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Pepe's Mexican Food
254 Orange Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 967-0313

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 9am-9pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Poor Service
Reviewer: Rita from Santa Barbara, CA
Pepe's atmosphere is nice. Food is average Mexican Food. Service sucks! No service with a smile, they all seem angry, when they get your order wrong and you mention it to them they get argumentive and say that's what you ordered, they don't offer you another plate of what you originally ordered. My husband and I used to go there regularly, but not any more, they seem like their doing you a favor by taking your order and then ignoring you thereafter. Needless to say, we don't go to Pepe's as often as we used to. I remember eating there in the 60's they only had four or five beat up red vinyl boothes just a tiny hole in the wall, but the food was good and the service better than today. By the way they've expanded three times since then.

Reviewer: Catherine from Santa Barbara, CA
We were meeting my parents for dinner on Sunday (8/18/2013). My parents got there first and they seated them in the furthest room back where a service tray of condiments sat. Why? At 5:20 the main dining room had maybe 2 tables. We got there next and as the restuarant filled up in the main dining room, no one else was seated in our back section, the service got worse & worse. Not that it was that good to begin with. Food definitely in the bottom level for Santa Barbara/Goleta.

Good food, poor service!
Reviewer: DC from Santa Barbara, CA
Great food to eat especially brunch! Service in the bar area is poor. Nice enough to eat and drink with friends/family for a fun time.

Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was ok....nothing to write home. But the service was horrible! And when we told our waitress that the Pineapple margarita was undrinkable she just stood there with a dumb look on her face and told us that we shouldn't have ordered it. We asked for the manager, who never came over. So one of us took it up to the bar, and that got the attention of the manager. She also told us we shouldn't have ordered it and after 2-3 minutes of argument finally said she'd take it off the bill. We would have been happy with a replacement drink, which was never offered. Needless to say, we will never be going there again. Be forewarned......and don't order the Pineapple margarita!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. If you order the buffet don't expect to receive attention form the wait staff!

Best evers
Reviewer: Travis from Santa Barbara, CA
My fav resturante es pepes, yeah u kmow it, food is top notch plus the atmosphere is ay karumba!!!!!

Buffet pretty good, but terrible service
Reviewer: RB from Santa Barbara, CA
Out of our party of five, two ordered the buffet, and I guess that crossed us off as a real table deserving of attention (?) in the mind of the young man who was supposed to be our server. We had to flag him down for anything, and ultimately we began to wonder if our dinner was free since we weren't getting a check even long after we had finished. Finally, we had to go up to the register to ask for the check. Buffet is decent and I love the pork chile verde. But terrible service.

Worst Restaurant Experience in Years
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
Very poor customer service at this dump. I used to like this place back before management took it the wrong direction. After ordering a bean burrito, I was served a burrito with chicken in it, and ended up eating half of it before I realized what I had been eating. As a 15 year strict vegetarian, this has never happened to me in a restaurant before, and it was a significant mistake on their part. I politely explained the situation to the manager, but received only demeaning comments and sarcastic gestures in response. Not only did she refuse to compensate me for my meal, but she also disregarded everything I said, and did not apologize. I would hope that a decent local restaurant respects its customers more than this, but I was abhorrently appalled at her behavior - especially considering that I dealt with it very politely. Don't expect to be treated well here.

Best chili relleno dish ever filled with tri tip
Reviewer: Roe Sanchez from Santa Barbara, CA
Margaritas were excellent! Tri Tip Chili Relleno dish was the best. We had a great time!

like eating a can of enchilada sauce...
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
Was my enchilada,taco, chili rellano plate a soup, stew or their version of a cheap tv dinner? Certainly not what I would expect of a 12 dollar meal. I would have preferred anything at Taco Bell over this puny portioned meal. I actually love Taco Bell and most fast food Mexican restaurants so it really surprises me to have inferior food at this long-standing business. Btw,this is my 2nd visit to this restaurant and the 1st being for the same reason, a celebration. Next time I will just order the cheapest a la carte to at least be a sport about being at this awful restaurant.

Great Service good food
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is quite affordable, the buffet on tuesday and friday nights is very good as well as in the budget book for the family. The service is awesome, the hosts and hostesses are there when you sit down and the waiters come around as soon as they can. I wasnt ever at doubt that what i was paying for wasnt worth it. I will deffinetly be coming back there! see ya soon Pepe's!

Customer Service is NOT their strong suit
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Surprisingly the Verde sauce on my burrito was very good but who runs out of black beans at 1:15 in the afternoon? Of course I wasn't told this until 10 minutes after my order was paced. Another person at our table ordered what he thought was just a bean burrito and when he inquired about this he was told, "No the veggie meal is the #4." Our waitress didn't even offer to help him out in any way. I gathered by her quick response that this wasn't the first time it had happened and I have to wonder if an "I apologize, can I get you a bean burrito instead?" would have turned this whole thing around. The kicker, I was charged for my refill of iced tea. My mistake for not asking in advance I suppose but I can't think of once, anywhere, where I've been charged for a refill of iced tea. Their food isn't that affordable, nor that outstanding to make up for a lousy attitude from the wait staff, especially with better alternatives within two blocks like El Sitio, La Chapala and Altamirano. Adios muchachos!

Just good food!
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Pepe's is the type of place where the food doesn't have to look pretty. The garnish on the plate is just a slice of tomato on a tiny hand full of lettuce, but the food itself is just plain GOOD. The salsa is my favorite in town! Seriously, the chips are great too, but they're merely vessels for me to get that delicious salsa to my mouth. I love their basic cheese enchiladas and ground beef tacos. Simple and delicious! They also have great nachos and burritos, but I always stick with my taco and enchilada combo. Yummy!

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