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Farmer Boy Restaurant
3427 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-7011

Reviews by the General Public

Rest in Peace Memorable Farmer Boy, 2/25/2015
Reviewer: Thinker Bill from Santa Barbara-by-the-Sea, CA
Farmer Boy had become a local institution. It was "great for what it was"; lots of good food as very reasonable prices

Returning in the fall.
Reviewer: Annie from Santa Barbara, CA
Looking forward to the reopening of this location in the fall, following the purchase and remodel by owners of Brophy Bros.

Looks Closed ? Windows are brown papered shut
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Note on window but we did not stop to read it, hopefully a remodel and quick return

Letting the dead bury the dead....
Reviewer: J from Santa Barbara, CA
If you see this place as you drive by ...keep driving! I thought to myself, let's eat here and keep a local business alive and well. I've never written a review before.. always been empathetic to a giving situation. Coffee served cold, mentioned to waiter..cold again. Ordered basic breakfast. Eggs were watered down, sausage still frozen in the middle, hashbrowns undercooked. Had a side of biscuits- crumbled to pieces, I mean crumbled, old biscuits. Unable to eat a simple breakfast. McDonalds would have been a better choice to eat. If I was the owner, I would fire the cook who worked Sunday, nov 3 2013 at around 8am. I live and work in this town, since 1988. Sad to see a local business bury itself. Hope, the cashier realized the meal was not to par, the business compensated the meal. The cost of me having to take the time and write this review, the last time I will eat here.

Reviewer: STEVE talley from Santa Barbara, CA

Great Lunch Specials
Reviewer: Austin Mera from Goleta
The food was great, I had the Tuesday lunch special, and the soup was homemade chicken fideo, so good!! My girlfriend had Bacon avocado cheeseburger with french fries, we both had the homemade custard for dessert, it was really good. The server had a beaming smile which made our experience most enjoyable, always brought refills for our drinks, we like eating at The Farmer Boy restaurant, we go there quite often, and always tell them to eat an oyster and we well see you tomorrow, inside jokes are the best! I've never had a bad experience there, the atmosphere is very 50's thats what I like about it.

The most disgusting place I've ever eaten
Reviewer: Brooke from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I went there for breakfast earlier in the week and right when we walked in the door it felt as though we weren't wanted there. We got a snicker and a glare from the older waitress and another one from one of the employees sitting at the counter. Our waitress served all of the regulars before us and I caught her rolling her eyes at us twice. I would never recommend this place to anyone, and from working in the hospitality industry I know the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the restaurant are entirely unacceptable. My boyfriend got huevos rancheros which seemed to look like they were out of a can, and I got a French dip where the meat was green.... I think that's all I have to say about the quality of the food there as well. The waitress messed up our order twice and was extremely rude when we confronted her about it, we also had to ask for our check 3 times before she got up from filing her nails at the counter and actually brought it to us. I would never eat here again and would never recommend it

So Sad
Reviewer: Jan from Santa Barbara, CA
The thing I liked best, was that going there brought back happy memories of eating here years ago. Happy memories were dashed. Sadly, this old, tired (service too)and dirty restaurant must be on it's last leg. The food was quite possibly the worst I have ever paid for in my life. I don't want to go into details to save your appetite...for another restaurant. There are so many good places to eat in S.B. Time for this one to R.I.P.

Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Met a friend for breakfast at F.B. (not my choice) and the minute I walked iny stomach turned! This place was not just dated and hideous but filthy! Even out waitress was a mess! I was waiting for Gordon Ramsay to come out with a film crew at any moment( Kitchen Nightmares). The plates were chipped, flatware and glasses were still dirty and previous lipstick on my water glass (waitress didn't even bat an eye when I complained) I don't even want to think about what kitchen is like!!😳now the food/slop.... I had the highly recommended corned beef hash and eggs poached....what I got was something that resembled a can of dog food and 2 greasy over easy eggs (poached???) I just lookedat my plate in disbelief (this was highly recommended? And then I realized the source...what was I thinking asking our disheveled server for any kind of advise!). I took it back and ended up going to Via Maestra for some real food! As for my friend....she's not allowed to pick the restaurant anymore!

Don't get the Guac
Reviewer: Ty from Santa Barbara, CA
It has to be that lemony Guacamole that they sell at the store. We live in a place known for its Avocado production and you still use store bought premade junk?

Worst service I've ever had
Reviewer: Christy Jones from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend and I went in there for breakfast last weekend and had the worst service of our life. The woman taking our order served everyone else she was helping first, even though they all sat down after us. She then finally gave us our food and never talked to us again. I had to ask the man pouring water for a to-go-box and the check. after I got my box, 15 minutes went by and the check never came... My friend and I politely went up to the front of the restaurant to try and pay and the woman saw us, quickly wrote up a receipt, and pretty much threw it at the man handling the register to ring us up. I am never going back there and telling all my friends that you will be treated poorly and neglected.

Needs a good cleanup
Reviewer: Nivek Lane from Santa Barbara, CA
Still a great old diner - but the place needs a top to bottom cleaning . It should smell like a diner, not like something is rotting in the corner. Heck - even when it was smoke filled the smell was better. Doubt I'll return if a good lysol application and clutter cleanup isn't performed soon.

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