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Pacific Crepes
705 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 882-1123

Reviews by the General Public

Great little place for great little things to eat
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
We wanted something light for and early dinner and did we ever pick the right spot. Lovely french onion soup and a delicious fulsome salad topped off with a simple butter/sugar crepe. We picked some of the simplest things on the menu and each item was perfectly what we were looking for. Haunted by the simple dessert crepe so this will be a regular for our rounds around town. Very appreciative they handled our small orders with as much care as if we had had a full dinner. The advertised full dinner, several course prix fixe meal looked like one of the better deals in town for I think only $24. We will be back for that. Only drawback was the "french bread" was not what I usually think of as french bread - small, thin crouton-like slices that came with the soup. Nor were the onions caramelized for a rich brown broth, but the soup was still very tasty and oniony. Perhaps this is the Brittany version of both items - no problems because overall it was quite good.

My favorite place in SB
Reviewer: Caitlin from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I started eating at Pacific Crepes last October and try to make it there at least twice a month. The menu is divine and the atmosphere is enjoyable. We're often mooning over the maps on the tables or looking at the books around. To most, the service would seem somewhat cold but they're very French! Very effective and enjoyable to be around. We can order in French, which is an experience I've only ever had here, or in English. I recommended Pacific Crepes to everyone I know because it's a gem in downtown SB.

Food good, service a bit snobby/cold
Reviewer: sally from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been here after the farmers market on Saturday. I ordered the Salad Nicoise excellent, French onion soup okay. But I have to say with a new crepe place in town they might want to work on their attitude. It's a great location and do hope it makes it with the other Creperia in town. I don't know if the man that works there is the new owner.. is he the French's lady son? No one has to entertain me but a smile instead of a poker face would be nice.

The best piece of France in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Melissa Knill from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here more times than I can count, and each time I feel like I have taken the red eye to Bretagne... The atmosphere is simple and calm, the people laid back yet totally professional. The food is delicious.. I start off with a salad, topped with their signature salad dressing. Then I launch into my favorite crepe, La Lyonnaise, turkey and bechamel sauce... Then for dessert I choose the St. Gervais. A yummy crepe with white chocolate, strawberries and powdered sugar, and of course their whipped cream!! So yummy!! I would recommend this restaurant to anybody!!

Ugh, forget it.
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Obviously as you can see in my reviews below I really like(d) this place… until this morning. Being that I work in a hotel and volunteered to work on Turkey day means dinner was not going to happen for me so my fiancée and I went to Pacific for lunch. The owner's wife helped us and was cordial until I pointed out that I had ordered and been charged for ham on my crepe but did not get it. I was trying to explain to her and even showed her my leftovers to prove that the ham had not been placed on the crepe and she kept trying to tell me that the cash register rings up "ham turkey". I explained to her that I understood what she was saying since she thought I was referring to the turkey my fiancee had ordered on his, but at that point she wouldn't even let me finish after repeatedly interrupting me and then she began to holler at me in French, I understand French but I do not speak but a few words so I was unable to communicate what I was trying to say and what she thought that I meant, I was so humiliated that she was hollering at me and interrupting me in front of my fiancée and the other diners and I will not go back. All I wanted was an adjustment on my bill so that I did not have to pay for food that I didn't get and I didn't get to explain what was really happening until her husband finally came over and fixed it for us, and instead of apologizing he placed all of the blame on his chef. The food is generally good however on this trip the crepes came out cold even though we ordered them cooked with meats and cheeses, very disappointing. We've since decided I will be making crepes at home from now on.

Reviewer: Holly from Santa Barbara, CA
First time coming here with our baby and we loved this place before. We walked in to an empty place (only 2 other tables there) and they wouldn't give us a table that would fit us both and our car seat. Then offered us the long table only to tell us two seconds later "actually we might get a big group so I don't think you can sit there" . There were literally 4 tables that would have accommodated us , but we couldn't sit there in case a larger party came in. So basically we either put our infant on the floor of a very small place or we couldn't eat there. We left, I will never recommend this place to any of my friends. Apparently they are doing well enough that they can choose who they'd like to serve and families aren't on their list of preferred customers. Their food is great but be prepared to deal with bad attitudes.

