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East Beach Grill
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2018-01

1118 E. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-8805

  • Category: American, Burgers
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 6am-5pm (Summer time close is 1 hour later)
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast & Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Pleasantly surprised, 4/28/2014
Reviewer: Peter from Vancouver, bc
This place was great. After reading the previous reviews we were hesitant, but the food was excellent and we had no problems with the service. Fantastic location...right on the beach. Cold beer, hot and tasty food, beach location. What more could you ask for?

Breakfast at the beach, 9/15/2013
Reviewer: Jim from Cool, CA
Read about this place on Google reviews and was a little worried about the food but decided to try because of the location, walking distance from my hotel. Got there and it was extremely crowded but was able to find a table in the shade with a great beach view. Was greeted with a smile by the gentleman at the counter, placed order was thanked for coming in and told my food would be delivered. Drinks came quickly and was soon followed by food delivered by a smiling server. Food was excellent and service was even better. I highly recommend.

Go here for the view and location, 10/7/2012
Reviewer: CaliGirlForever from Santa Barbara, CA
Love coming here on weekend mornings and being a part of the beach life. It has a different feel than down towards the wharf and restaurants in that direction. Prices were pretty high for what we got and the food was not anything to rave about, but it was tasty. We came here for the view and the beach not for the food. And I would go back again for the location, but not necessarily the food. For a healthier option, the fruit and yogurt with a bagel hit the spot, but it was so expensive for what it was. Husband ordered eggs, ham, and toast and he liked it but didn't think he would come back because of the food. The view drew us in and it will keep drawing us in!

Ok food but pricey as paying for view, 5/25/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Nice setup where you can eat(inside or out) right on the beach front. The same owner owns the char west on the pier and they offer the burger here too. The burger was just not there for me though, meat poor. The owner is making some dough here with inflated prices for what you get. The drinks are behind the counter too. Fries were good though. This place opened in 1926. There is no pool here, this place has some bathrooms and offices(apparently a gym too). This is the place for the East Beach volleyballers though. Nice but I think I like the vibe of west beach Shoreline Beach Cafe on the other side of the pier unless into volleyball. The server was really nice here. A place to chill.

best burgers in town, 12/24/2010
Reviewer: Connie Connally-Michel from Santa Barbara, CA
We love going to East Beach Grill for burgers on Saturdays year round. The burgers are always juicy and the buns super fresh. The crowds that meander by are always entertaining. It is the best beach side grill in town.

Disappointed, 7/1/2010
Reviewer: Darrell from Houston, TX
I was really craving a seafood omlette. This grill was on the beach and extremely close to the zoo, where I was taking my son. I was disappointed, when I observed that the menu only consisted of basic breakfast items. I settled for the ever-so creative ham & cheese omlette, just under $10, and got my son a bagel w/ cream cheese, $3.50. I dismissed the inflated sticker price as a consequence of realty. I specifically requested that my omlette not be overcooked, meaning "yellow," as so many places only cook one side, rather than flip it and add ingredients to the cooked side, allowing the egg to cook evenly on the other. What I got looked like smashed toast and cheese; my son's $3.50 bagel was burned. I was pressed for time and just ate, rather than allow the cook to scramble it instead. The hashed browns tasted like they had been fried w/ fish, but what really knocked me out was the $3.00 I had to pay for an 8oz glass of apple juice for which I was not allowed refills. Next time I go to the zoo, I'll drive the extra mile to find a better experience.

Good Food and Fabulous Dog-Friendly Location, 1/4/2010
Reviewer: Brat from Napa Valley, CA
If you want a good breakfast, bike/walk/roller blade your way to East Beach Grill. Juice is fresh. Coffee good. Servers friendly. Dogs are welcome. Watch out for the gulls and aggressive pigeons that are just waiting for you to step away from your table! Parking is easy, too! There is no better view in Santa Barbara. You are inches away from the beach and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Great location, Good Food, 11/30/2009
Reviewer: Ralph Luikart from Santa Barbara, CA
This location is most probably leased to the owner by the City and, given that these locations are a premium, I'm sure the lease is astronomical. No doubt that is reflected in the price of the food. Nevertheless, if you like dining right on the beach, there is no where else you can go that has a better view or better environment. The owner is a truly amicable fellow, the portions are generouse and wholesome. I eate there whenever I get the chance.

