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Harry's Plaza Cafe
3313 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-2800

Reviews by the General Public

Very Disappointing Service, 8/17/2018
Reviewer: Christa from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend and I had a terrible experience with one of the regular waitresses. We have always enjoyed the pasta, and came especially to order that entry. We also enjoy the bread basket that is usually given while the order is being prepared. On our last visit we asked if we could have the wonderful bread basket, while we awaited our pasta. We each ordered a half-order, as we weren't as hungry that evening. The waitress was very unfriendly, and told us since we only ordered a half order of pasta, we weren't entitled to the bread basket. We could hardly believe what she was telling us! We always looked forward to having the bread with our meal. I mentioned this to the manager, and he just walked away. My friend decided to order a side salad, and the unfriendly waitress asked her, sarcastically, if we wanted to split it. We were very insulted. I guess Harry's has enough business so they don't have to appease their customers. I wrote a letter to management regarding our experience, but never received a reply. I suggested that they ask each customer before they ordered how much money they intended to spend to see if they qualified for a basket of bread which has always been provided at every table. Harry's must not feel the need to value their customers, as we are hesitant to return.

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