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Char West
221 Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-5631

  • Category: Burgers
  • Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-5pm, Fri-Sun 11am-7pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Even lowest expectations might not be low enough!
Reviewer: Wolfgang from Los Angeles, CA
To everybody ending up on Santa Barbara Pier, thinking of eating: DO NOT EAT AT CHAR WEST! Do not even think about it! The fish was frozen and appeared to have been in that state for a long, long time. We couldn't define what kind of fish it was anyway because it tasted terrible. The fries (not even steak fries but regular cheap deepfrozen stuff) were cooked in the same old grease like the "fish". The dipping sauce in little paper cups was dried over from sitting in the fridge for far too long. And all that for about $13.-! Places like this deserve to being closed by the authorities.

Reviewer: Rick from Santa Barbara, CA
Gone are the days that Char West was good. The chicken sandwitch is a joke a little thin patty . The burger is only good if you get the double . girls working there are nice.

Reviewer: Sally Henson from Santa Barbara, CA
I DON'T KNOW WHAT THESE OTHER PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT! They have really great service and the people that work there are so kind and poliet. The food Is great for the price you pay for It. I totally recommmend this place it's really good and they have great service great workers.

Food not great for the price but great view, service good
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
People were nice from what I could see. I remember the old Char West and don't remember if the burger I had there 20 years ago was better than this one. This was Ok and almost resembled a habit burger. Prices were a little steep but hey you are on the wharf which is great and they have tables right on the edge of it outside. Great view. For healthier fish fare try one of the fish places on the wharf of course like shellfish.

Char West used to be THE Burger place
Reviewer: Ginger from Santa Barbara, CA
I recall the place they had on upper State. Sooooo good. This is truly sad to read of their current state. Change of owners I guess?

bad food, rude service
Reviewer: Jon L from Santa Barbara, CA
We ordered a clam chowder bread bowl, and a large cup of coffee. The bread was good. I've had considerably better clam chowder from a can (not exaggerating). It tasted fishy, and was too salty, and didn't have enough potatoes or clam meat. The coffee (supposedly Peet's Coffee, which is usually really good) was horrible - worse than McDonalds from years ago. We took the food back. While they did give us our money back, they were rude about it - huffily throwing the bread bowl in the trash and dumping the coffee, and walking away without saying a word, to pour another customer's coffee. I eventually said that I'd like my money back, and the lady said "I know. I'm getting to you." This could be such a nice, romantic spot, too. Its a shame that it isn't better. Not recommended.

terrible fish and chips
Reviewer: Andrea from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here because my boyfriend said it was the best fish and chips in town, it was the worst I have ever had. He hadn't been there in years so something must have changed. The batter was too thick, too greasy, and it tasted a bit like dirt. It was also ridiculously expensive, around $12, which I would have been happy to pay if it was any good, but it was not. Avoid!

Greasy horrible fish and chips
Reviewer: Catherine Marciel from Goleta, CA
The fish and chips was the worst fish and chips we have ever eaten. The fish was flavorless and was almost dripping with oil and grease. For two meals it was a little over $30.00. That was the worst overpriced meal we have ever eaten. I would have rather gone to the end of the pier and thrown my money in the water. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

Overpriced,long wait, dull food
Reviewer: Lauren from Goleta
This place only stays in business because hungry tourists don't have many 'fast food' options on the Wharf. The fish is reallllllly deep fried so if you like that then you will like it here. The chips are good though. The service takes forever. Worst clam chowder ever! Stick with the fried food but really I don't recommend this place.

Amazing View - Great Food
Reviewer: Mark Ray from Simi Valley
Great Food with an amazing view. Considering that rent is probably high on the Santa Barbara Pier, the prices really weren't too high at all. This has been one of our favorite eating spots for many years.

Good fish but small overpriced portions
Reviewer: Alice from Walnut, CA
Ordered the fish and chips. The fried fish was good especially made so by the tasty tartar sauce. Fish wasn't overly greasy but the size of the 2 pieces of fish was very small. The chips were thick, over fried potato chips that were not good. The clam chowder in a bowl tasted worse than Cambell's clam chowder from the can. Seating inside seemed a bit cramped so we sat outside only to be assulted by pigeons that wanted some free food and a wailing seagull purched on the side railing. Maybe if people would just stop feeding the birds it wouldn't have been such a problem.

tourist trap
Reviewer: Patrick from Santa Barbara/CA
basicly its made for the torists coasting the pier. locals beware. over priced small portions. they might have changed ownership because it use to be outstanding with reasonable prices. The menu changed along with the prices and for one piece of fried fish (that was soo greasy) it was over $7!!

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