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Del Pueblo Cafe
5134 Hollister Ave, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 692-8800

Reviews by the General Public

Still great after all these years!
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
Just try it!!! This place is still top five in my book! The sopes, crispy tacos, menudo and pollo en lechada...I forgot the chile realanos. Big room for family seating.

Best Mole in SB
Reviewer: stu from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the best Mole that I've eaten in SB. The dish was made with chunks of soft sweet plantains inside Enchilladas and smothered in Mole sauce: sweet, chocolatey and spicy! Service was also excellent. The dining room is an art museum of Mexican folk art. Definitely merits a return visit.

Not the best Mexican food
Reviewer: Patricia from Santa Barbara, CA
Would have to say this was the WORST Mexican food I have had in a Mexican restaurant. They ran out of beef for tacos, not good. Well not every eat there again. They need to improve on there food.

Too bad
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
We spent 10 yrs eating here. We went last Saturday, very bummed. The food had no taste. The service was poor. I'm sorry to say this but Del Pueblo is not what it used to be! From the kitchen(no more mom or Alex),to service...

Authentic food in an interesting decor
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good Food, local card special here. The interior is nice, also has a bigger room for bigger parties. Pretty good stuff. Service Ok.

Reviewer: Dana from Santa Barbara, CA
Had the Mexi Bowl and it was not good. Everything was way overcooked (veggies, fish) and there was no distinguishing flavor at all. Very bland. The "bowl" was old and limp and greasy.

Reviewer: Ruben from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is okay, kinda pricey. Staff has got to be family because none (at least whom we've seen) work as if their jobs depended on the manner in which they serve. It's sad...

Reviewer: A.J from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is delicious, I normally go to Del Pueblo Cafe on weekends, I always order Huevos Rancheros with my eggs over easy. The Cheese Mole Enchiladas and the Menudo are also very delicious- but the H.R. dish is do die for. There is this wonderful young lady Yesenia, always making sure that mine, and every other table thats around is doing well although I have not seen her lately- Other than her the service is not so good. She is always in the best mood and with a amazingly bright smile! The place is beautiful, The bright colors and the decor is exquisite. I love this place and I dont plan on stopping my visits here. The Owners Alejandro and Esperanza Arreola have done an amazing job front the ground up. May I just say, please work on getting better employees, I would love to go during the week, other than just weekend mornings.

Huevos Motulenos!
Reviewer: Lil from Santa Barbara, CA
Oh how I love Del Pueblo Cafe. I stop in for breakfast weekly. Try their mexican mocha (made with mexican chocolate). The huevos motulenos (over easy eggs over tortillas with bananas and ham) are delicious and elegantly presented. My boyfriend loves the Huevos al gusto with chile negro. All of their soups are made daily and are very healthy with an abundance of fresh veggies. Albondigas and their chicken soup are my favorites. Everything on the menu is tasty and the atmosphere is unbeatable. There is colorful artwork on the walls and a lovely outdoor patio to dine on. Definitely worth a try!

This is my favorite Mexican restaurant in SB
Reviewer: Jeff from Goleta, CA
The food here is absolutely delicious. I love the combinations - chile rellenos, enchiladas, tacos, refried beans and rice - perfect. I consider the prices reasonable. It's not a bargain place but you get what you pay for, and it certainly is not overpriced. Service is always been what I consider to be good. I am not a universal fan of every Mexican place in SB but I do like this place.

Goleta jewel
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Last night (Sat.) my family and I had the perfect Mexican dinner! Everything was homemade, fresh, nice heat and spice. The Enchiladas, tacos, beans & rice were terrific! My husband had a steak dish with cilantro, tomatillos and cheese..WOW! I'm getting that next time! Generous portions and affordable. Charming ambiance, (reminds me of the restaurants in Baja) bright colors and lots of Mexican street art. We miss the guy who would play the Pan Flute though. All the waiters are so friendly and crazy efficient! :) I can't tell you how many overpriced places I've been to that have such sluggish, rude staff?? We love Del Pueblo! How do you say jewel in Spanish?

I love it!!!
Reviewer: Jessi from Santa Barbara, CA
I love their food.. Their tacos, enchiladas..I love the entertainment they bring to goleta. The service is really great too. I love the art and culture and how it's displayed everywhere. =) Their prices are very reasonable. The Santa Barbara area is always pricey. Free birds is more expensive and that is NOT Mexican food. You want Mexican food? Go to Del Pueblo Cafe =)

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