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Enterprise Fish Company
225 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-3313

  • Category: Seafood
  • Hours: Sun-Thu 11:30am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-11pm
  • Chef: Chef Bruce Choi
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, recommended
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Reviews by the General Public

Crab cake nonsense
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
We ordered the crab cakes to share for two. What came to table were 2 bitesized crab cakes?? But wait! This wasn't crab, was it whitefish? I called the waitress over to tell her that we got fish cakes, not crab cakes but since they were bitesized they were gone. Waitress laughed and said it happens a lot to people who order the crab cakes. ????say what! Was she kidding me? 10 minutes later come the crab cakes. Again bitesized and a suggestion of crab. What a piece of nonsense! Then the bill comes......$15 for two bites of blah crab cake! Oh and waitress tried to charge us for the fish cake mistake! What a joke! Unbelievable really and they new it.

A Happy Local
Reviewer: Tibo Cuellar from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I frequent about four times a month. We Love the weekday Lobster special and the steamers. I also love the scallop kabobs and my wife loves the risotto and scallops. A few years back it got bad. but they corrected some flaws. It's on of our favorites in Santa Barbara

In response to Mr. Martini
Reviewer: Dude from Santa Barbara, CA
Excuse me but the only thing in a “classic martini” should be alcohol! I bet you’re one of those people that sends a gin or vodka martini back for being too strong. If you don't want straight alcohol then order an appletini or a lemon drop, those are the fufu martini's.

Poor Martini
Reviewer: Mr. Martini from Goleta, CA
Nice bartenders.....but " young". I don't need more alcohol in my martini, I just need less water. Please learn how to make a classic martini. This was my second disappointment here, I dropped 60 with tip each time (I don't believe in stiffing, they tried).

their salt water aquarium is nice
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Unfortunately, the food is a mixed bag. Nice bread to start. Good NE chowder. Mahi Mahi dish was interesting, side spinach had lots of garlic but also oily. Grilled veg fine. Small bits of fried fish were OK, calamari chunks nice, coconut shrimp way overcooked and dry, scallops greasy. Ketchup, tartar, and a sweet sauce. The server was knowledgeable and all around good; the kitchen took forever to get the food out. Not great value, either.

down regretable
Reviewer: meme from Santa Barbara, CA
nothing maybe they should visit Santa Monica EFC its another world above food and service over cook fish,veggie but the clam chowder i use to rave over is over and my take out order my chowder was full of cornstarch lumps sour dough was stail tough this was ordered to go to enjoy on the train i thank they were left overs i notice many people in the kitchen less than a dozen patrons dinning i have been eating there 10 yrs or more never never again

It went downhill
Reviewer: Gary from Santa Barbara, CA
We have come here many time, but we're shocked last time we came for lunch. The red clam chowder had changed for the worse. The fish tacos had a tiny sliver of fish. The tuna melt was bad. What happened to our previous favorite seafood place.

As good as it can be bad
Reviewer: Quint from Santa Barbara, CA
Short version, Great happy hour. Dinner, the bread and butter was better than the fish. Longer version, their happy hour is off the hook. Inexpensive, crowded, good food. The fresh fish on the other hand, is expensive, not so good and, well not so good and can easily be improved. Mind you they are sort of famous for their wood burning grill which chars fish and meat and should leave a hickory smokey taste. Every time I go the opposite happens. The mahi was raw in the middle and so was the swordfish, both obviously square shaped highly factory prepared pieces of fish to maximize yield rather than filetted clean and cut into smaller filets. The grill marks were white, no char, no smoke flavor. $25 bucks for a slimy piece of flacid fish doesn't cut it fellas. If it were cheap I would be fine with that and buy another item. I normally reserve my negative comments for the manager but there was none to be found and the servers were too busy. I hope you read this and tell your cooks the red-hot mesquite and the smoke it creates below those red hot grates are there for a reason. All that said, this place is still very good for Happy Hour, easily one of the best in town but you get marked down until the items you tout on the big chalkboards are high quality for the price you charge. 2.0 - C grade, and I'm being generous. Almost a C note for two crappy dinners, a good salad and app we shared, no alcohol.

Lousy food
Reviewer: Barbara from Glendale, AZ
The last few time we have eaten here we have been quite disappointed. As a retired dietitian and food service director, I have found the meals to be increasingly terrible. Meals are lukewarm at best, salads limp and tasteless, service sketchy and the atmosphere lacking and extremely noisy. We will no longer frequent the restaurant. There are too many great places in Santa Barbara. This is an embarrasement/

Love the fresh fish you guys serve...
Reviewer: JoAnn from Santa Barbara, CA
I love fish, and you can't get it any fresher then at the Enterprise. I know you all are so happy to serve us locals since we are so picky. Your the best, see you soon and thanks for being my number one place to have a great meal, good service and fond memories. Friends are coming in from the East Coast and I'm going to take them where the action is. Love ya guys JoAnn

Good salad
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered the BBQ salmon and thougt I would get fish from the BBQ grill, however, I didn't expect a fish bathed in mucho slimey sweet BBQ sauce that was put on after the fish was cooked, not good! Salad was great but the potatos were scooped from a small ice cream scoop, why one small scoop portion? I have had better salmon down the street and much cheaper.

local opinion
Reviewer: surfnvet from Santa Barbara, CA
As a local I can tell you the food is usually good but on occasion isn't. The happy hour bar thing is good...the wait staff is always good so I don't nderstand why people complain about that part of the restaurant. I agree that the baked potato isn't always what it should be and maybe they save them.. not sure, but they don't always seem fresh. The lobster bisque can be epic 80% or a disaster. Maybe they should make sure it is fresh everyday no matter what. The bread is good.... the trout almondine is great, the swordfish is excellent, the food is usually a 80-90% with occasionally better occasionally worse. I have eaten ther maybe 100 times.

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