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Olio E Limone Ristorante
11 W. Victoria St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 899-2699

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: stu from Santa Barbara, CA
we had a wonderful dinner here tonight. artichoke soup, eggplant souffle, wide noodles with sausage and quail in tomato sauce, loup de mer (a white fish) with asparagus and tomatoes, cappachinos for dessert. delicious food, lovely ambiance and great service.

Reviewer: Dana from Santa Barbara, CA
Really bummed because we were so looking forward to eating here (and paid for by friends!. Had the rabbit which was a special of the night. It was very odd, looking like it had been rolled (with vegetables and things)and then sliced. Rubbery, dry and flavorless and should be removed from the menu. My wife's quail was dry and flavorless. Cannoli was mediocre and -- sorry -- flavorless. Service was not great. At a place that charges such high prices, you shouldn't have to tell the food runner who the food goes to(happened twice). Had to ask for more coffee. Think I ordered the wrong thing but won't try again. Next time Ca'Dario.

I miss the old ole days!
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
We starting dining here soon after it opened. Olio was an incredible addition to the fine dining scene...authentic, delicious, even a little innovative. If it was a bit expensive, I didn't care. Everyone was professional, and every meal and evening were very special and fulfilling. Fast forward a few years and you have, not a disaster by any means, but merely good food for the same very expensive price. Ok, specifics. First, I ordered the pear salad w/walnuts, crumbled cheese, etc. The pears were not in the least bit ripe - very hard and thus tasteless. I don't think I'm being unreasonable here; they do call it a 'pear' salad. Small portions for the lettuce, ditto the other items mentioned, all for $14!! I expect perfection and perhaps a little volume for that price. If you don't have ripe pears, maybe it's better to say 'we don't have that salad tonight. Our pears aren't cooperating...'. For the main, I had the Veal Osso Buco dish. Fairly tasty for sure, but the portions were very wanting. Yes, wanting, as in, I wanted more food after my meal was over. They really need to get back to the basics. I know they have it in them. The service is still professional, but it was a weekend night and not very crowded. Nearby places were packed. Maybe I'm not the only one? By the way, I'm not a caveman and don't need to eat whole animals to be full.

Split-plate charge?
Reviewer: Lucy from Santa Barbara, CA
Food has been hit-or-miss here, but when I was charged a $5 split-plate charge for sharing a salad on a $100 bill (for two people), I decided not to go back. How low-rent.

If it's a special night, this is the restaurant to patron!
Reviewer: Mary Anne from Santa Barbara, CA
I LOVE this restaurant! The food is terrific, the Risotto is always perfectly done, the wine list is extensive and the fresh tomato with Buffalo mozzerella and fresh basil salad is a must! If you are looking for a quick bite to eat, don't come here. This is a dining experience, not a diner. Can't wait for my next visit.

A night to savor.
Reviewer: Jamie from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to dinner for my birthday with a friend. We were seated immediately, the reservation was for 6:00, a perfect time to dine, it wasn't crowded yet. We had a three course meal and dessert! All the food was prepared beautifully and was absolutely delicious.The waiter's accent was a little difficult, to understand and he spoke quickly, but I understood basically what he was saying. He was available and accommodating. We wanted to split the two entrees and they did that for us tastefully. The waiter brought the decadent chocolate dessert with a candle,a surprise to me .I will absolutely return!

very pleasant experience
Reviewer: CA from Toronto, Canada
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our first dining experience at Olio E Limone recently. Our food was top notch from beginning to end, and we appreciated the elegantly understated ambience. The only slightly negative criticism I would offer is that the wait staff seemed rather cold and brusque. I realize this is quite typical in Europe and perhaps the Italian waiters are simply performing according to their heritage/training, but I think North Americans would appreciate a more friendly attitude. While I personally don't really like having an overly chatty or effervescent waiter, I think the wait staff at Olio should know that a smile can go a long way. However, I did appreciate that our waiter never hovered unnecessarily. And although I was a bit nervous when our waiter confidently promised to bring us a "very good wine" to accompany our meal, he really delivered. All in all a very pleasant experience and we'll be going back the next time we visit Santa Barbara.

Great experience!
Reviewer: Frank Rizzo from Los Banos, CA
Visiting Santa Barbara for a few days and was looking for a nice restaurant to have dinner with my wife. Food was great and the service was good! Many reviews commented on subpar service. We did not experience this. We would go back again!

Cheap food disguised with Expensive Prices
Reviewer: CJ from Santa Barbara, CA
I think that this was one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. I had made a reservation 8 hours earlier that day and spelled out my first and last name to them. when I got their after about 10 minutes of looking at the reservation list, they realized they had spelled my name completely wrong. We were seated and waited 30 mintues for them to bring us water, then another 15 to order. My friend and I ordered two entrees and a salad to share. An hour later (due to an error they made with the order) we finally received our salad, at this point we had finished out first drink so we figured why not order a second. The waiter rudely commented "Just got your first course and already ordering a second drink?". Finally our entrees arrived, I could have bought this food in a grocery store and heated it up. No on once apologized or asked us how we were doing. I will never return to this restaurant and I will make sure to inform people of their horrendous service and food.

Lovely Santa Barbara Gem
Reviewer: Ixchelle from Santa Barbara, CA
I live in Santa Barbara and this is arguably the best restaurant in town. The food is savory, fresh, and always delicious. Yes it is expensive but you are in Santa Barbara so please don't complain about the price. Expect to drop at least $100 for a nice dinner for two. If you want cheap don't eat in Santa Barbara. The decor is intimate with nice details like tablecloths and candles. Only complaint is the location, it's next to a city parking lot downtown and no patio dining. Otherwise no complaints. Contrary to some other reviews the service is good. If you want someone to coddle you all night try Olive Garden if you want classic clean efficient service where your needs are met discreetly go to Olio E Limone.

un exelente restaurante
hola muchachos quiero decirles que la comida quue ustedes preparan es la mejor en SANTA BARBARA, me encanta el PAPARDELE, SALUDOS A TODOS EN ESPECIAL A MI HERMANA CLAUDIA

Fabulous experience on our anniversary
Reviewer: Nicholle from Santa Barbara, CA
We decided on Olio e Limone for our anniversary this year, as we had heard many great things about it but had never been. The host was very pleasant when we arrived and we were seated immediately. It took several minutes to have our drink order taken - not a huge deal since we had our water - but would've been nice to have a glass of wine while we perused the menu. The crabcake appetizer was delicious and plated beautifully. My better half had the beef tenderloin with arugula and shaved parmesan entree, which was fantastic. The beef was cooked perfectly and was fork tender. I had the pumpkin ravioli - a special that evening. It was beyond words! Decadent! For dessert we shared the panna cota - the best I've had, and the chocolate coffee mousse. Neither dessert was overly sweet or rich, which was a great way to round out our meal. Our server even surprised us with two complimentary glasses of dessert wine and wished us a happy anniversary! Only gripes: 1) had to ask two different people for a lime wedge for my drink 2) the waters were never refilled even though the glasses sat empty for most of the meal. Overall our experience was great. We will definitely be back. Olio e Limone is a great place to celebrate a special occasion or just have a romantic dinner. :)

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