don't anything to do with ownership of Petrinis and only go once-a-year, but I was super impressed. Thank you for reminding me that wait staff can really care and be polite. AND she did not say the words, NO PROBLEM, once, like young wait staff keep saying to customers. Thanks for an enjoyable meal.

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