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Brophy Bros.
119 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-4418

Brophy Bros. writes: Brophy Bros. was established in 1986 and is operated by the original owners. "The Bennett family." Our restaurant is a high paced, casual and social venue. Prepare to meet people and interact with locals. We have been fortunate to have received Best Seafood and Best Clam Chowder in Santa Barbara for many, many years. Brophy's is located right on the docks and the views are amazing. Due to our limited space, we are unable to take reservations and suggest putting aside ample time to wait and enjoy the surrounding area. Visit our website for things to do and places to stay in the immediate area.

  • Specials: Daily Fresh Fish Specials
  • Private Room: Our Downstairs Clam Bar is perfect for a party of 30 or less !

Reviews by the General Public

Update from my review on 9/13/13
Reviewer: Liz from Ridgecrest, CA
Since writing my review, Brophy's has expressed sincere concern which says to me that they really care about what their customers have to say. Because of this, I will definitely return because I feel that they want to make their customers happy. The response that I received from them was refreshing and made me feel like my input was important. I will definitely return to my favorite place on the water!

I've been going here for years and it's great
Reviewer: Bryan from Santa Barbara, CA
Brophy's is a great place to go. I love sitting at the bar on a sunday, having a margarita and some calamari and taking in the view. It's nothing fancy, but has a very cool vibe and great views.

Something has gone wrong
Reviewer: Liz from Ridgecrest, CA
We have loved Brophy's for years! But lately something has gone terribly wrong. First they got rid of the best Chef's Salad that I have ever tasted and replaced it with a chopped salad that is OK, but not great like the Chef's salad. Last time we went, we had Mahi and it just didn't have the pizzaz that it used to (including the mango salsa), plus the coleslaw just didn't taste good like it used to. Thankfully their chowder and the dinner salad are still good. Our table also smelled sour like maybe dirty dish towels had been used. I hate to say it, but since the last few visits have been less than optimal, the next time we may try another place to eat. It pains me to say this because I have always thought highly of Brophy's and recommended it to all my friends, but lately something is really amiss! I, too, own a business so I would want to know this. Please fix it. Brophy's is a lovely place!

Cameron Salmon (local SB, I eat food) Reviews Brophy Bros
Reviewer: Cameron from Santa Barbara, CA
I feel the need to respond to "Sally Spork" the local SB "Foodie". First, Brophy's gets their meat for their steak and burgers from Shalhoob, the great meat distributor and locally family owned place in town. It's neither frozen nor not-fresh. Sorry, I'm sure 99% regular Brophy's patrons would agree you're take on that is off and jeez, I bet they sell at least a hundred of those a day. Also, the end of your review is laughable. Brophy's changed up their menu a while back and the salads and entrees are super fresh. The seafood is often local when available and price reasonable. Heck I had blackened white sea bass that was probably swimming in the ocean a few days before I ate it during my last visit. Would you prefer a restaurant that has fish filets in the refrigerator for two weeks until you order it, or a place like Brophy's where it's likely purchased every 1-2 days at most from the fish market a few doors down because they do so much volume? Your negative rant (it wasn't a review) was based on the bar with appetizers and not even the main restaurant. "Never eat by the water of any beach town" - Sally Spork. lmao. Give it another try and next time sit upstairs and ask a regular or server for some recommendations.

Reviewer: Sally Spork from santa barbara, CA
Atmosphere: We sat on the bottom floor of the restaurant. It is a small bar with tables were you can get some appetizers, basic menu entrees and drinks. Flat screen tv playing sorts and long mirror to create illusion of more space. Nothing special or unique. Service: We got the last seats/table as we were there in the peak of tourist season (Aug.) Last time I went (with a friend who was visiting from Arizona and wanted to eat near the water) we waited about 2 hours on a wed. night. The server was friendly and quick. The food/drink served pretty speedily. She checked in on us after served. Food/drink: Wanting more than a snack but not an entree we craved a burger, we asked her about it and she said, "It's really good: in fact people come in just for the burger." Sold: we ordered it with a cup of chowder." So was the burger all that? After one bite Sam said the patty was not fresh but a frozen one. It was dry, flavorless. Chowder was good, hot and tasty. Summary: Brophey's. Honestly, I have only been here twice only on the insistence of a companion who wanted to eat by the water. I have a saying, which this visit confirmed: Never eat by the water of any beach town. The eateries rely on the volumn of tourists and don't need to rely on quality of food. Brophies is no exception. Needless to say, I won't go back.

Shout out to Mikie
Reviewer: Cindy from Santa Barbara, CA
Too loud, very average food but a shout out to Mikie the young guy cleaning up tables and chairs. He does a great job with a wonderful attitude!

Fantastic food, friendly and efficient service.
Reviewer: Cuneyt Cakman from London, UK
Even on Christmas Eve, 45 minutes before closing time, they made the effort to fin us a table and never pressurised us after closing time. Very good food served by friendly and professional stuff. Can't wait to visit again.

Place for fun people
Reviewer: Jeff from Scottsdale Az
Place is fun, bartenders are great and pour good drinks, food is fantastic, service was good too. Yes it's busy and loud , but friendly crowd and great view makes it all worth it

Totally Over-rated
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
They used frozen chopped spinach and gooey cheese on Oysters Rockefeller --- not the correct way to make Oysters Rockefeller (bread crumbs & lemon & hot sauce, not gooey american cheese. If you go, order oyster shooters so you will not be disappointed. They have NO desserts. The waiter will tell you when your time is up at your table (so pay up & leave please). Do not order the Bailey's Irish Coffee, it looks like coffee, tastes like cheap booze and there is n coffee taste --- they may have started with Folgers weak coffee and added a shot of Bailey's. The cold seafood platter is acceptable, but there is not even cilantro in the ceviche, no herbs, no flavor, just a variety of cold boiled seafood. The burger & fries are unremarkable. Come on Brophy's, you can do better than this in a town full of foodies & expert chefs.

Tried it at lunch
Reviewer: Joyce from Anaheim, CA
My husband and I went to Santa Barbaara for a day trip from Orange County. I searched for restaurants and read reviews so decided on Brophy;s as they had excellent reviews on the food. What a disappointment!! Maybe our clam chowder is better in O.C but that was a bowl of potatoes and a few clams! I had steamed clams and mussels that were tough as shoe leather. I will not be returning, ever.

don't see why it won best unless it has no competition
Reviewer: Michaelina from Buellton, CA
I agree totally with the reviewer from the northeast. We also had a bunch of loud mouth drinkers bumping into our table and SO LOUD that I couldn't even hear my lunch companion. When we complained to the waitress she said she couldn't do anything. So, fine. Yes, a lovely view of the harbor, but the rude obnoxious crowd on the balconey turns you off completely to dining there. They must have been standing 3 deep at the outside bar area. It was like a frat party. When we said we were going to leave (we waited almost 1 1/2 hours for our table), she asked if we wanted to sit inside. not much less noisy inside but better. THe fish was good but the environment was a total turnoff. Drinks were watered down I thought. Crossed it off my "return" list as it seems like an overhyped tourist eatery, not a fine seafood dining experience.

Great clam chowder, not so great salmon
Reviewer: Natasha from Santa Barbara, CA
The clam chowder here was amazing. I tried my friend's and instantly wished I had ordered that instead of the salmon and avocado salad. The salmon was really dry and "fishy" tasting, and I ended up eating everything else on the plate besides the main ingredient. With such a great chowder, I see potential for the rest of the menu, but hope they work on their salmon!

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