Great for fish and chips, 10/18/2009
Reviewer: Susanna from Santa Barbara, CA
I like to come here mid-afternoon and get the fish and chips or chicken quesadilla. (I've tried the burgers and I'd agree they aren't the best, but there are plenty of other things on the menu.) The staff is friendly (though I didn't rate service, since there's no table service in the afternoon). The price is less than the other local eateries that are right on the water as this place is, though naturally it's not cheap on a citywide basis. What I really enjoy though is the atmosphere. It's an unbuttoned, barefoot kind of place, and I love sitting under the blue and white striped umbrellas and watching the beachgoers and volleyball players in the summer, and the ocean and the islands in the winter. It's a great mood-booster.

Best breakfast location in the area, maybe California!, 9/7/2009
Reviewer: Bruce B from Oak Park, CA.
Get here on a weekend morning, maybe 9am.. have breakfast, coffee and enjoy the cool air as the beach warms up. Your reward will be good food and parking at this early hour.

Best Location for Breakfast on the Coast, 7/6/2009
Reviewer: Don Hodgdon from Santa Barbara, CA
Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but this hidden gem serves one of the best breakfasts in Santa Barbara. The menu is limited but excellent, the coffee is good (Peets) and the service always comes with a smile. Just don't leave your plate unattended or the gulls will make off with your breakfast!

Banana Pancakes Rock, 6/28/2009
Reviewer: Brian from Aliso Viejo/CA
While visiting SB our friends that live locally took us here. The banana pancakes rocked. If it wasn't for the seagulls that pooped on my buddy twice it would have been a perfect breakfast.

Fabulous!, 5/28/2008
Reviewer: Vanessa from Santa Barbara
This place is the best breakfast spot. The view, of course, is the best part; however the food and service follow. The place is a beach café with a walk up counter and the servers know what they are doing. My roommates and I ride our bikes here every Sunday morning and we split the wheat germ pancakes and the Santa Barbara omelet. They are both delicious; however the pancakes are to die for.

great breakfast, 12/12/2007
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
The banana pancakes with wheat germ and Santa Barbara omelet plate are great. There are plenty of fancier eateries, and a few cheaper, but the grill at Parks & Rec's East Beach facility does as good a breakfast as any when things are going well. Service is good, and the beachside location a bonus. Give yourself a high-carb treat.

Great for Breakfast, 11/7/2007
Reviewer: susan from evergreen, Colorado
This is a great place to sit and enjoy a great breakfast. The view doesn't get much better.

Great Location---Better Pancakes!!, 7/15/2007
We made a late arrival on a Friday night and had Burgers here. They were pricy and average.I was bummed. However---I did remember the primary ranking for this place was for breakfast sooooooooooooo, I withheld a final opinion!!! Sunday morning----place was mobbed!! Line out to the beach. Finally scored a table. Ordered banana pancakes, and some eggs. Server barely noticed we were there, and finally came to clean the table.I tried to stay positive. Then the food arrived........OH MY GOD!!! I dont smoke---but after eating those pancakes---I wanted a cigarrette, a wet napkin, and someone's phone number quick!!! It was an oral rapture. Best Ive had. The cappuccino was a fine finish. For your visit........skip the burgers and go for the pancakes, and coffee. Worth the wait!!!!

a locals opinion, 6/10/2007
Reviewer: Ali Main from Santa Barbara
The food is good. The chicken quesidilla is to die for! the only problem is that not only do they charge you for everything, but they also way overprice most of their food. it is nice having them right on the beach, especially after sun bathing all day, but there are other places that are still close, and much better. not a #1 choice.

unsattisfied teenager, 5/22/2006
Reviewer: Jasper Jacobs from Santa Barbara, Ca
This place sucks! Atleast once a week I play volleyball at the nearby East Beach, and since this is the only place that is less then 1/4 of a mile from East beach I have no choice but to eat there. Not only is the food over priced, but the quality is marginal. A burger is about $3, and a hamburger meal is $7 or $8. The atmosphere is a bit unclean, and I think I was even charged for a cup of water once. The only good thing I think of about this restaurant is that there is berely ever a crowd there. If you want to go somewhere close to there go to the habit on milpas for a much better atmosphere, service, and food.

You Can't Beat It, 1/2/2006
Reviewer: Frank from Montecito
For the price you can not beat this spot. ON THE BEACH. I have tried their breakfast which I love, lunch which is good and I have tried dinner in the Summer. I love it all. It is cheap, has the best view in town, a nice staff and for a beachside hamburger, CAN NOT BE BEAT. Give it a try.

heavenly pancakes, 11/23/2002

My family and I drive to santa barbara from Santa Clarita just to have your pancakes. We have the whole family come on Mother´s Day so we can enjoy them. Keep up the good work because we will keep on coming if everything will stay the same. One suggestion is on Saturdays and Sundays maybe serve breakfast longer. Thanks.

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