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Treehouse Restaurant
3860 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-2426

  • Category: American
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 6am-9:30pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
  • Reservations: No
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Reviews by the General Public

really fantastic
Reviewer: nic from Santa Barbara, CA
have gone here since i was a kid.( back in the day we also had down the street, loop's , sambo's,house of pies, harry's,char west) and haven't gone for a few years. went in lately and the treehouse was great. good tradition coffee shop with killer homemade "normal food" had the angus burger was one of the best in town. the corned beef dinner on St. pactrick's day was as good as Canters in LA. served with perfectly steamed cabbage,butter skin off potatoes. the cinnamon rolls in the morning are "off the hook". fantastic real normal food. goin back

pleasantly surprised
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
We had an Axxess punch so decided to try Treehouse for lunch. They have an extensive 'traditional' menu, plus daily specials including 4 kinds of fish and comfy foods such as pot roast and Salisbury steak. Service was friendly and prompt. Had butterflied trout with almonds, mixed carrots/peas, mash (with gravy) and cole slaw, green salad or soup to start and a roll; all good. They have the grinding mechanical cash register of a well-established place with plenty of regulars. Will do it again.

Best kept secret on state st.
Reviewer: Gary from El toro
I've eaten here last time In s. b and had to go back. This time had eggs benedict and it was great! Did you know they have a full bar in the back called the twig room? Great little bar!

Reviewer: stu from Santa Barbara, CA
...biscuits and gravy in SB. FB down state street and the culinary students at SBCC do a good job on this dish but here it's done right with enough spicy zing to the gravy. also the ham steak was excellent. Much nicer decor inside than I expected from a coffee shop style restaurant that has been around forever. Service was fast efficient and Friendly. I will return and bring my wife.

tipping point
Reviewer: Richard from Santa Barbara, CA
Seems an odd pricing issue, Rex. Up the street, Max's charges $ does Tupelo Junction, Cielito and many other SB restaurants. I was once charged $10 for "water refill" when drinking hot tea at a Singapore restaurant. For me, that was a definite signal I was in over my head.

$2.99 for a Coke???
Reviewer: RexOfSB from Santa Barbara, CA
Pretty good food, kinda pricey but worth it. Until you see that Coca-Cola and other soft drinks are a whopping $2.99. $2.99!! Even Harry's Plaza is cheaper. In fact, I know of no other restaurant or bar in SB that charges three bucks for a Coke. Since I like Coke, I won't be back, even though the food is quite nice. At $1.50 they'd be making a large profit. Three dollars (okay, $2.99) is just plain greedy.

Interesting experience
Reviewer: Monette Lane from Santa Barbara, CA
Never eaten here before. Food was unexceptional to say the best. Server was very attentive and kind, but nothing here worth doing again! Dined on a Sunday.

Always Pleased
Reviewer: LIZ EVANS from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going here ever since it opened. Passed waitresses have become my friends for 40 years. Which means the waitress here treat you like a friend, service excellent, cooks great as well as entertaining. Also Food great & prices reasonable... I look forward to going here.

Always Satisfied
Reviewer: Bertsy Robinson from Santa Barbara, CA
Every time I go there I get fast friendly service. They have the best fried chicken in the area!

Great family restaurant!!!
Reviewer: TS from Santa Barbara, CA
The burgers are amazing! Couldn't ask for better service! Super friendly staff. I was in with an infant and they were so helpful and kind and brought over snacks for him before I even had to ask!

mayberry rfd
Reviewer: Randy from San mateo ca
always like when i walk into a rest and the people are real(so was the food) not snooty. but still pros( old time ) meat and potatoes def. do not look for a cusine other than americana ok price must be tough in santa barbara id def go back just to hear the regs gab and smell the food its def a family style rest

One younger waitress doesn't really care...
Reviewer: Belle from Carpinteria
I enjoy eating here.Food is great Cooks & waiters & waitresses friendly & very considerate.But occassionally I'm waited on by a waitress she seems to have something more important on her mind then serving her customers in a timely way.Seen checking her phone frequentally. I have to ask for items which are provided by the others .

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