Interesting, pretty good, cultural
Reviewer: Frederic from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree with Lens. I went to Pacific Crepes for the first time a few weeks ago. I ordered the "Nordic" crepe. The food was good, not really what I'm accustomed to eating but it was fresh and well prepared. Just a bit rich for my regular diet, which I suppose is fine considering French cuisine has many rich dishes. I like the cold bottles of water and authentic decor. At first I was a bit turned off by the French only speak, then I thought it was really neat. She said just a few words but I picked up on "fini" or something like that, basically asking me if I was finished or wanted coffee or dessert. I said "fini" or whatever the word was (I forget). This went on through my lunch, so I learned a little and was able to communicate in French, and had a nice French cultural experience unlike any other restaurant in SB. Kudos to a unique little spot in a town that's losing a lot of places like this. Would you rather see a Chili's or Applebee's? I sure wouldn't! Let's strive to keep the mom 'n pop shops alive folks! They're a dying breed. The all caps "I will never return her again" from one negative experience alone is extremely distasteful and can negatively affect a business. Restaurants are not easy businesses to maintain and keep afloat, lighten up fellas. It's just food after all. Your life must be pretty cherry if complaining about restaurants in such a manner is your get up!

Authentic Positive Review
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Robin, actually I am just a local girl that has been enjoying the restaurant for awhile now and I happened to come across the review after it was posted. I work in the service industry and am on this site many times per day at work looking up information for my guests when they need reservations or recommendations. I think Pacific is a wonderful place and I am only saying that my experience with the said woman has been nothing but kind and the food has been very good, I also feel that the other diners seem to enjoy her as well as I've heard them speaking in French with her on a couple of occassions. There is nothing wrong with having a differing opinion from the negative one stated below.

those negative reviewers are NUTS, this place is AWESOME.
Reviewer: Lens from Santa Barbara, CA
I *love* that that lady speaks only french to you. It makes you feel like you're not in America anymore, but a real french creperie! She's very nice and she understands everything you ask her in english, so what on earth is the problem? If you don't understand what she's asking/saying, tell her you don't understand! She'll go slower or point or bring someone to help! They have amazing crepes, great selection, good prices. When they are busy, service can get a bit slow (but then it's even more like an authentic french creperie ;)) but otherwise, they are always quick and efficient with our orders. I have never had a meal I didn't like here. Their salads are simple, fresh and delicious. The savory crepes are amazing, every single one we've had. The desert crepes are sinful! Ask for some fresh cream with your desert crepes (if they don't bring it to you already)! It's quite amazing!

what is this? positve review, right after negative review??
Reviewer: Robin Rhim from Santa Barbara, CA
This is kind of responds that I am reluctant to believe (I am referring to the review before mine). It is pretty obvious that some-one who is related to this restaurant is responding to the negative review. This is just flat out stupid. Just come out and say you’ll fix the problem or apology will do the work.

Great Food and Great Service
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
In response to Rick's review below, my fiancee and I have been going to Pacific for about a year now and I know which woman he is referring to, however she is very sweet, who cares if she speaks mostly French? She's never gotten our orders wrong and she is far from rude to the guests, does it really matter if she says "merci" instead of "thank-you"? We think it adds to the charm of eating there and I can tell many others do as well. Perhaps Rick would be better suited eating at an establishment that serves "Freedom Fries".

Decent Food If You Like Abuse
Reviewer: Rick Cipes from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the rudest possible woman in Santa Barbara. You would think she would've learned two words of English in all these years: "Thank you," but she refuses to placate you. Today, she had me sitting at a table for five minutes, after some mumbo-jumbo I didn't understand, without even giving me water or menu. I had no clue. I walked out. And, after eating there for the past six years, I will NEVER GO BACK AGAIN. Sorry, but She fits the French stereotype to the tee. And it is no longer worth my money, for a decent crepe, to be abused by this very unhappy later who is obviously too cheap to hire a real waiter or three.

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