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Cajun Kitchen - Chapala
901 Chapala St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-1004

Reviews by the General Public

a lucky find for traveling motorcyclists
Reviewer: vern packer from redding, CA
After a day at Santa Anita Racetrack and a night at the Marriot/Burbank Airport my lady and I headed north for Monterey. At 11:30am it was brunch time. We dropped of in SB and started up one street and down another looking for FOOD! That's when we found the Cajun Cafe. What a treat! the price, the service and the food were all great. A great menu selection and the food arrived on time and hot. It's now on my list of places to return to. We're glad to know that six Cajun Cafes exist.

Monte Cristo!
Reviewer: Justine from Santa Barbara, CA
One day I ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich, as it was on the specials board. It was reeeaallly good, and recently I found myself craving it one day. I called to ask if it was on their specials that day, by chance, and was told they could make it any day. So now I know it is a hidden menu item, and I share this tidbit with you and your readers, John. I have to say, I prefer it with jam rather than the maple syrup they serve it with, but they have both. It is big and hearty and very satisfying.

A great breakfast place!
Reviewer: rjr from Laguna, CA
I've been a patron of this restaurant for 20+ years. When I lived there and every time I visit since I moved. It's a Breakfast joint. I get one thing and one thing only...the Blackened chicken with two eggs and hash browns...never disappointed, service is great if you chill and expect delays in a busy place. Coffee refills are chill! And you can't say that the food has no flavor when they put a tub of Tony Chachere’s on every table...I use it on almost everything because of this place!

Never again
Reviewer: Winnie Wong from Santa Barbara, CA
Wait 40 mins to get to site down and another 30 mins fir the food to get to us. The crab omelette was BIG mistake and we strongly recommend not to even try. The side dish like eggs and hash brown were using old oil and tast horrible. Not even to mention the service, only see her twice: take our order and drop off the food. By the way, when she pass the food to us, she noticed that the fruit was dropped to my dress,and she just said oops, not even a sorry.

Cajun is just a name
Reviewer: Barry from Santa Barbara, CA
Cajun Kitchen is solid for American breakfast or lunch items. In my experience, their Cajun specialties are a joke. I tried the Seafood Gumbo today and it was horrible. Hardly any flavor at all. What's wrong with that picture? I can't believe someone in the kitchen thinks it's ok to serve this.

Really? This is the best breakfast in Santa Barbara?
Reviewer: Rachel from Portland, OR
We were traveling in the area during a road trip from Portland and found ourselves in Santa Barbara at breakfast time. Not knowing the area we found's best of 2009 list which listed Cajun Kitchen as the best breakfast in town. We made our way to the Chapala location and were pretty disappointed with this "best of" restaurant. The food was not horrible but was by no means great. Not at all what you would expect from a restaurant that was chosen best in town. The menu is not original in any way and the food tasted average at best. The service was decent which seemed to be the restaurant's one redeeming factor.If this really is the best the town has to offer we'll skip breakfast in Santa Barbara next time.

Last visit will be my... last.
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to dine at Cajun Kitchen on many occasions. However upon our last visit we had to end up asking for our money back due to a few circumstances that I believe warranted it. The manager of the restaurant wouldn't handle our complaint and instead had us wait for the owner to call us back; when the owner did call us back he was very defensive of his restaurant and said he would like to make us happy and that he would provide us with a refund; however he stated "he didn't appreciate doing it." Instead of apologizing to us everything turned into a hassle. When we made it into the restaurant to put the refund back on my card the manager, instead of refunding my card, made us wait again while he called the owner because he didn't want to deal with it. Horrible service on top of horrible service, very disapointing.

No complaints here
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been here a few times and they never disappoint. The food (a scramble with sausage and grits and the New Orleans omelet with potatoes) was cooked perfectly and the service was impeccable (I couldn't count the amount of times my coffee was topped off). They will get another visit.

My experience at Cajun kitchen thsi morning....
Reviewer: Erin from Santa Barbara,CA
I do morning breakfast runs for my office place. I always call in ahead to place pick up orders and usually do 2-3 separate orders, due to a couple people using cards and a couple using cash. I try to make it as easy and simple as possible. I have not been to Cajun Kitchen besides today for about a year, but i have friends that love this place. My past experiences with C.K. have always been pleasant. Today, however, there was a new (new to me) man today working the register and sitting people and etc. well so i went to pick up my orders and when i got to the register he says okay it will be 38.00, and i say well i want to pay for them separately. He rudely shook his head no and said no to me. And told the man in back of me to go infront of me. then he started helping me again and i say to him" theres no need for you to get upset, or rude, i specifically told you on the phone 3 separate orders" He doesnt say anything back and jsut starts adding up the orders on the caculator, literally punching the numbers as hard as he could, not saying a word just shaking his head the whole time. I am sorry but it took 2 minutes to add them up there was nobody behind me waiting, it was not busy. I was appalled at his behavior and his lack of customer service or communication. There food was good but what has happened to customer service skills these days. I was not rude, just a paying customer like everybody else. I have never been treated that rudely before. As I said I love their food, but i left there in a irritated mood.

Who expects full service over phone?
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara
I just have to reply to A-Rizood's review for a sec... Cajun Kitchen is always BUSY. Of course when calling in a phone order ANYWHERE you should already know what you want. Do you actually expect them to describe the menu to you over the phone and help you deliberate your choices? (For no tip, mind you). I mean, come on get a clue. I would be annoyed if I was with you on the phone when I had a busy restaurant with customers that needed attention too. Cajun Kitchen has great quality food, big portions, at REALLY reasonable prices, especially when compared to some of the beachside tourist traps that serve breakfast for $10+. The servers don't really have time to linger over your table, but they are on top of it and consistently friendly. If you want your money's worth, eat here.

I really like breakfast at the Cajun Kitchen
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
The breakfasts are consistently good, and plenty of food at good prices. They have plenty of choices for breads and potatoes to go with your breakfast. I love the cornbread with my eggs or omelet. There are always 4-5 tempting specials, most of them with a cajun bent. I drink tea and not coffee, and oftentimes the water isn't hot enough. You can't beat breakfast here.

I Eat here 10+ times a month-
Reviewer: Coreen Morse from Santa Barbara, CA
This is not Dennys, IHOP, Carrows or Marie Calenders- So don't try to compair. If you like frozen food chocked with preservatives and a cookie cutter breakfast menu- then don't come to Cajun Kitchen. This is a homestyle southern food (like) resturant. Where your plate has something on it that looks like your gramma made it. The bacon (as someone complained about below) is thick cut and almost blackened- cajun style. There are things on the menu like catfish, jumbalaya, Gumbo, Po Boys,Red beans and rice, as well as pancakes, burgers, california benidict, burritos and steak sandwiches. The service does not kiss your butt and call you "sir" but they are fast, accurate and considerate. MY favorite location is on Milpas St.

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