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Ca Dario
37 E. Victoria St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 884-9419

Reviews by the General Public

About this great foods at Ca Dario, at Santa Barbara, Ca
Reviewer: Jon Michael Rodgers from Tehachapi, Ca
This is the very best restaurant in Santa Barbara, California and the service still great and very reasonable prices, too! I would like to go this again on September 15, 2014 at 4:00 pm with my friend! Ca Dario is # 1 and I love it!! Atmosphere is so relaxing and will making you or your friends feels like they're in Italy!!

Lost our reservation on graduation night
Reviewer: Jeff from Santa Barbara, CA
We have visited Ca'Dario for years and nearly universally had great food and drinks. Our friends from the Bay Area visit often and always want to go to CD during their visit. One of the party's son is graduating this weekend for UCSB so everyone was excited to go to CD Saturday night. We made reservations for 6 over 3 months ago. When we called to confirm this morning, they had no record of our reservation. The man who took the call said nothing was available all night. We have been calling all over town but of course, no decent place has reservations either. This is so bad and the company is so dissapointed that it has ruined the day. I cannot say we will be visiting again. This was one of our favorite places in town and we recommended it often. Now reading the recent reviews of how the place has gone downhill, this is just another sad case of the deterioration of a once-great restaurant in SB. Next time we will book Toma's by the water and solely recommend their establishment. We never really even got an apology from the man we talked to.

Reviewer: Doris from Thousand Oaks, Ca

Reviewer: HH from Santa Barbara, CA
For years I have heard that Ca Dario is the best in town, so I couldn't wait to eat there. Thought we would try for lunch so the prices were a little more affordable. Sat down around 3pm and ordered a couple of pasta dishes and a salad. The salad was boring and the pasta dishes were very bland. I was very shocked, and the bill was still hefty. The waitress was very nice, but the food was not even good enough to go back for. I hope they "hear" some of the reviews on here before they lose their reputation.

Never misses a step
Reviewer: AH from Santa Barbara, CA
I would also like to reply to the negative review of what I assume was a dinner on Valentines day. I dinned at Ca Dario that evening and was overwelmed by the fine quality of the food and outstanding service. All of are dishes were outstanding. The speed and detail of the service were incredible.

Another Excellent Experience
Reviewer: Don from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been fans of CA Dario for years but hadn't been in a while and were a bit taken aback by the recent less than complimentary reviews. For our part, we had a wonderful dinner there on Saturday night. The food was as good as we have had anywhere in Santa Barbara and the service was excellent. I cannot wait to go back.

Great restaurant is slipping
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
For years, Ca Dario has been my favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara. It's a "real" restaurant, European style, not a business run for investors. I have recommended it to dozens of friends, giving them tips on what to order, telling them about charming service, etc. But things have been slipping lately, and I hope Dario pays attention. The other night, my son and his wife and friends from out of town found that their table was not ready. After waiting for over twenty minutes, my son complained. There was another wait before they were finally seated. Only a curt apology, no explanation, no effort to make them feel welcome. The dishes were excellent, everyone said, except for the caprese made with pale, second-rate tomatoes that you'd never expect to find in a restaurant of this sort. Maybe Dario is focusing too much on the pizza parlor next door. Or is he simply losing interest? If he is, customers like me will start losing interest too.

Awful service, mediocre food, stay home or go elsewhere
Reviewer: Molly from Santa Barbara, CA
For as much as we paid for our food I was sincerely disappointed. Meals out are a special treat in our family that we look forward too and save money for. After dinner we all came to the consensus that we would have been better going somewhere else or just eating at home. The service was awful. When we came in the staff all blatantly stared at us as well as speaking in another language in front of us. THIS RESTAURANT NEEDS TO REVAMP AND CLEAN HOUSE THEY HAVE A LOT TO WORK ON.

Abismal service...cold apologies
Reviewer: Natasha from Kitchener, Canada
This used to be my favourite SB Italian restaurant until we returned last Tuesday for what was supposed to be a special meal with my family. We no longer live in SB and were really looking forward to it. The waiter couldn't be bothered to tell us the specials (he pointed to them), refill wine glasses or replace the wrong appetizer (worst bruschetta ever). Our son's food was cold on arrival and when we complained nicely, our new waitress couldn't even apologize. Don't waste your time being insulted in this place. Go to a restaurant where they appreciate your business.

Seafood special
Reviewer: Lloyd from Port Hueneme, CA
I had the seafood risoto special last night. The taste was very good, however I had a hard time finding any lobster or scallops and there was only one small shrimp. I did mention this to our server. I've had much better seafood risoto at a much lower price. I would recommend much more seafood to make this a REAL seafood risoto.

Service charge
Reviewer: Art from Santa Barbara, CA
Dan, sounds like you had a table of 6. Pretty standard in restaurant Industry to add auttomatic service charge. There is a reason Ca Dario is #1 year after year. Great authentic Itailian food

Service charge
Reviewer: Dan from Fallbrook, ca
Food OK nothing exceptional, Waiter 103 OK. Biggest disapointment was the service charge of $30.00 on a dinner tab of $141.25. did not notice the service charge until I got home, I added a $35.00 tip to the tab. Had I looked at my detailed copy I would never have added the $35.00 tip.

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