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California Pizza Kitchen
719 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-4648

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Brendan from Santa Barbara, CA
I generally avoid chain restaurants, but I can't resist CPK every now and then. I'm always pleased with the food. The Jamaican jerk chicken pizza is my go-to item, but several of the others are also good. Prices are reasonable and I can't complain about the service. Always a good experience.

5 calls later and NO help!
Reviewer: Sgc from Santa Barbara, CA
I order take-out often but when they gave the incorrect order the 'mgmr' hung up on me. 5 calls later, Don't waste $ or time eating here. Ive worked in sb's best restaurants l am extremely disappointed in his reaction!!!

Good, Not Great
Reviewer: MB from Santa Barbara, CA
My family has dined at Paseo Nuevo CPK for years. The pizza is good, but very small for the price. The Pepperoni Pizza is not much larger than the children's menu size. That being said, the pizzas have lots of flavor to them. The bread on the table is cold, which always surprises me since providing warm bread is easy to do. The desserts are very good, including the new red velvet cake. That being said, a slice of cake and a small scoop of ice cream should not cost $8 IMO. The service is hit and miss, though it is good 8 times out of 10. The artichoke dip is good, but overpriced at $10. Overall, food is good, service is good, but the overall value is poor.

Good Cal Pizza, Nice People, Nice place
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The place is really nice inside, the people are extremely friendly and you've got California Pizza so wins all around. They do have a surprising wide variety of other things on the menu from Korean Tacos to Shrimp Egg Rolls. Not sure if the other stuff is their forte as much but you can't go wrong with the Pizza! Obviously the toppings are what does it for their pizza and I don't think anyone else can touch them topping wise in town except maybe Pizza Guru. The inside is really nice and they do have a bar there with TV.

Bad hostes
Reviewer: Flor pereZ from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is very good but on march 26 my husdband made a reservation for my b-day he told the host that we will be there at 7:00pm and when we got there the restaurant wasn't that full but the host said it will only take 15 min but no it took 35 min . Of coursse we were not going to leave because it was 8 of us and it was my b-day but after all we had a good time the server was very kind the food was delicious plus my husdband and I always like to go there the oly complain is that the host should know not to accept any more reservAtions if they know that it's going to be busy because my husdband called like around 9:00pm and they still accepted it ... But other than that everything it's very good it's my favorite restaurant

Good food but the servers need improvement a.s.a.p!!
Reviewer: Carla from Santa Barbara, CA
Saturday night, around 9:30 when we were sat up near the bar/counter, the WAITRESS came up to us seemed a little pushy! I don't know if it was because of the time, which I doubt since she took other tables later on in the night. She began to take our order since I told her YES I suppose we can order (as she asked if we were ready when she brought the drinks out). I was ordering for my daughter and myself and as soon as I was about to finish my sentence every TIME she would cut me off! Again, she was being very pushy. I didn't really appreciate the way she was waiting on us at all. Once she delivered the food, she never really came back to ask if we wanted another cocktail, refill or anything. I had to seriously put my glass on the edge of the table in order for her to get the point. Throughout the course of our meal, she never asked how the food was either. I AM a server myself and little things like this bother me, and I'm pretty sure it bothers other customers. I didn't like the service at all, the only thing I liked was her light blue shimmery eyeshadow and dark brown eyeliner on the top lid. I just hope that the management takes into consideration that the servers, at least the one I had, need improvement. I come out to dinner to relax and enjoy the meal, and pushy careless waitresses are NOT needed in that part of the process.

Good food, fun experience & community-minded
Reviewer: Justine from Santa Barbara, CA
The non-profit where I work just had our 2nd Philanthropizza FUNdraiser there this week. I am impressed that even though CPK is a national chain, the local restaurant is community-minded and hosts fundraisers for many non-profits in town. I always enjoy the food and the service is friendly and efficient as well. This time I deviated from my favorite--wild mushroom pizza with grilled chicken--to try their new cheeseburger pizza. Sounds strange, but mmm... ground beef and caramelized onions, mozzarella and American cheese (somehow it works!) topped with cold sliced tomato and shredded lettuce tossed in a light thousand-island type dressing. Oh my, it was good. Appetizers, salads, desserts--all delicious, and our server was charming and attentive. The atmosphere is casual but comfortable. It's always busy at the dinner hour, but this lends more of a festive air than a chaotic one, in my experience. Thank you, CPK!

Does Noone Else Review Here?
Reviewer: David Wright from London UK
Just returned from my latest trip to SB and for a cheap night out, with decent food and decent service, CPK is absolutely fine. Well worth a visit for a pleasant evening.

Had to laugh at below!
Reviewer: Izzy from Santa Barbara, CA
It's California Pizza Kitchen, not New York Pizza Kitchen nor Chicago Pizza Kitchen! Just sayin'

What a ridiculous excuse for Pizza
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
I just got back from 9 months in New York City, and a few days in Chicago and I was invited to go to CPK, so after having eaten mexican food for a week I said sure, I like pizza, eat it at least 2 times a week back in New York. HAHAHA, well let's start off with just terrible dough, low quality cheese, and pizza that feelslike it's going to fall apart but is still greasy enough, with really not the highest quality ingredients. I was very dissapointed that my added goat cheese hardly tasted like goat cheese and for $2.00 seemed to be a rip-off. My entire personal sized pizza ended up because of the goat cheese costing $15. That's what I would pay for a Small Stuffed Pizza in Chicago that is entirely in a whole different universe than this pizza. But really folks get over the crowd mentality and go to via vai at least they use quality ingredients in their pizza. I won't be eating at CPK again.

Excellent Food
Reviewer: David Wright from London UK
This was my first CPK several years back and have visited many since then! The food is always delicious - the best pizzas I've had in SB. Service is usually good. We will be visiting again soon from the UK!

Consistently Great
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I wrote a review for this place about 10 months ago and have been back 4-5 times since. I was once weary of CPK because it was a chain but time and time again they've proven to be great. Their bbq chicken pizza is their best, try it on thin crust for an even tastier experience. They have very good foccacia appetizer bread as well. I write now because their service was excellent 10 months ago and is consistently still the same. Last time I wrote I sent a dish back (the only time in my life I've ever done that) and they were very apologetic and kind. This time, I found a fly on my pizza and they not only whisked it away immeadiately, the manager herself came over and profusely apologized and not only comped the pizza but gave us another for free! Needless to say I'll be back again and again and continue leaving generous tips for them. This place, despite being an "evil corporate chain" as some of my friends say, is a keeper and a gem!

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