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Paesano's Pizzeria
1429 San Andres St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-2065

Reviews by the General Public

Wow, why didn't I check this place out sooner?!?
Reviewer: Laurie from Santa Barbara, CA
After a long and busy day at work I didn't have the energy to cook or drive anywhere. And after a long stretch of counting carbs, all I could think of was pizza. Living on the Mesa, I've driven by Paesano's a million times so decided to order one for delivery. It was the bomb! Super nice delivery guy, too. True NY style pizza, absolutely delicious. I would have given it 5 stars but the sausage was a little sparse. Otherwise, fabulous. I am one exhausted and happily stuffed girl (OK, 50ish woman).

East Coast Style Pizzeria
Reviewer: Pat from Santa Barbara, CA
Love Paesano's, probably the best pizza in SB, moving from the east coast (boston) to Santa Barbara I have found that its basically an east coast pizzeria. Thin crust sweet sauce, fresh cheese. Some of their deals are great too! I found Giovanni's on the mesa is the only contender with Paesanos for pizza, however they are both very different. Love it, go every week, and will keep going as often as I can!!!

Try paesano's Pizzeria! Great food
Reviewer: Mandi from Santa Barbara, CA
Great customer service, great pizza with killer deals on lunch specials. Outside patio is great for warm SB weather. A must try if your a pizza lover!

east coast pizzeria that happens to be in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Adam from Santa Barbara, CA
If Paesano's was located in NY/NJ, it would hold its own with the other pizzerias, and I mean the good ones (there are bad pizza joints there too, trust me). I can't really say that about any other pizzeria I've tried in SB, and I've been to over 50% of those listed on this site. The service is always great, and it has a great local neighborhood ambience. Luckily I live close by, but even if I didn't, their pizza would be worth the trip.

maybe i was unlucky...
Reviewer: tobi dennison from Santa Barbara, CA
so many people have expressed their satisfaction with Paesano's that I finally tried it...twice. and both times, i am sad to say, the pizza reminded me more like a frozen Tombstone pizza. the crust was thin (that's ok) but cardboard-E, and the toppings were super average; not fresh at all. true, i gave it a second chance in the same week so perhaps they just had a 'really-off-week'...

Just Like New York
Reviewer: Patrick from Santa Barbara, CA
In my honest opinion this is the best pizza in town. Thin crust, sweet tomato sauce and real mozzarella cheese. Simple and delicious.

Good pizza (only if you don't do delivery)
Reviewer: Leana from Santa Barbara, CA
We have ordered pizza from Paesano's for years, and we like their pizza and supporting a local establishment. The past few times it has taken up to two hours for the pizza to be delivered. The last time it took almost two hours, we asked why deliveries have taken so long, and the delivery driver said a few orders were made in the restaurant after we had called in our delivery order. Those people's orders moved ahead of our order even though we called in our order before those people made their order in the restaurant. This does not seem right at all, and orders should be fulfilled in the order they are received. If we do want Paesano's, we will eat there in the restaurant rather than get delivery. And, if we ever want delivery, we will not get Paesano's.

Boston's North End
Reviewer: Bob Moran from Santa Barbara, CA
The only other place where I found pizza this great was in the North End Italian section of Boston! I told this to Paesano's pizza chef and he was very pleased to hear it. The meatball sub is excellent too.

Going Downhill...
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
I have lived in Santa Barbara for 15 years and was a weekly customer of Paesano's under the previous owners. New management has lost me forever as a customer and I have given them numerous opportunities. The last time I went I got a chicken parmasagn combo meal. The salad was plain, I thought they had forgotten the chicken, but it was under the garlic bread. That's how small the portion was. It was not breaded as most CP is but was sliced with some sauce and cheese thrown on top. The garlic bread was the only item that was acceptable. NEVER AGAIN!

The Real Deal
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I bought a groupon to use at Paesano's and so glad that I did. I had been there once before a long while ago and being back last night reminded me how much I love their pizza. I'm from the East Coast so it really is like the pizza you get there. The crust is crunchy without any greasiness or sogginess on the bottom. The tomato sauce had the right amount of spices and the toppings were generous. The medium was more than enough for two people with a big appetite. Then I ordered a cannoli to go and it was AMAZING! They filled the pastry tube with the fresh ricotta sweet filling along with chocolate chips. Yummy! BTW - It's open on Sundays from Noon-8pm and they now accept credit cards!

Reviewer: Lillian from Santa Barbara, CA
Started dining here when I moved in a few blocks away. Their crust is phenomenal and the quality of their meat really stands out. My boyfriend and I always split a 1/2 Combo 1/2 Hawaiian with a ceasar salad. I absolutely love the authentic cesar dressing made with real anchovies and eggs. It's nice to see that the owner is almost always there making the pizzas. Also, they've always been dog friendly when we walk our pup there for lunch. Wish they made an extra large because we can't get enough!

very good simple little pizza place
Reviewer: molly bee from Santa Barbara, CA
Very good simple little pizza place that hit the spot after a day of wine tasting. Would not of found it with out the internet.

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