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La Super Rica Taqueria
622 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-4940

Reviews by the General Public

Know what to order
Reviewer: Biff from Santa Barbara, CA
This is not Tex-Mex. No burritos, nachos, etc. The salsas are nothing to write home about, but order the daily specials and you won’t be disappointed.

decent but nothing special
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
Tourists and fake reviewers galore love this place. For those that actually live here, it is an over rated Mexican restaurant with decent food. The tacos are not unusual and the portion size is just ok. A bit pricy for what you get.

Tastes great, worth the wait.
Reviewer: Gonzo from SAN DIMAS
After hearing about this place for years we stopped and gave it a try...on a Sunday evening, the wait was about 30 minutes..the menu was simple,the service was good,and the patio was clean..the tacos were great, but my chorizo quesodilla made me stop what i was doing and declare to my buddy, that this was better than pizza...and damn..i really love pizza...i love this place...its really as good as people say..i want!

Original takes on Mexican classics.
Reviewer: Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
Thirty years ago I was taking Spanish 2 at UCSB and our teacher told us he was leaving grad school to start a Mexican restaurant and it was Isidoro! If you get the boring items you might be disappointed but the daily specials! Chilaquiles are unique and amazing. Sopes are unique and amazing. The Posole is different and better than any posole I have ever had. Just try one of those items then tell me that it is not amazing. Superrica especial- very good. Tacos de chorizo- wow! Creative, inspiring and most of all delicious!

Our first stop!
Reviewer: Tom & Kim from Brentwood, CA
Since 1990 my wife and I have made The Four Seasons Santa Barbara our home away from home but our first stop before we check in has always been La Superica!We also like to eat at The Brophy Brothers in the marina and the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito too so as you see we like Five Stars all the way. You just have to know to order a few items from the menu, bring cash and most importantly go before or after the rush hour. So off we go North on the 101, get off on Milpas and heaven awaits!

La Super Rica Taqueria Very Special Authentic Mexican Food
Reviewer: Bridey Denninger from Arroyo Grande, CA
I could not believe someone could write a bad review of this place. It is a fine gem in the world of restaurants. A fine gem that comes on a little paper plate. These are authentic recipes from Mexico. This food is some of the best food you will ever eat in your life. Every bite is heavenly, you are transported to heaven. They have wonderful sauces. This place is about the seasoning, the sauces, on good healthy simple ingredients. It's good food that is not complicated and neither is the dining experience. If you can't go with flow and enjoy this place, you are really missing it. It does get crowded but it is worth it or the lines would not be there. If it's a weekday lunch there may be no lines at all.

Reviewer: Amir from Santa Barbara, CA
When i read sole of yout ratings it look good but i could try it If it dans possible for him i put all sorts of meat like halal for muslims and kasher for jews it would ne interessing for everybody to try super rica i wish One i ll come to SB and taste it

I agree 100% with Eric (below)….
Reviewer: Rex Of SB from Santa Barbara, CA
Take away Julia Child’s fawning over Super Rica and you’re left with extremely average Mexican fast food. This adulation over Super Rica reminds me of The Emperor’s New Clothes—a lot of people want to believe that the food is somehow wonderful, but when you look at it closer, it really isn’t anything spectacular. It’s not bad, it’s just completely overrated—probably the most overrated restaurant in the county. I just don’t get it.

Not terrible but far from the best
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
So many great Mexican places in Santa Barbara and this one is just okay. All the groupies, star struck by Julia Child's name trip over their own tastebuds but the truth is it's slightly better than average food.

Best ever true Mex ALWAYS!!
Reviewer: mary from San Luis Obispo, CA
Anyone who does not enjoy this food at any price or wait time has NO TASTE period. We come from the Slo area a few times a year and never fail to stop here and we talk about the food all the time!!

If it is good enough for Julia
Reviewer: Amalia from Los Angeles, CA
I have driven several times from LA just to eat at La Super Rica Taqueria for my BD. Thier foord is super. ( my friends have learned not to ask me what I want for my BD, unless they are willing to drive me to SB); as a matter of fact my friend just send me a picture of La Super Rica with the link from which I am typing this review) and all she said in the email was what day and what time. I read in Julia's Child biograpy book that La Super Rica was her favorite place to eat whenever she was in town. I figured if one of the Best Cheif's in the world loved it here, who am I, to rate it less then five stars. Acutaly, the food is very good. (I take my tupperware, so I can buy exact orders to put in my freezer for another special day) Yeah, the average wait is one hour, but who care's , once you take your 1st bite, you forget about the wait. The only other resturant I would wait for an hour is in Numero 1 (No, not the Pizza place), in Puerto Nuevo, Baja California Sur for thier Lobster.

Not just the best Mexican food in SB - the best food in SB
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
We have tried almost every item on the menu. All excellent. This is not the typical California style Mexican food. Rather, great food from the interior of Mexico. The food is always fresh. Sometimes long lines on weekends as the LA crowd is well aware of the food. Best times are 11:30 for lunch and 5:00 for dinner. Many Hollywood stars have first or second homes in SB. Most of them eat here. We leave them alone. Please do not bother them. Always ask what the daily specials are - you will be both surprised and satisfied.

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